lunedì 25 luglio 2011

In Brazil, the "Fagona dance"!

Last Saturday we received from the friend Casali Luzia Helena de Moraes, the following video:

The dance that they wanted to do is "Fagona dance", ballo storico della nostra formazione, per i Miromagnum un ulteriore momento di vanto e di orgoglio. The dance was performed by the friends of the Grupo de Dança Folclórico Italian Tarantolato, Luiza Helena led from the friend in the city of Belo Horizonte (Brazil), during the event celebrating the birth of this city. Belo Horizonte, with its 2,438,526 inhabitants, is a city in southeastern Brazil, the state capital of Minas Gerais since 1897, when its construction was completed, the project of Aarão Reis. About 30% of the people of Belo Horizonte is Italian origin.

The group de Dança Folclórico Tarantolato Italian born in 2000, during the day of celebration for the city of Juiz de Fora, which recently celebrated its 150 year history.

Through Funalfa, organ of the local council, students, teachers and friends of the Italian culture have given rise to the group.

Demonstration of how the distances are and how insignificant Miromagnum through the work done in these 31 years, with the help of new technologies are always ahead. It seems a self-, not, are the facts that confirm this thesis!

Finally and not least featured photos of Bitburg

sabato 16 luglio 2011

At home, it's time to Xenia Foklore Festival ..

Dear friends, thank you first of all the many notes of praise received on the trip. For us it was a well receive a certificate of merit, but especially a way to enhance a given we were there representing all of you!
I will not dwell on the return trip, also because the video testimonies collected between components make about our emotions

A small note, after having brushed the latest salami, sausages screen headed this time by the beautiful blonde in Bitburg, the return journey continued without difficulty. Only in the last section, on the infamous A3 height Polla, the bus began to show signs of slowing down. It is true that at some point you could not exceed 50 km / h....

The youngest of Miromagnum, Marcello, he immediately understood that it was dirty petrol that somehow did not allow a proper fuel mixture. By common consent, we stopped, we waited for the mechanical support, we left filter changed.

A note on the Traffic Police who immediately Lagonegro has been active in stopping it in a safe area.

Finally we arrived in Mormanno, with a bit of nostalgia we said goodbye but we are ready and loads LTo at our new adventure. The twenty-first edition of Xenia Folklore Festival awaits us, burst tests and meetings. But all this does not frighten us, force Miromagnum

mercoledì 13 luglio 2011

Grand Gala of Miromagnum

12 Luglio 2012, Grand Gala of Miromagnum

The morning began to dawn Miromagnum, every 8.30 hours in the yard. Today was a morning of rest, the organization of the Festival gave us a number of good access to the "Cascade". Cascade is a sports complex with swimming pools, saunas, massage area, worthy of note throughout the Eifel region. We expect we will be endorsed in mass, to the astonishment almost all the members have decided to face the morning, doing a bit of cultural tourism.

We started with the visit of the city, the first thing that catches the eye is the complete absence of valves, each of us has asked the question "but the shutters of shops that did they go?" A difficult question to answer. We went walking back from Roberta, with great pleasure that we can say we have an ice cream tasted subliminal, not to mention coffee and cappuccino!

11 are made, we decided to return to Town Hall Square, on our way we come across a class visit to the asylum in the festival. About 30 children of all races beautiful. The eyes of those children, their happiness in seeing the groups did not perform in the price.

With Gianluca, you commented on the greatness of this nation, as only 70 years ago such a thing was unthinkable! Germany is a nation to be taken as a model, from the mistakes of the past has made ​​the most, with his action has raised plank and is now in the world. With nearly 86 million people, every day as proof of how you can build a better world. He does well with this festival!

It 'the time for the jelly, by mutual agreement it was decided to sample a German specialty you do in the restaurant Muller, perhaps the most characteristic of Bitburg. We tried:
• Saftschinken
• Gegrillter FleischKeiso
• Grillbreitwurst
• Grebe Mettwurst
• Sauerkraut Pitrec

Culinary Delights with fillet of beef, sauerkraut, mashed lighter and more accompanied by the Queen of Bitburg, beer! After lunch, lavish, we're all in front of the famous reprobate Bitburg Pils, headquarters of the brewery.

For the umpteenth time, Dolphin has been shown to know everyone, that every desire is to fulfill especially if it is an Italian group. It is true that, even though it was none of our planned visit to the factory, its only way of doing things has managed to put us in the daily tour groups. The appointment was at 12.45, waiting boasted one Bitburg Premium - Quality.
Among the other a drink, we felt a call and checked the windows of the factory is a flag with the flag. And 'Rita a German who married a Calabrese Reggio Calabria, who loves Italy and its history. Yet another reason to tell how some are more often the prejudices that divide us that the real differences.

