mercoledì 21 novembre 2007

08/12/2007 - Perciavutti Feast in Mormanno (CS) Miromagnum Folk Group participates in ..

Around the middle of XIX century V. Padula wrote: "Mormanno, a lot of vineyards, mixed with chestnut woods and vegetables: they are apart or a quarter or a half……… .. Vines grow at the height of man, in order to avoid the rotting of grapes. The best grapes of all: nivurana, cannamele, mostarda, cascarola, castiglione, aulivella. Eatable: guagliona nera, lunguvarda, jditella coglione di gallu ". Some of these ancient vines still exists but wine production decreased greatly and now is for family use. Because the area where the wine is produced (Donna Bianca, Colle di Ferruzzo, Pietragrossa, Profitta) is based on high hills, the must ripes later than its custom, so the taste of NEW WINE occurs at the beginning of December, and according to the tradition of the day, precisely on 8 December.

The Association "Comunalia", with the intent to make clear outside this our ancient custom, organizes since seven years "Perciavutti" event. This year, in the heart of the four parts of the old town - Capo lo Serro, Casalicchio, Torretta e Costa - will be set up some typical "vuttari", that is to say the traditional ritual of barrels "perciatura". The wine will be poured and offered to our Guests that will be to enjoy food along with the oldest mormannese tradition and with music and happiness. Please don't miss this evening, we are waiting for you!

Program: December 8, 2007, at 19:00 - Opening of barrels by "vuttari".

Guests of the evening:

“Zampogne e ciaramella del Pollino”Con il maestro Pino Salomone
Popular Music Quartet “Tricc e Ballaci”
Folk Group

lunedì 12 novembre 2007

1743, Thanks!

I want only to say thank you!! After joining the Palio of city councils we received a general esteem and this become for all a moment of pride! A little summary of the Fagona Dance!

This is a good start, we hope that this experience could be a catalyzer for Mormanno, going beyond "A Curiva the Strafalando!"

3rd complete part is available on

we are waiting for your comments!

mercoledì 7 novembre 2007

The Palio of Town Councils - live TEN 15.00 hours 10/11/2007

October 27 began "Il Palio dei Comuni." The successful TV programme magnetized the attention of listeners (more than 40 thousand of phone calls received in the 2006-2007). The format proposes again the theme of the previous editions: a window opened on the finest traditions of the Province of Cosenza and not only this, on the authentic history of the taking part towns, a history from which to build future development. Each week will be into competition two municipalities that will be faced up in a very special way. The city councils are: Altomonte, Amendolara, Aprigliano, Belsito, Cerisano, Diamante, Falconara A., Fuscaldo, Guardia P., Laino Borgo, Lattarico, Luzzi, Monterosso Calabro, Mormanno, Paterno Calabro, Rende, Rogliano, Rossano, San Donato di Ninea, San Marco Argentano, Sant'Agata d' Esaro, S. Maria del Cedro, S. Stefano di Rogliano and Saracena. The special thing of this edition is "an invasion", every week, in the city councils in competition to discover the mood, expectations and anticipations and in the meanwhile stealing curiosity about what will happen later in the studio. Miromagnum Folk Group takes part in! On Saturday afternoon comparison with friends in the municipality of San Donato Di Ninea. Thanks to 30 phone lines you can you can vote for the favorite place, with all its associations. The cost of calls from fixed phone is 10.54 cents (VAT included) per minute, with no other charges. The fare from mobile network is established according to the operator. You can vote from 15.30 h to 16.45 h (on Saturday).
The transmission will be run on Sunday evening, at 20.30. We are waiting for many people, all linked on 10/11/2007 TEN 15.00 hours
... and overall vote at phone number + Code, in our case 2
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