martedì 28 luglio 2009

Carrefour opened the Reggio Calabria Miromagnum participate at

The new Carrefour hypermarket of GDM S.p.A. is located in Reggio Calabria, along the S.S. Ion 106, exit San Leo, which is connected by a ramp that can absorb large flows automobile. The hypermarket, which was inserted in the Bolar Harbor Shopping Center, will be a strong pole of attraction, especially for the 240,000 residents who are within an area comprising the 30 minutes needed to reach the point of sale. Saturday 01/08/2009 at Bolar Harbor Shopping Center will be possible to taste typical products of Calabria with joy, colors and flavors of the Group of Fokloristico Mormanno, the Miromagnum. Veterans of the tour in France, the Miromagnum are showing a promotional capacity worldwide unique.

martedì 14 luglio 2009



Was presented today at the Hall Gullo of the Palace of Culture, in Cosenza the "Parks in Blue".The service covers a new system implemented at the Park Sila, which, through cell phones, to have information about the region with over 70 thousand hectares. In particular, based on location, the devices send messages with useful information (opening hours of reception facilities, the dates of festivals and other events). The devices were designed and provided by the Cyber Computer, management consulting firm in IT and telecommunications, marketing leader within the neighborhood. "The proximity marketing via Bluetooth is a communications service that allows you to reach those who have a next-generation mobile phone (with bluetooth device) and is located near the point of deploying the service," said Maurizio Soccodato, director of Cyber Computer . In the case of Parco della Sila, the devices have been positioned to Camigliatello (in country and at the ski slopes), the Centers visits Cupone and Monaco, a village Palumbo and Lorica (headquarters of the Park and at the ski slopes). The idea is to offer services to the territory and absolutely free for tourists, making them available at the right time and right place. Ente Parco Nazionale della Sila has enthusiastically embraced this philosophy, becoming the first park in Italy to create and offer services to visitors at various locations bluetooth. Not only. The system is capable of self (ie without additional costs for public bodies) thanks to advertising. "The project has involved the Group Italtelo that we will support initiatives in the future" says the chairman of the Park, Sonia Ferrari and who has already confirmed the participation of national sponsors of the sports sector, interested in using this new model of communication. " Bluebox equipment can be installed adjacent to or within archaeological sites, museums, buildings of historical and architectural and parks. 'It is an opportunity for the South of Italy known for being a pilot of exceptional performance that we hope to export in other contexts, "says the chairman of the Park," a technology full of potential, both for users (who receive useful information and absolutely free) and for business silane which can provide greater visibility. " Indeed, the project is a real marketing tool "internal" Whereas allows the involvement of local businesses. Welcomed the participants was given by Maria Rosa Vuono, Assessor to economic and productive activities of the municipality of Cosenza, which demonstrates the sensitivity shown by the city in the initiatives promoted by the Park and who see in the capital of Cosenza a real door Parco della Sila al. The Director of the Park Laudato Michele has focused attention on the many initiatives already launched by (from Parks & Parks, National Review and Video on protected areas, the openings of several museums within the thematic area of Park), despite the installation of the president goes back to last March and staff has only recently been strengthened. Sila National Park The Park includes the areas already covered in the "historic" Parco Nazionale della Calabria (1968). Protect areas of significant environmental interest in small Sila, Sila Sila great and Greek for more than 70 thousand hectares. Promotes the maintenance and development of agro-forestry-pastoral traditional craft, sporting, gastronomic and tourism. Cyber Computer (Group FreeCode) Cyber Computer was founded in 1999 as a management consulting firm in the ICT sector. In 2001 was founded the division Research and Development (R & D). Thanks to the proximity marketing, the company starts to create a group specializing in innovative advertising channels and the FreeCode Group becomes the first national advertising channels such as kiosks, tobacco shops, beaches, sports stadiums and sports halls. At the end of the event, the components of Miromagnum rapporteurs presented a copy of their latest work "takes the tradition"

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