The visit was very informative, explained that he was born Bitburg Beer, a leader in the production of beer in Germany, with its 226 years of history now exports around the world with over 3.5 million bottles a year. The spirit that hovers in the company is a spirit of innovation, research, professionalism and above all quality. We might like this company is based on territoriality and its quality, so you do not need the rest is considered unnecessary and thus is discarded.
Territoriality and quality: a winning combination. Bitburg Beer, could not exist without water as a product of Bitburg. Water is extracted from the ground at 300 meters with a history of more than 10,000 years, 10,000 years! We go to other carriers such as wheat and hops, these are all selected with the utmost care products in the area.

Let's go to the mark, as I said earlier in Germany is known as the symbol of the Mercedes, every twenty years is reused without this gradient is lost or content.

At the end of our visit we tasted in a living room with a thousand hits Bitburg various specialty beers. In short, a pearl of knowledge for the ultra Miromagnum.
After the visit, we are preparing to return to the hostel, to wear a costume and participate in the festival's closing gala. The first show took place in St Peter's Square, they have raised the Miromagnum experience and professionalism with some goodies, which applies when the secret, I can not tell you anything, Lucy would kill me ... I'm just saying there are fantastic ... ...

I forgot an anecdote recounted by a work in bronze placed in this square, Bitburg in 1500 was a crossroads of war. We are in the 30 years war, the Swedes besieged the city for almost ten years without being able not their intent. It seems the history of Athens and Sparta, just that the Trojan horse is brought to those who besiege and not vice versa. In order to bring supplies into the castle, the armed forces of Bitburg had invented a ruse. At the occurrence dressed in goat skins and simulated grazing in the recovery of the food. In doing so, and the Swedes retreated Bitburg was free!

At 21.00 the field we are again, ready to face our last goodbye to the German people. It 'been a growing, we started with a tarantella of pollen, for the second sholtz accompanied by a dance of the ear of the Russian electricity of desserts for a special greeting to the sound of the tarantella. The audience is ecstatic applause and compliments he held, that hardly forget.

At this point, I greet you, it's time to pack your bags we leave at 8.00 tomorrow for our beloved Italy.

FEstonia, no thanks!!!

11 Luglio 2011, Festonia, No grazie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As good Christians we know Sunday is the day dedicated to Lord. After breakfast the first task of the day was to attend the celebrations of the Holy Sunday Mass. Bitburg is a small town known to the center of the world, inside it is possible to find various churches, Catholic, Evangelical, Protestant any words for everyone, particularly unfortunate that this was not known at all! Wing near the town hall, is the headquarters of the Red Cross, where we have breakfast every morning, from these rooms I was given access to the Internet to publish the diary of this great adventure, I forgot to attached the municipal building c 'is a church dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

After exhausting attempts to try to publish the journal, I said it was time to meet fellow travelers and participate in Holy Mass with them. They were roughly the 9.20, I just came out I met the mayor who wanted to pay homage to a visit inside the town hall. The visit included detailed illustrations of the various rooms, the composition of the council, the council and many other things in an excellent Italian.

At the exit of the town hall, together we went to the church adjacent to town, but there is a strange thing happened. There were many groups, bands, but there were no Miromagnum. I waited a few minutes and went out, not just worrying about the Holy ... Mass was about to begin. The mayor, the groups, the guides were among the pews and Miromagnum seemed to be gone. I tried to contact Marcello, Luca, Lucia with this sms "Mass is about to begin, where you ?????........"

The total darkness no answer !!!!!!!!!!!!!

At one point I saw a couple of guys in the group in Estonia, with my English "Oxford" [cridicci] Ed, I asked if they were aware of some other place where groups ii could attend the celebration of the Holy Mass. After year-old adventures we finally realized that the church was the protestant and our "church" Catholic was about 4 km from the town ... ... with huge delay we arrived at church I, Hanuka and Tina.

a solemn mass to confirm the reception of the people, too bad that at some point in the ceremony, one of the altar boys got sick. Some of the most malignant allegedly drank late into the night with chirico, news difficult to confirm.

But let us seriously this time, at some point of the celebration we were invited to ascend the altar by the priest and we sang "Come, Caritas Life." Against all odds, a performance worthy of note. Solemn and moving moment came when he recalled Michael Francis, a friend who died prematurely in 2010, with a prayer. The excitement grew even more after the English Symphony Orchestra sang "The Circle of Life", the soundtrack of the film "Simba, The Lion." Well for all of us Francis was a lion and feel that music has reiterated that we miss you!

