mercoledì 29 febbraio 2012

Welcome home Miromagnum

With great pleasure on behalf of the whole association Miromagnum I extend a warm welcome to:

  • Marsiglia Marcello: Marcello has already supported the work of the group, toured the world in 2011 in Germany by making a valuable contribution as "serraturu" and photographer.
  • Carmine Fasano: Stratta is a return, Carmine was already small folk art started and was the same father [former member] to introduce it in this field. He also attended the tour in germany and many were the evenings spent together .. Welcome goliardic
  • Antonio Augusto Forte: Double pride to have him at our result, first and foremost with him rafforzamo the ranks of musicians, with his "crazy accordion", and secondly because, not being an Mormannese has married our "cause", as well as in prior periods has done his master Enzo Cerbino. In Germany he was with us and there have been many adventures together ... first of all get him out of the Swiss!;-D

  • Claudia Olita: dynamics and solar girl she is the first experience with us, we will have fun. Welcome!

  • Christian Oliva: Original and eclectic girl, for she is the first time in Miromagnum, but carries the DNA of the founding fathers of the association! Christian speed ahead!!

  • Rosanna Laino: Figure of prestige for the association, an observer of relief that delights us with his pen of "emotions difficult to describe, easy to live" ... Besides being a friendly, sincere on which you can always count on.

Well what to say except to wish everyone a good job. Long live the Miromagnum forever!

venerdì 17 febbraio 2012

The combination of sport / nature of the Pollino National Park in 2012 BIT

With great pleasure the article sent to us directly from the public BIT 2012 by his friend Roberto Fittipaldi. In addition, the opportunity is tempting to wish all friends and Gianluca Fortunato "The archers of the lake" for the post received: The protected area of ​​Calabria and Basilicata will host, in 2013, the National Championship archery and "Archers of the Lake" will be the organizers of the event. Demonstration of how to achieve great things working on the Net!!

One more reason to "gloat" since the event were representatives Gianluca, Leontine and Francis Armentano that has always been and always active components of sarenno Miromagnum!

The combination of sport / nature of the Pollino National Park in 2012 BIT
The protected area of ​​Calabria and Basilicata will host, in 2013, the national championship in archery.

Milan - February 17, 2012 - This offer sport and nature in Pollino expands so as to accommodate, in 2013, the national championship in archery. The announcement was made this morning during a press conference by President of the National Park of Pollino, Domenico Pappaterra, the International Tourism Exchange, being held in Fiera Milano in Rho, which was also attended by the President of the Italian Federation of Archery Shoot Country (FIARC), Mauro He sent. Full support for the initiative has also been expressed by the Director General of the Department of Tourism Region of Calabria, and the president of Rio Raffaele Federparchi Calabria, Sonia Ferrari, president of the National Park of Sila presents this year, the tourism offer Parks and Marine Protected Areas in Calabria in a single exhibition space. The Pollino is present also in the institutional stand in the Basilicata region where Pappaterra and Vice President, Francis Flower, met the governor of Basilicata Vito De Filippo. The meeting also spoke with reporters Sergio Grifoni, President of Sports Federation National Guidance, discipline practiced for years in the woods of Pollino in the town of Saracena (CS).

The 2013 season of archery, a discipline that will soon be recognized by CONI, will be held in Mormanno (CS) where the company operates Archer Lake which is already working to prepare the best meetings in which hundreds of athletes will converge large and children. "Our federation has chosen the Pollino National Park and the community of Mormanno - said he sent - because ours is that activity as well as join multiple generations that compete simultaneously, combining the culture: the arch is, in fact, the first machine that man has endeavored to obtain the food. Our fire, which is not static, it goes with the environment to which athletes live fully the environment. "

Greater satisfaction with the choice made by FIARC was expressed by Pappaterra recalled that the peculiarities of the protected area of ​​Calabria and Basilicata already presented in the past year BIT and this year the Pollino National Park Authority has focused on tourism, outdoor already a very good actually suggesting, for example, which is practiced for rafting on the river Lao, over 40 thousand visitors from May to September. And then: Trekking, rafting and canyoning, climbing and free climbing, mountain biking and equestrian tourism, outdoor tourism for all tastes, in short. Pappaterra then recalled that in Senise, in Basilicata, in Europe's largest reservoir, the dam Montecotugno along the river Sinni Mormanno that you already play other national and inter-regional championships. The Vice President of the National Park of Pollino, Francesco Fiore expressed by the equation Sports-nature-environment that provides the Pollino. And if investigations show that more than 50% of athletes in sports in nature, the Pollino, summed Flower, is in perfect harmony with the dynamic significance of sport applied to the environment and the changing attitudes of athletes who go to places of natural following the guidelines health / wellness and nature / environment.

The Director of the Department of Tourism Region Calabria, Raffaele Rio reported that "the strategy embarked in 2010 to invest in some foreign countries seems to begin to yield positive results," but also that there is still work to the product and Mountain Parks. "Compared to this strategy - Rio has continued - the initiative of the Pollino is in perfect harmony with the offer that we are proposing." The Pollino, last year recorded a +38% to +44% and a foreign arrivals of foreign tourists.

The President of Federparchi Calabria, Sonia Ferrari has confirmed that the overall image of the Parks made through Federparchi "gives us greater visibility not only at the Bit" and recalled the crossing Silas Pollino that will take place from February 21 with sled dogs between the two parks.