lunedì 15 dicembre 2008

Merry Christmas and happy new year 2009

Dear Friends, on behalf of the Folk Miromagnum you send the best wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2009.
I want to do so recalling the 1st article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which on December 10 2008 took 60 years.
"All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason, conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood. "
For, these festivities can bring with it a message against indifference!

First of all came to the gypsies and I was happy because rubacchiavano.
When they came to take Jews and stayed silent because I was disagreeable.
When they came to homosexuals and I was relieved because I was annoying.
When they came to take the communists and I said nothing because I was not communist.
One day came to take me and there was nobody left to protest.
(Bertolt Brecht)
Merry Christmas and happy new year
The President
Marcello Perrone

giovedì 13 novembre 2008

Alea iacta east .... "Adopt the tradition"

"Alea iacta est" is a Latin phrase that is translated in English as "The die is cast!" This sentence - became famous especially in the version in Italian - is taken as the motto and quotes when you take a decision which does not can withdraw.

Yes! Last night after about 2 years of planning, the group Fokloristico Miromagnum started work engraving of the new audio CD at the TSA Antonio Deodato. The work is part of a broader project called "Adopt the tradition."

The project aims to "enhance and promote our territory." The curiosity is as ……

The Miromagnum has pointed to the creation of a true network in support of the project. The partners that have been given their support are: Calabria Region nell'Assessorato of Tourism, The Daily of Calabria, the Municipal Administration of Mormanno, the University of Calabria - Faculty of Economics of Tourism, the company "Torre di Mezzo "The pastry Silvana, Salumificio Coinasa, Radio LatteMiele and many others ....

The project has to be the achievement of a box containing a selection of songs more characteristic of our tradition, specially rearrange, a dvd video and many other surprises. Each track will be associated with a company / organization who believed in. Through this instrument we want as carriers for the better to appreciate our land, our typical products and of course the companies that produce them. Again we take inspiration from those before us has done something like this and reported in the popular folk music Parthenopean. An example for all the work done by Italian Renzo Arbore el'Orchestra.

In collaboration with the UNICAL - Faculty of Science Tourism is also expected to organize a conference before the launch of the box, on "How to consolidate the strengths of the territory using the levers and the event, the territorial brand and image of the site host. " The launch of the casket will be at the event "U Cummitu", organized by the Local Mormanno of the day of 19/03/2009. The event will be taken up by national media and regional and stands will be set up with companies / institutions / organizations that have sponsored the project.

The distribution of the box, however, will be attached to the newspaper "Daily of Calabria." The radio promotion, throughout the South Italy, will be curated by Radio broadcasters LatteeMiele, RadioAzzurra, RadioItalia 60s, etc ...
So meat to cook there really so much! What say, let us know what you think, enter your comments in our blog .... bear witness that we are a people of how best to paint!

mercoledì 5 novembre 2008

We will see in the finals ... Mormanno Record of the country!

In the seventh consecutive week of participation in the transmission of rai2 in Southern Family has halted the series of victories in Mormanno challenges between the towns of Italy. It was the town of Three (in the province of Vercelli) to halt the long-Mormanno march began in the first broadcast in September.

The race was nice and exciting. Mormanno part well in the first round on Saturday by winning the medal race el'ennesima (the tenth-representing absolute primacy -). In the decisive race on Sunday Mormanno is always ahead in partial but the game, you know, it is decided in the final when the two municipalities competitors' hands to go. " Three of those hands are quick, too much for our kids one by one are eliminated. Latest hopes in the "strappacoppa", the game of the shower. Lorena is good at keeping time but not enough to avoid the shower, the return said that after the water was warm but for all Mormanno was still a "frost shower!

Thus ending the spotlight on the piazza Umberto I, a transmission end the atmosphere is somewhat 'mesta, the scene of the technicians who dismantle cables and equipment is usual but this time is the last. The directors and conductive, usually dynamic, frenetic, you do not go to a friendly delay, after all the weather is nice in the beautiful sunny autumn day. Consumed the rite of some souvenir pictures' to talk of the country, a few words on the episode and particularly affectionate greeting and goodbye. See you then, because the adventure is not over: What's in the spring for the final stages to which access Mormanno sure.

Among the positive note of this experience will certainly beautiful friendship that boys from study linked with competitors in other municipalities to show that Italy of the "Thousand Campanili", from south to north, is much more united and positive Country disrupted the chronicle tells us. Then a warm greeting to all the friends of S. Pellegrino Terme (BG), Bibbione (LI), Satriano of Lucania (PCS), Lanuvio (RM), Eminence (BG), Vigarano Mainarda (FE) and the Final Three (VC).
Edited by Nicholas Alberti

Mezzogiorno in Famiglia a Mormanno - Sabato 1 Novembre 2008

Mezzogiorno in...doccia a Mormanno - Domenica 2 Novembre 08

Un grazie a tutti per il lavoro svolto!