Soon after we stopped at the Stag Bar Gelateria, to greet us was a beautiful Venetian named Roberta. We recommend visiting! We have some pieces matching the Venetian, but we have seen the eyes of this crumble at the first notes of the famous song "O Sole Mio"! As a race we went to lunch, fashion show at 14.30.

We started our show on time, arrived at the first corner but the weather was inclement, the rain has ruined part of the festival. The organization, that organization, at one point appeared in a series of clear coats, anti-water. We have worn and in no time we recaptured the scene, all the groups involved in the parade with a series of sweeping tarantella. Even the rain failed to stop!

At the end of the parade, because we are finished, we refreshed with a hearty snack and a healthy invigorating shower. At 21.30 we returned by mutual agreement in the fiesta-plaz beer.

The evening seemed to be destined for a classical evening with friends, but no! Do you remember the couple with whom I shared the Estonian church looking lost? At some point, that Tina is her name, she approached me and asked if we could celebrate. I presented the proposal to Marcello who willingly accepted the idea. Roberto Leone with us, back in the direction of all housing in Estonia.

A minor detail: none of us asked how far it was their accommodation! We started to walk for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 minutes and still nothing! Lucia began to wish for the worst gastro penances, the Lions of Miromagnum, Carmine, Francesco Marcello and the Hard, seem ready to make me spit. But the best was yet to arrive, got to 35 * minutes of walking, driving German inhibits peremptorily Tina to officiate the festival. At this point the biggest problem and how to say to Lucy and company!

I asked them to wait on the road, John and I with Estonian children, to retrieve the nectar of Bitburg, beer.

Once we have recovered the supplies stuffed into a bus and reached plaz-new Fiesta, in short, we came to the point of departure. Meanwhile we left Lucy and company stopped at an intersection, a pity that the police were ready to arrest them for "iestime" night. Come rumors that the spit of the Lions is becoming sharper.

Finally, John Marcellus can tell, our new location. After a while 'allMiromagnum were reunited in a fiesta-plaz. To forgive us of what, hopefully, we discovered the river with beer! It seems that the remedy to work, at least I hope!!

At this point we can only celebrate with singing and dancing. Now it's one, like Cinderella's carriage in danger of losing in this case the bus. Climb all, the cry of "coach" The remedy of the beer has worked in a special way on the new parent company Alessi, and solar power as never before, this did come Bitburg's cheeks as red as those of Aidi.

Arrived at our youth hostel, You Phone, Nicholas proposes that "Italy House", what better way to celebrate than with Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, salami, sausages and much more?

I was writing the diary, so I hope you do not have to take revenge !!!!!!

The tests never end

“The tests never end”, Yesterday morning in the main square of Bitburg we celebrated in an unusual exchange of gifts. We would have expected a formal ceremony where the Mayor together with all institutions collect "the thousands of new" by the various ambassadors of peace in a completely formal. Again the nationality of Bitburg, I rate it establish an innovative way of welcome, a model with no frills but full of meaning. The exhibit was done by each group in the square next to the Museum of Beer and Dr. Joachim Randals mayor of the city, to spend ourselves on behalf of its guests.

4 * We were the group to be welcomed, the mayor in perfect Italian, not only introduced the group to its citizens by telling our story, but presented in Calabria, with the wisdom of our beauties. After the performance we delivered the letters to send greetings for the occasion by Mayor William Mormanno Armentano, with its license plate. Then it was time to present the Country Park with beautiful Pollino note sent by the president of the Pollino National Park Pappaterra Hon Dominic and finally very thing that makes us proud, a letter of Hon. Professor Regional Councillor Mario Caligiuri current culture. Taking anything away from old friends Dominic and William, who has always been our supporters, the letter from Hon. Caligiuri showed that the group as well as being always "ambassador of peace" is the undisputed spokesman of "culture and values."

I remind everyone that this is a festival Cioffi and 5 years were not invited Italian groups, due to some "excess leading role" on the part of our countrymen predecessors. Our task, in this case, as happened in Russia last year, there were 20 years but the reason was always the same, is twofold. Have to not only give the best of ourselves, but re-open a credit line for some "bischerello", to use the Dolphin, it was interrupted.

Even more motivated by this additional challenge, in the afternoon we "baptized" the stage of the Festival, we did dancing and singing with the children of Bitburg. You should have seen their faces, they danced to the sound of the tarantella, laughing. When asked "do you like?" The answer was always anticipated by a smile "yes. I love, Miromag --- num! "(Too difficult to pronounce in )

Finished we went to the heart of Bitburg, a curiosity about the city, small but important part of Germany. A survey carried out between the Germans put the mark of Bitburg in terms of knowledge of the first logo of Mercedes, impressive is not it? Returning to us by visiting the city with its many bars and restaurants on the promenade, with its flower boxes in the windows, the show is really fascinating. Walking along the course, with lots of homegrown pride we visited a young entrepreneur Mormannese, who emigrated from almost 13 years has been able to highlight his professionalism and construct a point of excellence, meeting not for the Italians, it would be too easy, but for the citizens of Bitburg.

