sabato 4 agosto 2012

Future events with Miromagnum

After returning from the beautiful city of Sofia, the Miromagnum, comunicari have the pleasure of the next steps that will see us at the forefront in the promotion of our land and our history.


It starts Monday night in Lauria (Pz), will be an evening dedicated to the Pollino, a crossroads of peoples, in every corner where you can appreciate the spirit of Norman. at the eve of the Feast of the Assumption, the feast mormannesi very dear to us, true that over a thousand years, on this occasion the temporal and the spiritual are a synthesis with the exchange of keys to the city by the mayor, the bishop of Cassano, former Baron of Mormanno. The 14 we Senise (pcs). The double bond is seen that it was Hugh of Chiaromonte to give the Barons to the Bishop Sasso. Senise lies on a hillside, where the creek meets the river Serapotamo Sinni. The foundation of Senise dates from the First Empire, as evidenced by the remains of a villa at San Filippo. The discovery of tombs containing gold barbaric age, testifies, moreover, the presence Lombard, then the city was invaded by Goths and Saracens. The current center dates back to Norman rule, when a primitive castle was built at the bottom of the town in the dominance of the "Waterways". The story of Senise is, however, closely linked to the name of the Sanseverino of Chiaromonte, who moved to the Castle, which you can see parts of the perimeter walls and towers, in a higher position, so that the fabric of the city occupied the entire hill, forming a triangle, defined by the river downstream Serapotamo and the sides by two deep valleys, great natural defenses. The town began to develop favoring the morphology of the territory, forming one of the largest historical centers for extension of Lucania. Finally, we will be at 16 Mormanno not know anything .... I anticipate, "with us the emotions are hard to describe but easy to live" is waiting for Mormanno