18th AUTUMN FESTIVAL in S. Donato di Ninea, (CS) participating at the Miromagnum ..

Saturday 08 November 10:00am
Round table: "The Region and the Province are confronted with small municipalities."
Mayor's Dott. LUIGI SALVO.
Representatives of participating in the Calabria Region, the Province of Cosenza, of the Montana Union Valleys ", the President of the Pollino National Park, the mayors of Fiorano Modenese, of Montesano Salentino, San Donato di Lecce and Venaria Reale.
12.00 Aperitif
12:30 am Visit the stand 15.00 folkloric groups: San Marco Argentano, Mormanno, the Sibariti, Lungro, organ Brutium of Belvedere Marittimo.Ore 20.00 Group Balanòo popular music - square F. Artuso.

we expect many

martedì 28 ottobre 2008

The Mayor is asked: "and if we were to continue ..."

Cosenza? Ah, you ... near Mormanno. Rome? Yes, yes ... north of Mormanno! Play well Magalli unexpected popularity of common Pollino. Of course, is known sagacity conductor, but the Mormanno people makes pleasure! Six consecutive weeks in the transmission of presence in south-Family on BBC2 every Saturday and Sunday from 11:30 to 13:00-recording average audience of about two million viewers across the country can not fail to leave their mark. Perhaps the sky line of non-Mormanno tower will be known as one of Manhattan but week after week entered the homes of Italians as enough to become an applicant and family.

A global phenomenon: with RAI International viewers in Latin America. The drafting a tender RAI receives mail from an Mormanno people emigrated to Brazil: "I rise at six in the morning, along with my family, to revise my sweet country." From all citizens: good! Keep it up! That beautiful image you are giving our region! The incredible involvement of the many migrants who live outside. Piedmont is the leader of an organization that has done extensive raise averages of televoting in the region. The occasion has strengthened the umbilical cords that bind each “mormannese” to his country and the ancient suffering. Relatives, friends, childhood show for the cameras then receive the call interurban "I have seen, which is pretty strange ... Mormanno on TV, is also seeing all the beautiful!". For the record last weekend, the sixth of participation, the competition was disputed by Vigarano Mainarda (common in the province of Ferrara). Mormanno winner comes out both in the leg on Saturday that the closure on Sunday. Decisive victory for the neo-captain, Franco Cersosimo, which carry well to their task of alternate Prof.. Domenico Crea, Marina - Mom sprint that bite apples-17 and all boys' hands, "the most important game that gives the final victory. As script beating the last moments of "strappacoppa", the game of the shower, Don Graziano - sympathetic captain of opponents blindfolded must count 30 seconds, takes the time-say-reciting a Ave Maria and a half: efforts of one second , Would say "amen for a"!. Assessor municipal tourism Gerardo Zaccaria is already projected into the future. We are already working-Alderman says - the important round of the weekend 08/12/2008 with the traditional feast of "Perciavutti" - programmed in the evening of Dec. 7 - which this year will cover events throughout the weekend starting from Saturday. It will be the litmus test of popularity that the transmission in Southern Family has given us. Early findings at the interest and bookings at the facilities me to be a great success of attendance mainly from outside the region. On this exhilarating experience Mayor William Armentano issuing a final consideration: "Mormanno in all these weeks of programming, with scenic composition of our tradition (food, costumes and handicrafts), is launching a promotion that now involves the entire province Cosenza and - if we were to continue - will involve the whole region but especially is saying a positive image and winning of Calabria. The secret of this success should be attributed mainly to the peculiarities of reality “mormannese” that despite a small population of about 3600 inhabitants, counts dozens of associations of great activism. Volunteering and employment leisure organized in associations to take over a significant role in the social fabric of the community has made in recent weeks to respond best to the great effort that the organization of direct links requires. Not secondary also the contribution from those artisans and entrepreneurs who were able to seize the opportunity by enlarging the scope to specific national craft and culinary land. Ben thirty construction stage now set that collected the appreciation of the director and the public: a difficult test which I think Mormanno bait promoted with flying colors. "

By Nicholas Alberti

Congratulation by Emiliano e Roberto

martedì 21 ottobre 2008

You exist because there is a tv!

