martedì 28 ottobre 2008

The Mayor is asked: "and if we were to continue ..."

Cosenza? Ah, you ... near Mormanno. Rome? Yes, yes ... north of Mormanno! Play well Magalli unexpected popularity of common Pollino. Of course, is known sagacity conductor, but the Mormanno people makes pleasure! Six consecutive weeks in the transmission of presence in south-Family on BBC2 every Saturday and Sunday from 11:30 to 13:00-recording average audience of about two million viewers across the country can not fail to leave their mark. Perhaps the sky line of non-Mormanno tower will be known as one of Manhattan but week after week entered the homes of Italians as enough to become an applicant and family.

A global phenomenon: with RAI International viewers in Latin America. The drafting a tender RAI receives mail from an Mormanno people emigrated to Brazil: "I rise at six in the morning, along with my family, to revise my sweet country." From all citizens: good! Keep it up! That beautiful image you are giving our region! The incredible involvement of the many migrants who live outside. Piedmont is the leader of an organization that has done extensive raise averages of televoting in the region. The occasion has strengthened the umbilical cords that bind each “mormannese” to his country and the ancient suffering. Relatives, friends, childhood show for the cameras then receive the call interurban "I have seen, which is pretty strange ... Mormanno on TV, is also seeing all the beautiful!". For the record last weekend, the sixth of participation, the competition was disputed by Vigarano Mainarda (common in the province of Ferrara). Mormanno winner comes out both in the leg on Saturday that the closure on Sunday. Decisive victory for the neo-captain, Franco Cersosimo, which carry well to their task of alternate Prof.. Domenico Crea, Marina - Mom sprint that bite apples-17 and all boys' hands, "the most important game that gives the final victory. As script beating the last moments of "strappacoppa", the game of the shower, Don Graziano - sympathetic captain of opponents blindfolded must count 30 seconds, takes the time-say-reciting a Ave Maria and a half: efforts of one second , Would say "amen for a"!. Assessor municipal tourism Gerardo Zaccaria is already projected into the future. We are already working-Alderman says - the important round of the weekend 08/12/2008 with the traditional feast of "Perciavutti" - programmed in the evening of Dec. 7 - which this year will cover events throughout the weekend starting from Saturday. It will be the litmus test of popularity that the transmission in Southern Family has given us. Early findings at the interest and bookings at the facilities me to be a great success of attendance mainly from outside the region. On this exhilarating experience Mayor William Armentano issuing a final consideration: "Mormanno in all these weeks of programming, with scenic composition of our tradition (food, costumes and handicrafts), is launching a promotion that now involves the entire province Cosenza and - if we were to continue - will involve the whole region but especially is saying a positive image and winning of Calabria. The secret of this success should be attributed mainly to the peculiarities of reality “mormannese” that despite a small population of about 3600 inhabitants, counts dozens of associations of great activism. Volunteering and employment leisure organized in associations to take over a significant role in the social fabric of the community has made in recent weeks to respond best to the great effort that the organization of direct links requires. Not secondary also the contribution from those artisans and entrepreneurs who were able to seize the opportunity by enlarging the scope to specific national craft and culinary land. Ben thirty construction stage now set that collected the appreciation of the director and the public: a difficult test which I think Mormanno bait promoted with flying colors. "

By Nicholas Alberti

Congratulation by Emiliano e Roberto

martedì 21 ottobre 2008

You exist because there is a tv!

Dear friends, the spirit of the "spot" seems not to fear any competition, Mormannesi dear, congratulations! Mormanno remains unbeaten for the week V below. For many, this vision has rekindled the spirits, hopes and above all the pride of being Mormannese. Many of us have seen and awareness of the potential of this small village, many - thanks to this event - have rediscovered the pleasure of tradition. For us the Miromagnum, all this can only proud but at the same time puts us in a proactive critical condition. We do not want to shut down the spotlight calasse interest, the desire to do, the spirit of cooperation, it would be a pity! We hope that each of us - in our small - can pursue these values, these ideas ... Without "campanilismo", we should put in the "What can I do for my country?" Looking transmission, is perceived to skin the enthusiasm of competitors and the public, it is impossible not to think / hope that this beloved village Mountain can give and do more, returning to the old splendor of a time. To do this, however, there is the need that there is confrontation and encounter. Today this task is left to the director of "Southern family" of front of the television, people will propose engineer for the old and new ideas, happy to accept even a possible "rejection". This is to say that we will collectively for the good of Mormanno not afraid to get in "game" with concrete actions, regardless of what might come out. Descartes wrote an important maxim "cogito ergo sum". Today, seeing what's captain and a Mormanno entering a global view, I would say "You exist because there is a tv! By observing this behavior, we can only ask one question of all: that can get cooperation, the spirit must be proactive and empathetic TV? Hoping that this model can be participatory and fly to many more good work like this, we can only wish all mormannesi a great good luck for the next live on Saturday 25 and Sunday 26.

video:Southern Family in a Mormanno - Saturday 18 October 2008

martedì 14 ottobre 2008

Chiara Giallonardo "Queen of Mormanno"

