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Great success of Miromagnum From Russia with rage ...

Great success of Miromagnum From Russia with rage ...

It ended in a more than satisfactory for the Russian travel Miromagnum. The folk group was featured in two of the International Folklore Festival the world's major cities of Moscow and Volgodonsk 3 to 13 September 2010, enjoying huge success and satisfaction from both the public and numerous warm, and Russian organized by the staff.

Both events were organized by the House of Culture and Arts folk led by Ms. Elvira Kunin and fully funded by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.

"It 's been the best way to celebrate our thirty years of business - says the president of Marc Perrone - to participate in the Festival in Russia, for us to return to Italy full of appreciation is a source of pride and satisfaction. Represent our nation in the Russian festival has been an honor and the whole Group Miromagnum I was thrilled. We met very competent people, impeccable organization, headed in a masterly manner by Mrs. Ksenia Fokine, who from the first minute made us feel as at home. "

The Miromagnum, as the local Russian group, was also awarded at the end of the event, with a certificate of recognition for its reliability, professionalism, the quality and artistic involvement with the local public.

"We are very pleased with how they are tight relations between the delegates of the Russian Ministry of Culture and the association Miromagnum - refers Gianluca Marseille Area State Relations Association - has done a great job by all the staff Communications Group, because finally, after about 24 years, have reopened their doors to the Italian Folklore Groups in the Russian land (the organizers of the Festival of Volgodonsk reported that a final participation of an Italian group dating back to 1986). We left good memories in the minds and hearts of the entire Russian people, so that the Group was able to return immediately to the news in Russia in 2011, the year in which there will be a very extensive cultural exchanges between the two ministries , Italian and Russian.. "

The Miromagnum now go on holiday, in fact, is already working for the organization of the second edition of "The Tradition For Life", to be held in Cosenza in December, and the building site for the First " Xenia Folklore Festival "- XXI" Calabria Festival ", to be held in Mormanno in August 2011.


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