Dear friends, the spirit of the "spot" seems not to fear any competition, Mormannesi dear, congratulations! Mormanno remains unbeaten for the week V below. For many, this vision has rekindled the spirits, hopes and above all the pride of being Mormannese. Many of us have seen and awareness of the potential of this small village, many - thanks to this event - have rediscovered the pleasure of tradition. For us the Miromagnum, all this can only proud but at the same time puts us in a proactive critical condition. We do not want to shut down the spotlight calasse interest, the desire to do, the spirit of cooperation, it would be a pity! We hope that each of us - in our small - can pursue these values, these ideas ... Without "campanilismo", we should put in the "What can I do for my country?" Looking transmission, is perceived to skin the enthusiasm of competitors and the public, it is impossible not to think / hope that this beloved village Mountain can give and do more, returning to the old splendor of a time. To do this, however, there is the need that there is confrontation and encounter. Today this task is left to the director of "Southern family" of front of the television, people will propose engineer for the old and new ideas, happy to accept even a possible "rejection". This is to say that we will collectively for the good of Mormanno not afraid to get in "game" with concrete actions, regardless of what might come out. Descartes wrote an important maxim "cogito ergo sum". Today, seeing what's captain and a Mormanno entering a global view, I would say "You exist because there is a tv! By observing this behavior, we can only ask one question of all: that can get cooperation, the spirit must be proactive and empathetic TV? Hoping that this model can be participatory and fly to many more good work like this, we can only wish all mormannesi a great good luck for the next live on Saturday 25 and Sunday 26.

video:Southern Family in a Mormanno - Saturday 18 October 2008

martedì 14 ottobre 2008

Chiara Giallonardo "Queen of Mormanno"

Mormanno on RAI2: the story continues! Yet another small victory for common Pollino transmission 'in Mezzogiorno Family "broadcast on RAI2 every Saturday and Sunday from 11:30 to 13:00. Great success in the popular transmission Michele Guardì, which has the primacy of audience in the range of the morning-that every week wrapped for the public a pleasant mix of entertainment and games. Mormanno, involved since the first episode, brings good fortune to the transmission, conducted by Giancarlo Magalli and Adriana Volpe, and enhanced to be an ingredient of the recipe for success.
There is no say that the typical middle Calabria, who conquered for the fourth time the title of champion thanks to in games and artistic evidence of its competitors, is demonstrating, week after week, to be mainly the small sample Italy made great small municipalities and small villages. Of that Italy so far from big cities, Mormanno manages to embody the soul and the color of the bell that Italy's Piazza Umberto I has become the icon more alive.

RAI tested the machine should be ascribed the credit for knowing how to tell with pictures and sounds evocative of flavors, ancient crafts and characters, one in all the conductive, the beautiful Clare Giallonardo, which is true queen Distric, friendly and uninhibited, the nell'alveare square crowded with children and curious

The direct links in the square in Mormanno last week were once again characterized by striking and original proposals: the reconstruction of working with broom-separating process from the weaving-up to coins, all told, and "done" strictly live. For the food was brought to the lentil Mormanno, niche product, which farmers and local gastronomic operators have launched a major promotional effort. So another week. Appointment for next weekend, where he will renew the challenge this time with the town of Eminence, in the province of Bergamo. edited by Nicholas Alberti

Mezzogiorno in Famiglia a Mormanno - Sabato 11 Ottobre 2008

Mezzogiorno in Famiglia a Mormanno - Domenica 12 Ottobre 2008

lunedì 13 ottobre 2008

The Ginestra symbol of rebirth for Mormanno and only!

Dear Luke,
you send this article to be included in the site Mormanno town if you can. It 'very important that in our zone, you do initiatives such as that which is' continuing with commitment and passion that is, "Southern Family." Thanks to the efforts of those who believe that 'this image of Calabria, increasingly in decline, should go back on its feet by the usual bad news. An area can pursue important objectives with sacrifices, training and preparations for days and days, so that our area and Mormanno in particular, will bring victories lifestyles, traditions that are good for modern society. Modern society than in other beaches north of the country Italy, is losing values such as family, the communion of interests, the 'pure friendship and know how to be together. A warm thanks must go to the site of conductive Mormanno, always available, very professional and cordial with everyone. The TV crew in full, including the maximum with children, curious and all participants' national event and particular thanks must go to all participants in the games are proving that 's the situation and knowing that behind the bravura is certainly dedication and training. If it were not for this transmission so many traditions would not have been possible export to other shores and we know that the Calabrian traditions are good assumed healthy and interesting, like the Mediterranean diet, with its delicious dishes.
Mail sent by Francesco quercia (12/10/2008) to Luke Marsiglia.
A brief excerpt of the previous Stakes by Pino Greca.
Southern Family in a Mormanno - Saturday 20 September 2008 (Part I)

Southern Family in a Mormanno - Saturday 20 September 2008 (Part II)

Southern Family in a Mormanno - Saturday 20 September 2008 (Part II)

September 27, 08 Southern Family in a Mormanno

- Saturday, October 4, 08 Southern Family in a Mormanno

- Sunday, October 5, 2008 Southern Family in a Mormanno -

Sunday 12 October 2008 La Ginestra ...

martedì 7 ottobre 2008

"O Professore" for the third time raises his cup of victory...

