lunedì 30 marzo 2009

Gala at the Gran Teatro Savoia in Campobasso, you expect many!

Tomorrow evening we will learn more about our tradition, our values to the city of Campobasso. At the Grand Gala of the Savoy Theater, will perform the Miromagnum bringing with it the notes of their "Calabrisella Murmannola", one of the many pearls of "adopting the tradition." Savoy Theater

Built in 1923/25 on 'area of' former theater Margherita. The qualifying outside are the details especially the balustrades of the windows and balconies and the lamps on the central pediment. The ornamental motifs are inspired by creations of French origin, the more tape 'sometimes twisted, to compose harmonic geometries balconies on the first floor, addition of flowering branches and sinuous spirals or beautiful invention of the balustrades of the second order, as if to suggest the design of the wings of a butterfly. The lamps above the main facade are among the items of the season "campobassana liberty."

For information

Savoy Theater

Piazza Giuseppe Pepe, 5 Campobasso (CB)

Tel: 0874/311565

you expect many

martedì 17 marzo 2009


Saturday, 14/03/09, in the theater of Mormanno, was held the conference presentation box "Adopt Tradition" made by the Working Folk Miromagnum. As repeatedly stated, a blend of different music related to each other by an excellent arrangement of our song "Popular." The evening could not start in a more exciting: Miriam Scarcello, an icon of popular music Calabrese, sang live "Calabrisella," the pearl with which the singer has lauded the group Miromagnum. The emotion was so much in a crowded cinema fell absolute silence caressed only by the sweet voice of Miriam. The evening was then alternate personalities who have reported about the representatives of the promoter of the initiative, representatives of companies-partners, representatives of institutions and the slow food and welcome guests, two characters who have made - with their work and their "wish to believe" - the famous Calabria in the world and that is the maestro Gerardo Sacco and Enzo Barbieri. The biggest surprise was to see the enthusiasm of all those who have succeeded on the stage. Antonella Dodaro, in particular, has given life to a game at the "revival" through which, the other speakers, have been proposed new ideas to use, given their pregevolezza, the tracks of the cd. Each component, in those moments, he experienced indescribable emotion. Despite Miromagnum have always believed in this project, the feedback and success has been beyond the most optimistic expectations. ... .. emotions and even when he was shown the video that summed up so well the main features of DVD, the images speak for themselves: the old Mormanno review and characters of that time, the tenderness of tomorrow - in the faces of Mary Lucia and Claudio - who embracing the tradition, the images of a country that seemed to be reborn .... What else to add? Saturday, happiness and satisfaction was great and we can only thank everyone who Mormannoli wrapped in a heat that evening - for Miromagnum - remain unforgettable! Preview video !!!!!

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giovedì 5 marzo 2009

Spot "takes the tradition" in the annex to the newsstand Daily Calabria 14-31 March

Spot "adotta la tradizione" in edicola in allegato al Quotidiano della Calabria dal 14 al 31 Marzo

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