giovedì 13 novembre 2008

Alea iacta east .... "Adopt the tradition"

"Alea iacta est" is a Latin phrase that is translated in English as "The die is cast!" This sentence - became famous especially in the version in Italian - is taken as the motto and quotes when you take a decision which does not can withdraw.

Yes! Last night after about 2 years of planning, the group Fokloristico Miromagnum started work engraving of the new audio CD at the TSA Antonio Deodato. The work is part of a broader project called "Adopt the tradition."

The project aims to "enhance and promote our territory." The curiosity is as ……

The Miromagnum has pointed to the creation of a true network in support of the project. The partners that have been given their support are: Calabria Region nell'Assessorato of Tourism, The Daily of Calabria, the Municipal Administration of Mormanno, the University of Calabria - Faculty of Economics of Tourism, the company "Torre di Mezzo "The pastry Silvana, Salumificio Coinasa, Radio LatteMiele and many others ....

The project has to be the achievement of a box containing a selection of songs more characteristic of our tradition, specially rearrange, a dvd video and many other surprises. Each track will be associated with a company / organization who believed in. Through this instrument we want as carriers for the better to appreciate our land, our typical products and of course the companies that produce them. Again we take inspiration from those before us has done something like this and reported in the popular folk music Parthenopean. An example for all the work done by Italian Renzo Arbore el'Orchestra.

In collaboration with the UNICAL - Faculty of Science Tourism is also expected to organize a conference before the launch of the box, on "How to consolidate the strengths of the territory using the levers and the event, the territorial brand and image of the site host. " The launch of the casket will be at the event "U Cummitu", organized by the Local Mormanno of the day of 19/03/2009. The event will be taken up by national media and regional and stands will be set up with companies / institutions / organizations that have sponsored the project.

The distribution of the box, however, will be attached to the newspaper "Daily of Calabria." The radio promotion, throughout the South Italy, will be curated by Radio broadcasters LatteeMiele, RadioAzzurra, RadioItalia 60s, etc ...
So meat to cook there really so much! What say, let us know what you think, enter your comments in our blog .... bear witness that we are a people of how best to paint!

mercoledì 5 novembre 2008

We will see in the finals ... Mormanno Record of the country!

In the seventh consecutive week of participation in the transmission of rai2 in Southern Family has halted the series of victories in Mormanno challenges between the towns of Italy. It was the town of Three (in the province of Vercelli) to halt the long-Mormanno march began in the first broadcast in September.

The race was nice and exciting. Mormanno part well in the first round on Saturday by winning the medal race el'ennesima (the tenth-representing absolute primacy -). In the decisive race on Sunday Mormanno is always ahead in partial but the game, you know, it is decided in the final when the two municipalities competitors' hands to go. " Three of those hands are quick, too much for our kids one by one are eliminated. Latest hopes in the "strappacoppa", the game of the shower. Lorena is good at keeping time but not enough to avoid the shower, the return said that after the water was warm but for all Mormanno was still a "frost shower!

Thus ending the spotlight on the piazza Umberto I, a transmission end the atmosphere is somewhat 'mesta, the scene of the technicians who dismantle cables and equipment is usual but this time is the last. The directors and conductive, usually dynamic, frenetic, you do not go to a friendly delay, after all the weather is nice in the beautiful sunny autumn day. Consumed the rite of some souvenir pictures' to talk of the country, a few words on the episode and particularly affectionate greeting and goodbye. See you then, because the adventure is not over: What's in the spring for the final stages to which access Mormanno sure.

Among the positive note of this experience will certainly beautiful friendship that boys from study linked with competitors in other municipalities to show that Italy of the "Thousand Campanili", from south to north, is much more united and positive Country disrupted the chronicle tells us. Then a warm greeting to all the friends of S. Pellegrino Terme (BG), Bibbione (LI), Satriano of Lucania (PCS), Lanuvio (RM), Eminence (BG), Vigarano Mainarda (FE) and the Final Three (VC).
Edited by Nicholas Alberti

Mezzogiorno in Famiglia a Mormanno - Sabato 1 Novembre 2008

Mezzogiorno in...doccia a Mormanno - Domenica 2 Novembre 08

Un grazie a tutti per il lavoro svolto!

18th AUTUMN FESTIVAL in S. Donato di Ninea, (CS) participating at the Miromagnum ..

Saturday 08 November 10:00am
Round table: "The Region and the Province are confronted with small municipalities."
Mayor's Dott. LUIGI SALVO.
Representatives of participating in the Calabria Region, the Province of Cosenza, of the Montana Union Valleys ", the President of the Pollino National Park, the mayors of Fiorano Modenese, of Montesano Salentino, San Donato di Lecce and Venaria Reale.
12.00 Aperitif
12:30 am Visit the stand 15.00 folkloric groups: San Marco Argentano, Mormanno, the Sibariti, Lungro, organ Brutium of Belvedere Marittimo.Ore 20.00 Group Balanòo popular music - square F. Artuso.

we expect many