mercoledì 6 agosto 2008

XX Edition "Calabria Festival" - News!!!!!!!

Monday, August 11, ca, at 21.00, near the Piazzetta Salvatore D'Alessandro of Mormanno be held the final evening of the XX edition of Calabria Festival by the “Group Miromagnum”.

The event will be attended by associations and groups from

  • Spain (Asociación Universitaria de Danza El Candii)
  • Russia (Group of Folk Songs and Dances, Sputnik)
  • Venezuela (Associaciòn Folklorica Wazabara)
  • Poland (Group of Folk Songs and Dances, Zamojszczyzna)
  • Senegal (Africa Djembe)
  • Italy (Group folkloristic Miromagnum).

This year the event is of a special importance because it marks the completion of a trail, a long twenty years, in which they have been tested ethnic and music sounds of great traditions, without ever disperse the spirit of the event voted to extol the principles of diversity and brotherhood.

In these 20 years we have had ours pleasant guests people coming from the 5 continents, to tell her/it all 96 Groups coming from well 48 different nations.

During the final evening will also delivered the international prize "The Lighthouse", at the VI edition. This year the prize will be awarded to "Amarelli" Rossano. As tradition, the event is one of the most popular event of Calabria summer


• Day 08/08/2008 - 20.00 the Groups will be exhibited to Frascineto (CS)
• Day 09/08/2008 - Driven Visit to the Museum of the Licorice George Amarelli + Diocesan Museum (Rossano)
• Day 10/08/2008 - Visit to the historical center of Mormanno + Fair of St. Lawrence
• Day 11/08/2008 - Final Gran XX edition of Calabria Festival + delivery You Edition calabria Festival

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