In the third week of participation in transmission 'in Mezzogiorno Family "- broadcast on BBC2 every Saturday and Sunday from 11.30 to 13.00-Mormanno triumphs once again. On the eve the clash with Satriano of Lucania, the town in the province of Potenza, to whom she has played the competition last weekend, had raised some concern. A real derby basilicata one with the county, a stone's throw from all-Mormanno 'flap extreme northern Calabrian-animated by the same determination to make outcome. The race has confirmed that the team had Calabrian Geek Out: An assorted group that deals wisely with ease testing of skills, artistic and general knowledge. One in all the teacher retired Domenico Crea, appointed captain on the field now known to the nation as " 'O Professor", which for the third time he lifted the cup of victory. Striking and original composition stage preparations for direct links in the Piazza Umberto I of Mormanno. Vintage motorcycle, reconstruction of artisanal production of wax, landscapes reproduced in small collection of machines incorporating film, ostrich eggs painted over the inevitable table Gourmet: these are the "postcards of typical" offers the professional direction of Danio Spaccapeli Verardi and Jordan also able this time to enhance color and glimpses of the picturesque town of Calabria. A note finally deserve particular the women of Clare Giallonardo, sent to the conduct of external and Ela Weber, godmother of the Calabrian team. Both were promoted to full official representatives of Mormanno and Calabria. The beautiful Chiara Giallonardo, beyond the high professionalism, has shown much liking the Calabrian hospitality with affection in return for "pampering" of an entire community that has adopted from day one. For Ela Weber, who has proven to play the role of godmother with sincere passion, Mormanno launches an invitation to a future "awaited" visit.

Laura Capalbi

lunedì 29 settembre 2008

Mormanno wins again...

Mormanno wins again, a festival of people salutes the victory in the second match with the town of Bibbona (LI). turning point in the race Saturday live on RAI 2 in the transmission "in Southern Family."

“. The square of Mormanno was the second time theater games, re-enactments of ancient traditions and crafts of vintage cars and folklore that skillfully blended by director, showed the national audience the colorful postcard to a place that an opportunity to better embodies the typical Calabrian.

The cyclone of the TV crew mormannesi now have become accustomed, the initial wary curiosity has now turned into a warm welcome to friends directors, engineers, technicians and especially the beautiful presenter demonstrating all well accept the hospitality and warmth of the people. Even for this time Mormanno therefore salutes the cumbersome but welcome caravan with a bye next week, and on greetings we can not fail to greet and thank the young mormannesi protagonists in the study of Rome from professor Domenico, a Giusy, Tania Armento, Lorena, Tania Fortunato, Anna Maria, Alessia and still Vincenzo, Eros, Antonio and our player Luke.

Among the notes of color, in addition to appearing wonderfulstressing the great participation and enthusiasm of the people in the square. To check the "riots" to the hoarding of the first row - towards the cameras - it had to resort to police, last bastion of composure, which finally capitulates also a temptation to vanity with ammiccanti glances to the camera. Life of the country, flavoring true glimpse of life among the many stories of "plastic" passing on TV: not just that we like this transmission?

mercoledì 17 settembre 2008

Mormanno: Join the transmission "in southern family" on RAI DUE, the group participates at Miromagnum ...

