lunedì 29 settembre 2008

Mormanno wins again...

Mormanno wins again, a festival of people salutes the victory in the second match with the town of Bibbona (LI). turning point in the race Saturday live on RAI 2 in the transmission "in Southern Family."

“. The square of Mormanno was the second time theater games, re-enactments of ancient traditions and crafts of vintage cars and folklore that skillfully blended by director, showed the national audience the colorful postcard to a place that an opportunity to better embodies the typical Calabrian.

The cyclone of the TV crew mormannesi now have become accustomed, the initial wary curiosity has now turned into a warm welcome to friends directors, engineers, technicians and especially the beautiful presenter demonstrating all well accept the hospitality and warmth of the people. Even for this time Mormanno therefore salutes the cumbersome but welcome caravan with a bye next week, and on greetings we can not fail to greet and thank the young mormannesi protagonists in the study of Rome from professor Domenico, a Giusy, Tania Armento, Lorena, Tania Fortunato, Anna Maria, Alessia and still Vincenzo, Eros, Antonio and our player Luke.

Among the notes of color, in addition to appearing wonderfulstressing the great participation and enthusiasm of the people in the square. To check the "riots" to the hoarding of the first row - towards the cameras - it had to resort to police, last bastion of composure, which finally capitulates also a temptation to vanity with ammiccanti glances to the camera. Life of the country, flavoring true glimpse of life among the many stories of "plastic" passing on TV: not just that we like this transmission?

mercoledì 17 settembre 2008

Mormanno: Join the transmission "in southern family" on RAI DUE, the group participates at Miromagnum ...

For this year Mormanno the task of carrying the imagine of Calabria in the challenges between the municipalities of "Southern Family", the popular transmission of Michael Look, broadcast on RAI 2 each Saturday and Sunday from 11.30 to 13.00 hours .
Already by Saturday and next Sunday it will light the powder to eliminate competition between Mormanno and San Pellegrino Terme (BG). The two municipalities will put in their "samples to be involved in tests of skill, strength, song and general culture.
In the competition the true intent of the transmission is to open a window on the colorful world of small Italian municipalities, small caskets and the last witnesses of the great wealth of landscapes, traditions, food, crafts and "genus italicus" true wealth of "Bel Paese".
The Assessor Zaccaria is happy spokesman of an entire community which sees his town chosen to represent not only a territory but an entire region. On the outcome of the challenge the assessor take refuge in a diplomatic "that's competition" even if it does not hide a cautious optimism trusting in the "aggressive crowds" of its citizens already tested successfully in the "Palio of Commons" transmission of the lucky TEN, showcases Cosenza municipalities.
The Mayor, Guglielmo Armentano, said a great opportunity for small Pollino to open to an audience of millions of viewers. I am sure, he says, that Mormanno will be in convincing the fascination and charm of its landscapes and its people; in the trust as an incomparable opportunity to promote tourism for Mormanno and for the entire territory of the National Park Pollino.
Mormanno challenge the town of San Pellegrino Terme (province of Bergamo) in the transmission "in southern Family RAI 2 on Saturday 20 and Sunday 21.
Each team will consist of 10 persons: 5 men and 5 women.
Our fellow citizens who will participate in the Games in studies of RAI Via Teulada are: Giusi Perrone, Lorena Armento, Anna Maria Feudo, Tania Armento, Tania Fortunato. Domenico Crea, Antonio Zaccaria, Eros D'Alessandro, Luca Perrone, Vincenzo Capalbo.
In the country, for direct links from the square will be present all the associations, businesses, traditions etc ...
In the episode on Saturday will perform:
1st link - Group Miromagnum with the "Dance of Russa Spica"
2nd link - Gastronomy represented by all of Mormanno;
3rd Relation - Crafts for hobbies - sailing ships of Francesco Minervini --
4th link - Game-potatoes
In Sunday's episode will perform:
1st link - Historical organized by the cultural "Comunalia",
2nd link - Presentation of a harvest time;
3rd Relation - Game of Basketball
4th link - Presentation of premarital serenade

giovedì 11 settembre 2008

Pepper Festival at Diamond ... Special Guest "The Miromagnum"

Academy of Pepper Diamond is pleased to announce the program dell'edizione 2008.
The Group Miromagnum participates at the Saturday evening 13/09/2008.
We expect many ......

lunedì 8 settembre 2008

The Association Miromagnum.... 2008

The Association Miromagnum, ( having operated on the territory since 1981, it has as performs principal the safeguard, our earth's promotion. The Group, during the years, you/he/she has always looked for of a dialogue to make among races possible, cultures, religions, different languages. We like to remember a part of the discourse pronounced by M.L. KING 28/08/1963 in front of the Memorial Lincoln of Washington D.C.,
“the children of those people that were enslaved once and the children of those people that once enslaved possedetteros will know how to sit together with the table of the brotherhood.”
We believe in this dream and the innumerable demonstrations to which the group has participated I am the reengagement of it.

Some inherent datum allattivit turns in this year.
-The number of the enrolled increased allassociaziones.
-Change and integration of the show, with new songs and dances.
-It modifies environment scenografico with supports multimediali.
-We have middly realized around 25 shows (national / Foreign) 1 every 15 days.
Demonstrations to be remembered:
-Taste of Calabria 500 Building (Florence)
-Palio of the Communes prize of the criticism
-IV Edizione of the Olympiads of the Traditional Games
-XXVIII edition of the international Festival of the Folklore of Soller, - enchanting situated town in the west north of the island in Majorca (Spain)
-XX Edizione of Calabria Festival.
Publications multimediali on the web (Italian / English). / miromagnum.
Innumerable collaborations with researchers / studious.

