lunedì 25 febbraio 2008

Mormanno: Wins Jury’s Award at Palio of Commons Edition 2007-2008

Dear friends, As official communication from the World Diffusion Idea sas Received at the town of Mormanno on 18/02/2008, Mormanno wins the " Jury’s Award at Palio of Commons 2007-2008.

Montalto 18/02/2008

To Municipal Administration of Mormanno
C.a. Mr Mayor Guglielmo Armentano
Ass. Gerardo Zaccaria
Subject: Palio of Commons 2007-2008 – Jury’s Award

We are pleased to inform you that, in the opinion of the sole and unanimous technical jury and express consent and willingness of the production and of program Francamaria Chiarelli, the Jury’s award of the Television program "The Palio Of Common 2007-2008" has assigned to this common for the following reasons:

"Interpreted for the better in all episodes and performances, the spirit of the programme and have been able to tell the story of a territory with expressions alive and vibrant art and tradition. Municipality of Mormanno, has maintained all phases of the programme tone and content of the highest level and gave honor not only for their own traditions but those of all Calabria, suggesting especially the magnificent performances of the Group Folkloristico Miromagnum which is one of the most significant simbol of our Region in the World. Considering the effort organization of the whole community and the performance of the highest level who have distinguished quality and interpretation unanimously production, the author and the technique jury of the television program "The Palio Of Common 2007-2008"
Jury’s Award at the Municipality of Mormanno!

The award will be delivered during the television live program at the 15.00 p.m. of Friday 01/03/2008.