For this year Mormanno the task of carrying the imagine of Calabria in the challenges between the municipalities of "Southern Family", the popular transmission of Michael Look, broadcast on RAI 2 each Saturday and Sunday from 11.30 to 13.00 hours .
Already by Saturday and next Sunday it will light the powder to eliminate competition between Mormanno and San Pellegrino Terme (BG). The two municipalities will put in their "samples to be involved in tests of skill, strength, song and general culture.
In the competition the true intent of the transmission is to open a window on the colorful world of small Italian municipalities, small caskets and the last witnesses of the great wealth of landscapes, traditions, food, crafts and "genus italicus" true wealth of "Bel Paese".
The Assessor Zaccaria is happy spokesman of an entire community which sees his town chosen to represent not only a territory but an entire region. On the outcome of the challenge the assessor take refuge in a diplomatic "that's competition" even if it does not hide a cautious optimism trusting in the "aggressive crowds" of its citizens already tested successfully in the "Palio of Commons" transmission of the lucky TEN, showcases Cosenza municipalities.
The Mayor, Guglielmo Armentano, said a great opportunity for small Pollino to open to an audience of millions of viewers. I am sure, he says, that Mormanno will be in convincing the fascination and charm of its landscapes and its people; in the trust as an incomparable opportunity to promote tourism for Mormanno and for the entire territory of the National Park Pollino.
Mormanno challenge the town of San Pellegrino Terme (province of Bergamo) in the transmission "in southern Family RAI 2 on Saturday 20 and Sunday 21.
Each team will consist of 10 persons: 5 men and 5 women.
Our fellow citizens who will participate in the Games in studies of RAI Via Teulada are: Giusi Perrone, Lorena Armento, Anna Maria Feudo, Tania Armento, Tania Fortunato. Domenico Crea, Antonio Zaccaria, Eros D'Alessandro, Luca Perrone, Vincenzo Capalbo.
In the country, for direct links from the square will be present all the associations, businesses, traditions etc ...
In the episode on Saturday will perform:
1st link - Group Miromagnum with the "Dance of Russa Spica"
2nd link - Gastronomy represented by all of Mormanno;
3rd Relation - Crafts for hobbies - sailing ships of Francesco Minervini --
4th link - Game-potatoes
In Sunday's episode will perform:
1st link - Historical organized by the cultural "Comunalia",
2nd link - Presentation of a harvest time;
3rd Relation - Game of Basketball
4th link - Presentation of premarital serenade

giovedì 11 settembre 2008

Pepper Festival at Diamond ... Special Guest "The Miromagnum"

Academy of Pepper Diamond is pleased to announce the program dell'edizione 2008.
The Group Miromagnum participates at the Saturday evening 13/09/2008.
We expect many ......

lunedì 8 settembre 2008

The Association Miromagnum.... 2008

The Association Miromagnum, ( having operated on the territory since 1981, it has as performs principal the safeguard, our earth's promotion. The Group, during the years, you/he/she has always looked for of a dialogue to make among races possible, cultures, religions, different languages. We like to remember a part of the discourse pronounced by M.L. KING 28/08/1963 in front of the Memorial Lincoln of Washington D.C.,
“the children of those people that were enslaved once and the children of those people that once enslaved possedetteros will know how to sit together with the table of the brotherhood.”
We believe in this dream and the innumerable demonstrations to which the group has participated I am the reengagement of it.

Some inherent datum allattivit turns in this year.
-The number of the enrolled increased allassociaziones.
-Change and integration of the show, with new songs and dances.
-It modifies environment scenografico with supports multimediali.
-We have middly realized around 25 shows (national / Foreign) 1 every 15 days.
Demonstrations to be remembered:
-Taste of Calabria 500 Building (Florence)
-Palio of the Communes prize of the criticism
-IV Edizione of the Olympiads of the Traditional Games
-XXVIII edition of the international Festival of the Folklore of Soller, - enchanting situated town in the west north of the island in Majorca (Spain)
-XX Edizione of Calabria Festival.
Publications multimediali on the web (Italian / English). / miromagnum.
Innumerable collaborations with researchers / studious.

It doesn't deal with a confirmation of our Self, that of the one way to understand better our diversities, to appreciate her and from them to draw wealth of it. Someone ask him how is possible this? Personally we call there to an universal discipline that talks to the heart: the music, the dance, the poetry! So, really thanks to this code the Association Miromagnum promotes and his/her own Dna promulgates. At the end of every demonstration, of every festival winning n and won n are not had, but only people that believe and they share in principles, what: the respect of the next one and the exploitation of their traditions.
For an instant I would want that you analyzed with me the data of the last demonstration, integrally organized by the components of the Miromagnum, him understand still better the job taken place in the year 2008. In this edition been reported the history of the festival. In 20 years, this event, has entertained 96 groups coming from 48 different nations. This year have participated the friends of the:
§ Spain - Asociación Universitaria de Danza El Candil
§ Senegal - “AFRICA DJEMBE”
§ Italy - Gruppo folkloristico Miromagnum

