lunedì 30 agosto 2010

Tour in Moscow (Russia) 3 to 13 September 2010

Tour in Moscow (Russia) 3 to 13 September 2010

The Folk Group Miromagnum of Mormanno (CS), September 3 to 13, will be committed on Russian soil to participate, as the only Italian representative, the International Folk Festival in Moscow and Volgodonsk in Rostov region.

The two Festival, included within the Russian national planning for the celebrations of the end of World War II and the birth of the Republic, is organized by the Russian Ministry of Culture with the direction of Mrs. Elvira Kunin, director of the Russian State House of Folk Art "(House of folk arts) and IOV responsible for relations with UNESCO.

For the Festival, in addition to Miromagnum, participating groups from around the world, including France, China, USA, Romania, Iran, Serbia, Belarus etc. ..

"And 'cause of satisfaction and pride for us, - says the President of Marcello Perrone - having been selected to participate toured Russia. This is the culmination of a dream for Miromagnum, to participate in one of the world's most important folkloric events. Perform in front of thousands of spectators in the Capital of Folklore "will be an unforgettable experience that will bring us all in the mind and heart."

Reached by telephone also to members of the Group Miromagnum, greetings from the Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and Diplomatic Adviser to the Ministry of Culture Patrick Funds.

"The whole community is proud of how mormannese Miromagnum group you are working in the last period for growth and the sponsorship of the area - refers to the Parent Council Chamber PSI Gianluca Marseille - we must highlight that the association, in addition to product 2009 box set "Adopt Tradition," contains "the knowledge and tastes" of our land, has also organized charity events such as "Tradition for Life", that next December will see its second edition, and fundraising in favor of "Telefono Azzurro" and "Telethon." The tour in Russia is just reward for these thirty years, has contributed to growth, both on the artistic side than on the humanitarian side, the Group Miromagnum. For me this year will be double satisfaction because attend the events in a double role: from group member and representative of the City of Mormanno mormannesi and all."

Area Relationship
Gianluca Marseille

Wednesday, 01/09/2010 - The Miromagnum in Sila

Dear Friends,

We are happy to announce our participation in one of the most evocative of our common land of Calabria, Spezzano Sila. A small village in the heart of the Sila, we expect many.

info line 3356596102

giovedì 5 agosto 2010

"Together with friends", Mormanno 11/08/2010


I have the pleasure to invite you to the event "Between Friends for a Friend", the evening will be held on August 11, 2010 at Piazza VIII Mormanno of March at 21.30 ....

Qualche video degli artisti partecipanti!

needless to say we are waiting ....
info line: 3356596102