His name is Roberto Leo! Roberto Bravo, with your professionalism and cordiality, from prestige to Mormanno and as such we can not Essert grateful! In almost forgot, the food is good but the coffee is better, so if any of you were in the area has a reason to visit him.

Also in costume through the streets of Bitburg, one can not but note the order and cleanliness, this shares some would say things for granted. The problem of separation, very hot topic in Italy, not only here to do, but let me tell you how ... but it is too long, I will only say that the glass containers have 3 White, Brown, Green. In some cases we have even one of these!

Between a drunk and another 20 were made to enter and we are ready to give life to the grand gala of the festival now in its 47 * edition. While the band sang the Bitburg national anthem we marched and sang, a moment of pride that fits in well with the 150 ° Unification of Italy. We talked before the mayor of Bitgurg Dr. Joachim randals and how it is operating, well after publishing our article "Next stop, Bitburg," has made copies and distributed among its citizens. Delfino, Roberto and many others getting the article followed the following comment "familiar with its history, both promote and share it with others and promote the study of others, in this case our own."

At about 22 we performed in Palatenda, with an audience full of people, "pecuraro" was made by the master! After the performance we started our visit to the various stands. Thousands of people were drinking beer, eating and joking, a little note: I did not see policemen, gendarmes to guard the square, if someone has lifted your elbow out of the square, almost symbolizing that he had missed an opportunity to be together.

Finally, the beers are poured into glasses, if any of these were dropped, unfortunately, does not expect the guy to pick it up steps to depose him in the special bays, the citizen who picks it up and takes him to the right place. Another good lesson in civics would say, too bad there for us this is no longer a subject of study!

Logbook - Bitburg 2011

Log Book - Bitburg 2011

Departure from Mormanno July 7, 2011

The adventure has begun!

At 14.00 we started on time! A crowded Piazza Umberto I of parents, it seemed the first day of school. For many of them is the first experience of their children abroad. Roberto, Alexandra, Vanessa, Veronica, Anthony, Charles Anthony, Carmine Marcello a nice group of young initiates to discover new cultures, traditions and music!

After a first stop at Sala Consilina, the caravan had caught his breath is about to reach Florence. There are many components that Miromagnum while working around Italy, the call can only answer "yes"! Strength: Anna, John, Louis can not wait to embrace you! The first to be embraced Anna and John were in Florence, then Luigi Parma. Louis, greeted us in the best possible way with the flavors of Emilia: Parmesan cheese and salami typical of Felino. For the drivers it was not hard to see where it was Louis!

During these first hours of trip we tried the excellent rice balls, made with Savaglio workforce by Mrs. [mother of Nicholas Alberti], muffins Concetta [mother of John / Charles], and the many delights of Mariella [Max's mother] all washed by an excellent red wine produced by Enzo Cerbino in the "Timpe" the roundabout. Michael, to divert, say the truth, to better control the situation due to the knowledge and tastes Calabrian made them feel "Caritas Street Life" instead of "veritas wine."

Arrived almost at the border, the pace of Chiasso was closed due to a landslide, the Miromagnum as tradition "did not give up" and decided to cross the mountain pass in a manner of our own. We tucked into one of those small mountain roads that you see when you look around in Italy. Reached the Swiss, we coasted Lucerne and its lake, a truly fascinating sight and we have recovered the last of Miromagnum, on holiday in Switzerland with his father, Antonio.

In Switzerland a little anecdote, the classic question "nothing to declare" Lucia replied: "sopressata 15, 5 and 4 loaves homemade sausages", you should have seen the eyes of customs officers, even more so after the clarification of the accordionist Roberto: "I am sopressata 16, 6 and 5 loaves homemade sausages, Mom ones you forgot. "

Crossing the Swiss have embarked on the German motorway towards Bitburg. A small note not only the A3 Salerno-Reggio Calabria's infamous is clogged. German motorway, 4 km in two hours, a time that is the envy of A3.

Finally after 26 hours of travel we arrived in the small but charming town of Bitburg. Immediately after getting refreshed with a revitalizing shower, we were greeted by family Gavilla Delfino, a Florentine who emigrated immediately made ​​us feel at home.

An event with a budget of more than 250 000 per year and that the number of tourists it produces more than twice, no doubt about a bell'investimento.

To forget the beer is good, do not talk about water, beer, beer and beer ... ..

To be continued….