Finally and not for last, during the evening delivers her/it You Edition of the International Prize “Il Faro” to the Amarelli of Rossano. The assigned prize every year to a Calabrian that him distinguished in the world for his work.
Speaking in the name of an association, the ancient pi among those present in the small suburb of Mormanno, is not able not to feel the responsibility, delivered of the inheritance you give me my predecessors. I think about the hundred components that you/they have allowed and they allow everything this, my thought goes to them to tell him “Thanks”.
To I address me to them to say that the run not yet concluded and so many are the ideas and the projects to realize.
In so far I renew the invitation:
To all those people which in the association are busy Miromagnum to keep on holding tall the honour of the group.
To all those people which have gotten further for varied motives but that they bring with if the sacred fire of the folklore to make before.
To all those people which want to feel a new rich adventure of appointment and satisfaction not to hesitate to contact us.
Some years ago the Foundation Naples 99 presided by the Dott.ssa Mirella Barracco launches a challenge to give back lifeblood to citt as Naples, Palermo etc, all will remember the slogan he/she Adopts a monument. Seen the positive results, we would want in the our small ripercorrere that road. This time instead of adopting a monument we would want that Public / Private subjects adopted a passage of our tradition, note adopts the tradition.
The dream that to create a containing casket a selection of the characteristic pious passages of our tradition, a dvd video, a photographic booklet. Every passage in partnership will be to an agency / corporate body. Through this tool we propose there as vectors for better making to appreciate our earth, our typical products and naturally the firms that produce them. Also in this case we take I sprout from who before us something of the kind has realized and you/he/she has brought in top the popular music “partenopea”. An example for everybody, the job served as Renzo Arbore and Italian Orchestra.
I wish me that you will give prominence to this moment of ours of pride and his cultural importance for the intrinsic value that the same one promotes. For the one that believes in this value as us, you could be a beautiful moment to find.

Con stima
Il presidente
Marcello Perrone
3356596102 – 3393459269

Closing XX edition Calabria Festival

Mormanno (CS) - August 11, the group Miromagnum, Mormanno, celebrated his birthday XXVIII and the twentieth anniversary of the "Calabria Festival" held its Monday August 11 with the participation of group folklorici from Spain, from Venezuela, Poland and Senegal. In these twenty years of festivals, children of Miromagnum well have hosted 96 teams from five continents. The spirit of Miromagnum, explain the same associates, is inherent in its name: "I see big", "I see far".

And to see ever more distant, young folkloristi have created a new event, accompanied by a multimedia theatrical choreography. To better appreciate the value of groups hosted were prepared brief postcards that have described the images through the places of origin. Among the most touching moments that in the Sixth edition of the international prize "Faro allocated this year to Amarelli Rossano, the award-winning manufacturer of licorice, led by Pina Amarelli. "I Miromagnum - says the president Marcello Perrone - have committed more years in the field of marketing and rerritoriale Amarelli in this area has no equal. With this award has wanted to establish a pact of cooperation for the promotion of our beloved land. "

The associations which are exhibited showing a remarkable success are the Asociación Universitaria de Danza El Candii - Spain, Associaciòn Folklorica Wazabara - Venezuela, the Group of Folk Songs and Dances "Zamojszczyzna" - Poland, Africa Djembe - Senegal. Folk Dance Ensemble Miromagnum has transformed its traditional show giving an unprecedented thanks to the daily, assumes that each component independently, according to its competence.

A total commitment that makes trasalire facing small controversy country. "We know - says the group Miromagnum - to produce an event of this kind require human and economic resources. Thanking in advance all those who participated with public and private contributions, we would say that the greatest burden of the event falls on components of Miromagnum. The clarification is due because the same association, which has a system of accounting, is not absolutely be exploited by chicchesia, as happened last year during a council meeting in September. There is much talk about a "Calabria nornale", by positive signals from this land ', we regret very much that no organ of the press has given a minimum of emphasis on the event, while having been alerted in time. It always speaks of loss of values, lack of reference, "Miromagnum" is a reference point for the entire community educating the younger generation to rules and shared values. Forgive the outburst, in our small continue to operate in what we believe, we hope that the next time we will have more luck. "

Service conducted by wdi -

mercoledì 6 agosto 2008

XX Edition "Calabria Festival" - News!!!!!!!

Monday, August 11, ca, at 21.00, near the Piazzetta Salvatore D'Alessandro of Mormanno be held the final evening of the XX edition of Calabria Festival by the “Group Miromagnum”.

The event will be attended by associations and groups from

  • Spain (Asociación Universitaria de Danza El Candii)
  • Russia (Group of Folk Songs and Dances, Sputnik)
  • Venezuela (Associaciòn Folklorica Wazabara)
  • Poland (Group of Folk Songs and Dances, Zamojszczyzna)
  • Senegal (Africa Djembe)
  • Italy (Group folkloristic Miromagnum).

This year the event is of a special importance because it marks the completion of a trail, a long twenty years, in which they have been tested ethnic and music sounds of great traditions, without ever disperse the spirit of the event voted to extol the principles of diversity and brotherhood.

In these 20 years we have had ours pleasant guests people coming from the 5 continents, to tell her/it all 96 Groups coming from well 48 different nations.