Mormanno on RAI2: the story continues! Yet another small victory for common Pollino transmission 'in Mezzogiorno Family "broadcast on RAI2 every Saturday and Sunday from 11:30 to 13:00. Great success in the popular transmission Michele Guardì, which has the primacy of audience in the range of the morning-that every week wrapped for the public a pleasant mix of entertainment and games. Mormanno, involved since the first episode, brings good fortune to the transmission, conducted by Giancarlo Magalli and Adriana Volpe, and enhanced to be an ingredient of the recipe for success.
There is no say that the typical middle Calabria, who conquered for the fourth time the title of champion thanks to in games and artistic evidence of its competitors, is demonstrating, week after week, to be mainly the small sample Italy made great small municipalities and small villages. Of that Italy so far from big cities, Mormanno manages to embody the soul and the color of the bell that Italy's Piazza Umberto I has become the icon more alive.

RAI tested the machine should be ascribed the credit for knowing how to tell with pictures and sounds evocative of flavors, ancient crafts and characters, one in all the conductive, the beautiful Clare Giallonardo, which is true queen Distric, friendly and uninhibited, the nell'alveare square crowded with children and curious

The direct links in the square in Mormanno last week were once again characterized by striking and original proposals: the reconstruction of working with broom-separating process from the weaving-up to coins, all told, and "done" strictly live. For the food was brought to the lentil Mormanno, niche product, which farmers and local gastronomic operators have launched a major promotional effort. So another week. Appointment for next weekend, where he will renew the challenge this time with the town of Eminence, in the province of Bergamo. edited by Nicholas Alberti

Mezzogiorno in Famiglia a Mormanno - Sabato 11 Ottobre 2008

Mezzogiorno in Famiglia a Mormanno - Domenica 12 Ottobre 2008

lunedì 13 ottobre 2008

The Ginestra symbol of rebirth for Mormanno and only!

Dear Luke,
you send this article to be included in the site Mormanno town if you can. It 'very important that in our zone, you do initiatives such as that which is' continuing with commitment and passion that is, "Southern Family." Thanks to the efforts of those who believe that 'this image of Calabria, increasingly in decline, should go back on its feet by the usual bad news. An area can pursue important objectives with sacrifices, training and preparations for days and days, so that our area and Mormanno in particular, will bring victories lifestyles, traditions that are good for modern society. Modern society than in other beaches north of the country Italy, is losing values such as family, the communion of interests, the 'pure friendship and know how to be together. A warm thanks must go to the site of conductive Mormanno, always available, very professional and cordial with everyone. The TV crew in full, including the maximum with children, curious and all participants' national event and particular thanks must go to all participants in the games are proving that 's the situation and knowing that behind the bravura is certainly dedication and training. If it were not for this transmission so many traditions would not have been possible export to other shores and we know that the Calabrian traditions are good assumed healthy and interesting, like the Mediterranean diet, with its delicious dishes.
Mail sent by Francesco quercia (12/10/2008) to Luke Marsiglia.
A brief excerpt of the previous Stakes by Pino Greca.
Southern Family in a Mormanno - Saturday 20 September 2008 (Part I)

Southern Family in a Mormanno - Saturday 20 September 2008 (Part II)

Southern Family in a Mormanno - Saturday 20 September 2008 (Part II)

September 27, 08 Southern Family in a Mormanno

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Sunday 12 October 2008 La Ginestra ...

martedì 7 ottobre 2008

"O Professore" for the third time raises his cup of victory...

In the third week of participation in transmission 'in Mezzogiorno Family "- broadcast on BBC2 every Saturday and Sunday from 11.30 to 13.00-Mormanno triumphs once again. On the eve the clash with Satriano of Lucania, the town in the province of Potenza, to whom she has played the competition last weekend, had raised some concern. A real derby basilicata one with the county, a stone's throw from all-Mormanno 'flap extreme northern Calabrian-animated by the same determination to make outcome. The race has confirmed that the team had Calabrian Geek Out: An assorted group that deals wisely with ease testing of skills, artistic and general knowledge. One in all the teacher retired Domenico Crea, appointed captain on the field now known to the nation as " 'O Professor", which for the third time he lifted the cup of victory. Striking and original composition stage preparations for direct links in the Piazza Umberto I of Mormanno. Vintage motorcycle, reconstruction of artisanal production of wax, landscapes reproduced in small collection of machines incorporating film, ostrich eggs painted over the inevitable table Gourmet: these are the "postcards of typical" offers the professional direction of Danio Spaccapeli Verardi and Jordan also able this time to enhance color and glimpses of the picturesque town of Calabria. A note finally deserve particular the women of Clare Giallonardo, sent to the conduct of external and Ela Weber, godmother of the Calabrian team. Both were promoted to full official representatives of Mormanno and Calabria. The beautiful Chiara Giallonardo, beyond the high professionalism, has shown much liking the Calabrian hospitality with affection in return for "pampering" of an entire community that has adopted from day one. For Ela Weber, who has proven to play the role of godmother with sincere passion, Mormanno launches an invitation to a future "awaited" visit.

Laura Capalbi