It doesn't deal with a confirmation of our Self, that of the one way to understand better our diversities, to appreciate her and from them to draw wealth of it. Someone ask him how is possible this? Personally we call there to an universal discipline that talks to the heart: the music, the dance, the poetry! So, really thanks to this code the Association Miromagnum promotes and his/her own Dna promulgates. At the end of every demonstration, of every festival winning n and won n are not had, but only people that believe and they share in principles, what: the respect of the next one and the exploitation of their traditions.
For an instant I would want that you analyzed with me the data of the last demonstration, integrally organized by the components of the Miromagnum, him understand still better the job taken place in the year 2008. In this edition been reported the history of the festival. In 20 years, this event, has entertained 96 groups coming from 48 different nations. This year have participated the friends of the:
§ Spain - Asociación Universitaria de Danza El Candil
§ Senegal - “AFRICA DJEMBE”
§ Italy - Gruppo folkloristico Miromagnum

Finally and not for last, during the evening delivers her/it You Edition of the International Prize “Il Faro” to the Amarelli of Rossano. The assigned prize every year to a Calabrian that him distinguished in the world for his work.
Speaking in the name of an association, the ancient pi among those present in the small suburb of Mormanno, is not able not to feel the responsibility, delivered of the inheritance you give me my predecessors. I think about the hundred components that you/they have allowed and they allow everything this, my thought goes to them to tell him “Thanks”.
To I address me to them to say that the run not yet concluded and so many are the ideas and the projects to realize.
In so far I renew the invitation:
To all those people which in the association are busy Miromagnum to keep on holding tall the honour of the group.
To all those people which have gotten further for varied motives but that they bring with if the sacred fire of the folklore to make before.
To all those people which want to feel a new rich adventure of appointment and satisfaction not to hesitate to contact us.
Some years ago the Foundation Naples 99 presided by the Dott.ssa Mirella Barracco launches a challenge to give back lifeblood to citt as Naples, Palermo etc, all will remember the slogan he/she Adopts a monument. Seen the positive results, we would want in the our small ripercorrere that road. This time instead of adopting a monument we would want that Public / Private subjects adopted a passage of our tradition, note adopts the tradition.
The dream that to create a containing casket a selection of the characteristic pious passages of our tradition, a dvd video, a photographic booklet. Every passage in partnership will be to an agency / corporate body. Through this tool we propose there as vectors for better making to appreciate our earth, our typical products and naturally the firms that produce them. Also in this case we take I sprout from who before us something of the kind has realized and you/he/she has brought in top the popular music “partenopea”. An example for everybody, the job served as Renzo Arbore and Italian Orchestra.
I wish me that you will give prominence to this moment of ours of pride and his cultural importance for the intrinsic value that the same one promotes. For the one that believes in this value as us, you could be a beautiful moment to find.

Con stima
Il presidente
Marcello Perrone
3356596102 – 3393459269

Closing XX edition Calabria Festival

Mormanno (CS) - August 11, the group Miromagnum, Mormanno, celebrated his birthday XXVIII and the twentieth anniversary of the "Calabria Festival" held its Monday August 11 with the participation of group folklorici from Spain, from Venezuela, Poland and Senegal. In these twenty years of festivals, children of Miromagnum well have hosted 96 teams from five continents. The spirit of Miromagnum, explain the same associates, is inherent in its name: "I see big", "I see far".

And to see ever more distant, young folkloristi have created a new event, accompanied by a multimedia theatrical choreography. To better appreciate the value of groups hosted were prepared brief postcards that have described the images through the places of origin. Among the most touching moments that in the Sixth edition of the international prize "Faro allocated this year to Amarelli Rossano, the award-winning manufacturer of licorice, led by Pina Amarelli. "I Miromagnum - says the president Marcello Perrone - have committed more years in the field of marketing and rerritoriale Amarelli in this area has no equal. With this award has wanted to establish a pact of cooperation for the promotion of our beloved land. "

The associations which are exhibited showing a remarkable success are the Asociación Universitaria de Danza El Candii - Spain, Associaciòn Folklorica Wazabara - Venezuela, the Group of Folk Songs and Dances "Zamojszczyzna" - Poland, Africa Djembe - Senegal. Folk Dance Ensemble Miromagnum has transformed its traditional show giving an unprecedented thanks to the daily, assumes that each component independently, according to its competence.

A total commitment that makes trasalire facing small controversy country. "We know - says the group Miromagnum - to produce an event of this kind require human and economic resources. Thanking in advance all those who participated with public and private contributions, we would say that the greatest burden of the event falls on components of Miromagnum. The clarification is due because the same association, which has a system of accounting, is not absolutely be exploited by chicchesia, as happened last year during a council meeting in September. There is much talk about a "Calabria nornale", by positive signals from this land ', we regret very much that no organ of the press has given a minimum of emphasis on the event, while having been alerted in time. It always speaks of loss of values, lack of reference, "Miromagnum" is a reference point for the entire community educating the younger generation to rules and shared values. Forgive the outburst, in our small continue to operate in what we believe, we hope that the next time we will have more luck. "

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