During the final evening will also delivered the international prize "The Lighthouse", at the VI edition. This year the prize will be awarded to "Amarelli" Rossano. As tradition, the event is one of the most popular event of Calabria summer


• Day 08/08/2008 - 20.00 the Groups will be exhibited to Frascineto (CS)
• Day 09/08/2008 - Driven Visit to the Museum of the Licorice George Amarelli + Diocesan Museum (Rossano)
• Day 10/08/2008 - Visit to the historical center of Mormanno + Fair of St. Lawrence
• Day 11/08/2008 - Final Gran XX edition of Calabria Festival + delivery You Edition calabria Festival

for information not you hesitate to contact us:
info: 3356596102. 33934592 -


martedì 29 luglio 2008

Luzzi's "White Night"... wuth friends Miromagnum

On August 2, 2008 from 21:00 p.m until dawn will take place the second edition of the white night in the town of Luzzi ... numerous initiatives with musical shows .. Sabatum-Quartet in concert, folk groups including the friends of Miromagnum, piano-bar, karaoke, dance and Latin American group in the company of various schools of dance artists ... .. street mimes, jugglers, singers and eaters, waders to many other characters ... painting exhibitions, art exhibitions of various kinds by the many artisans of Luzzi ... and not just along the streets of the country there will be tastings of local products luzzesi and half the night .. great concert of mythical EUGENIO BENNATO with its ethnic-folk ballads invoglierà fun to adults and children ... this and much more .. we expect many!

NB: provided shuttle service! --

lunedì 7 luglio 2008

XXVIII Edizione della "Sa Mostra Festival Folklórica Internacional" dal 12 al 21 Luglio 2008

Carissimi amici,

ho il piacere di comunicarVi che in data 12 Luglio, il gruppo Miromagnum partirà per una nuova avventura. E' con estremo piacere parteciparVi il programma della XXVIII Edizione della "Sa Mostra Festival Folklórica Internacional".

L'evento si terrà nella città di Soller dal 14 al 19 julio 2008. Soller è in incantevole cittadina situata nel nord ovest dell'isola di Maiorca (Spagna). Alla Manifestazione parteciperanno oltre al Gruppo Miromagnum, gli amici della:

- Esbart Català de Dansaires (Catalunya)
- Buscajà (Colómbia)
- Tiblisi University Ensemble (Geórgia)
- Jin-Hee Park Dance Company (Corea)
- Homma (Egipto) y Aires Sollerics


Dilluns, 14 de juliol

Sóller, Plaça Constitució
* 21'30 h. - Gran Obertura de la XXVII Mostra, amb l'actuació de tots els grups participants.

Dimarts, 15 de juliol

Sóller, Escolàpies
* 10'30 a 12'30 h. – Intercanvi teòric

Sóller, Plaça Constitució
* 22’00 h. – Taller

Port de Sóller
* 22’00 h. – Passa carrers

Fornalutx, Plaça
* 22'00 h. - Ballada espectacle (1 grup)

Dimecres, 16 de juliol

Sóller, Escolàpies
· 10'30 a 12'30 h. – Intercanvi teòric

Sóller, Plaça Constitució
* 21’30 h. – Taller de música

Algaida, plaça
* 22'00 h. - Ballada espectacle (2 grups)

Deià, Plaça
* 22'00 h. - Ballada espectacle (1 grup)

Dijous, 17 de juliol

Sóller, Escolàpies
* 10'30 a 12'30 h. – Intercanvi teòric

Palma, Llar dels Ancians (Gral. Riera)
* 20´45 h. – Ballada espectacle de tots els grups participants.
Acte patrocinat especialment pel C.I.M. i Sa Nostra.

Palma, Parc de la Mar
* 22'00 h. - Vetllada amb l'actuació dels grups participants a la XXVII Mostra.
Acte patrocinat especialment per IBATUR i Exm. Ajuntament de Palma.

Divendres, 18 de juliol

Sóller, Plaça Constitució
*10’30 h. – Jocs infantils
* 21'30 h. - Ballada espectacle (2 grups)

Port de Sóller
* 22’00 h. – Passacarrers

Muro, Plaça Ajuntament
* 22´00 h. – Ballada espectacle

Alcúdia, Plaça Ajuntament
* 22'00 h. - Ballada espectacle

Sa Pobla, Plaça Ajuntament
* 22'00 h. - Ballada espectacle

Dissabte, 19 de juliol

Sóller, plaça
* 11'00 h. – Mercadet.
* Al mateix temps, música dels grups participants a Sa Mostra.

Sóller, Plaça Constitució
* 22'00 h. - Actuació de Cloenda de la XXVII Mostra, amb la participació de tots els grups.
Distinció d’Estudis Folklòrics i Etnogràfics Tomeu Ensenyat a: Associació cultural Canonge de Santa Sirga

Tant els intercanvis teòrics, on cada grup exposarà els trets més importants del seu folklore, com els tallers que es fan a ses Escolàpies, a la Plaça Constitució i al Port de Sóller estan oberts a tothom que hi vulgui assistir.

