venerdì 18 dicembre 2009

Season's Greetings from Miromagnum

A good page of Calabria, thanks to Miromagnum (Mormanno)

Dear friends, to paraphrase the article in the newspaper"Morelli a theater crowded with guests, ready to support the initiative". A folk group, the Miromagnum Mormanno, who with their contributions have promoted and developed an initiative called <"Tradition for life". Thank you to all the proceeds will help purchase medical equipment that can intervene on children's respiratory problems premature. Dances and folk traditions of ancient Mormanno in dress and customs, but not in sentiment, renewed by young people with great professionalism have represented their country and that of Calabria>

"the Event Photos I edition "tradition for Life" - theater Morelli cosenza December 12, 2009

Visit to make your own!

venerdì 11 dicembre 2009

We wait for the I edition of the "Tradition for Life"

Dear Friends,
very excited for tomorrow's welcome! I offer you that we are to scoccioli with tickets! For those who have not yet done so, you can buy the last remaining tickets tomorrow at the entrance of the theater.

The evening will be coordinated by the renowned journalist Piero Muscari, another element of value for the initiative, to confirm as there is a "Calabria Vera!

Thank you all for believing in us !!!!!!!!!!