L'organització es reserva el dret de modificar el present programa.

Vi aspettiamo numerosi sul nostro Blog, diretta giornaliera dalla Spagna!

A presto

info: Sa Mostra. Sóller International Folk Festival - 16th to 22nd July 2008 - Useful informationSa Mostra. Mostra Internacional Folklórica Apartado de correos, 59 07100 Sóller (Majorca)Tel. +34 971630753 /Fax +34 971633313 Activity: Festivals. SpainTheme: Music and Dance. / World Music. SpainSa Mostra is a folk festival founded by the “Aires Sollerics” group, whose main objective was to bring traditional dance to the public. The event lasts eight days and groups from all over the world take part. They not only give public performances, but also have cultural exchanges between them, the aim being to widen their knowledge of different cultures. On the last day of the festival there is a concert with music and song where all the participating groups take part. Dates: 7/16/2007 - 7/22/2007

venerdì 4 luglio 2008

Vallje - Acquaformosa 05 & 06 Luglio 2008

Le vallje il 5 luglio dalle ore 17:00 per le vie del paese sfileranno 8 gruppi folkloristici

- Frascinetto
- Lungro
- Mongrassano
- San Giuseppe di San Marzano
- Santa Soffia D'Epiro
- San Benedetto Ullano
- Firmoza

il 6 Luglio alle ore 21 si esibiranno gli amici del gruppo Miromagnum di Mormanno. Un'occasione da non perdere, per riscoprire insieme il valore delle "vallje", il senso stesso della "Gjitonia" è una espressione arbëreshe intraducibile; ha un significato socio-urbanistico; nello stesso tempo partecipa di solidarietà, spirito di appartenenza, comunione, come anche di competizione, rivalità e goliardia. Si tratta un pò del corrispettivo delle "Contrade" a Siena, ma il tutto svolto nell'universo arbëresh, ricco di rituali influenzati dalla religiosità bizantina e dal mondo contadino.

Vi aspettiamo!

giovedì 26 giugno 2008



In San Lorenzo (a quarter of Rotonda) is celebrated the Mass for the Saints Peter and Paul, followed by a procession that winds for the entire quarter. The evening continues with the friends of the Folk Group “Miromagnum” of Mormanno between dancing and tasting of tasty foods cooked in the traditional banquets and the usual spectacle of fireworks.

We aspect many!

lunedì 9 giugno 2008

about us...

Dear friends, some article on the event

"IV edition of the Traditional Olympics Games ".

Good reading

Il quotidiano di calabria

La provincia Cosentina

martedì 3 giugno 2008

Presentation: IV edition of the Traditional Olympics Games

Presentation: IV edition of the Traditional Olympics Games

Tomorrow at 11.30 hours in the palace Prefecture of Cosenza presentation to the fourth edition of the Traditional Games: Programme of the event

IV OLIMPIADE OF TRADITIONAL GAMES Year 2008 The final stage of the 4th Traditional Olympics Games will take place in “Villa vecchia” of Cosenza on Saturday 7 and Sunday, June 8, 2008.

OFFICIAL PROGRAM OF EVIDENCE First Day - Saturday, 7 of June 2008 9.30 Arrival of Municipal Teams in Piazza XI September or adjacent areas. 10.00 Mini-spectacle of music and traditions proposed by the Folk Dance Ensemble "MIROMAGNUM" Mormanno.

11, 00 Journal of Presentation Municipal Rappresentative. 11.00 Departure municipal parade of teams, accompanied by Mayors, Piazza XI September from “Piazza XV March” (formerly known as Piazza Prefecture).
12.00 Greetings and official opening of the Games by the President of Provincial, Hon. Mario OLIVERIO; Reading of GIURAMENTO OF OLYMPICS. START GAMES (afternoon):
15.00 Race with bags - Batteries; 16.00 Running with the egg - Batteries; 17.00 “Tiro alla corda” teams - Eliminatorie; 19.30 Closing Day Before. Second Day - Sunday, June 8, 2008 SHOOTING GAMES (morning):

9.30 “Race of circle”
13, 00 Lunches SHOOTING GAMES (afternoon): 14.30 “U Strummulu” (traditional game”
16, 00 Race with Bags -- Final 16, 30 Running with the egg -- Final17, 00 “Tiro alla fune” -- Finali19, 00 Award Ceremony 19.30 CLOSING EVENT

lunedì 26 maggio 2008

Gutenberg 6 - Liceo Classico "Pasquale Galluppi" of Catanzaro

With great pleasure the Miromagnum Folk Group, will attend the event which will be held at the Liceo Classico "Pasquale Galluppi" of Catanzaro 20.00 hour day 29/05/2008
We expect many!