domenica 26 giugno 2011

The Miromagnum on RAI UNO - Blue Line "of the Tyrrhenian Calabria Diamond"

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Along with Donatella Bianchi was presented Diamond with its mural, one of the main features of the "Cities of painted Italy", this small jewel of the Tyrrhenian Sea has been transformed into a charming open-air art gallery thanks to the countless masterpieces that enrich the different corners of the country.

From Cetraro Scalea, along the Tyrrhenian coast of Calabria fascinating: this was the trip of the fourth episode of Lineablu, aired Saturday, June 25 at 14.00 on RAI.

A wide Diamond, has sailed around the island of Cirencester, the smaller of the two islands of Calabria, to look at the watch towers and enjoy a crystal clear sea and untouched.

A Guardia Piemontese, the only island in the Occitan language of southern Italian, founded in the twelfth century Waldensian refugees from Piedmont, the meeting with a member of the community and find out customs and traditions of this small town in the province of Cosenza.

A Papasidero exploration of the cave of the hermit, one of the most interesting sites of the Paleolithic Italian and an exciting rafting tour along the turbulent waters of the river Lao.

Our journey will continue to Cetraro to visit the new marina, with over 500 berths, and a distinctive center of salted anchovies, red pepper in, in the center of the country.

of course when it comes to tradition could not miss "The Miromagnum" for years now a regular guest at the Chili Pepper Festival, as well as the group often delegated to represent the Academy on behalf of the Calabrian folklore chili

venerdì 24 giugno 2011


With great pleasure we publish the article that the Italian Federation of Popular Traditions is dedicated to his friend Michael Accurso founding member of the association Miromagnum bimonthly magazine "The folklore of Italy" - No. 3 May / June 201.MORMANNO (Cosenza) - The Folk Group "Miromagnum" to celebrate over 30 years of musical activities and achievements, historians will pay tribute to one of its components, a witness to these long years of folk and light. Michael Accurso in 1981 - along with a group of willing citizens who wish to perpetuate the traditions of their homeland - became part of the Association, assisting with his own creation. Right now he distinguished himself for his organizational skills, and gaining the trust of many holding positions within the board of directors of the group. Currently plays with great professionalism the office of treasurer, but his career is full of stages that have become part of the group's history. In 1994, in collaboration with other musicians of the "Miromagnum", affects the first collection of traditional music and songs mormannese; his talent stands out in this work as a soloist as well as a percussionist. In 1995, together with other members of the ensemble be convinced to create a nursery to ensure a generational change. He decides to run many children to respect the tradition and knowledge of their roots. Minifolk born. Today, many of them, now adults, have joined the big family "Miromagnum". Thanks to his experience and dedication, years later, the enthusiasm is still alive passed on to small parts of Minifolk wishing to undertake this journey. During his long career has crossed the stage in many plazas and theaters in Italy and the world. His expertise in music are no longer a mystery as that of the last effort "Miromagnum" the so-called "Adopt the Tradition", becomes an interpreter of some tracks and prepares the chorus, which has earned the unanimous as Head of the songs. Clever, innovative, dedicated always available, with great commitment and passion to every activity performed by the Association as' organization of the former "Calabria Festival" now "Xenia Festival", a historical event that each year hosts the Calabrian and sees folk groups performing rovenienti from around the world. Not coincidentally nicknamed "Uncle Michael," is a reference point for everyone, so you want to propose as a shining example of management and conviviality, fully embodying the spirit of the "Miromagnum".

Next stop: Bitburg (Germany) 07-13 July 2011

How many of you know all over the world are organized every year thousands of Festival of Folklore, each of these brings with it sacrifice, commitment, dedication to those who organized and who has the honor of being able to take part.

There are many international organizations that coordinate these events among the most important, we want to remember: CIOFF, IOV, WIPO. many others. Each of these organizations have a common goal, to say the motto of the noted anthropologist Lévi-Strauss's "Diversity is wealth" or to ensure that cultural differences are an element of social cohesion, enrichment and not division. The Festival of folklore as well as being excellent culture are flying along with dance, music, science and unique tools to make that the sole purpose of coexistence of the peoples of this earth.
Looking at the world around us, this vision seems so far away, almost falling into utopian so "romantic." But I wonder if there are all these Festivals, if for every nation there are thousands and thousands of organizations that advance these principles of identity and at the same time comparison, perhaps, these values ​​are not nearly as "discounted"
Only in Italy between bands and folk groups are almost at an altitude of one thousand, a 1.2 average on all 10 municipalities. A fact not to be underestimated! Demonstration of the awards have been had by these municipal associations on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of Italy.
This summer Miromagnum participate in one of the most important folklore festival organized by CIOFF in Europe, "Europäisches Folk Festival-2011". Bitburg is a town of 12,942 inhabitants in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. It is located 30 km north of the city of Trier, and in the south of the Massif of the Eifel, near the border with Luxembourg. A community with more than 2000 years of history. Bitburg has always been known for its beer production, it is true that the city's motto is "Bitte ein Bit!" (2).

Is also remembered by many for its history during the Second World War. In fact, from Bitburg began the western shoulder of the line by Nazi forces allied to the 82 ° and 101 ° Airborne (3). At the end of World War II, the city was razed to the ground. In 1965 the city under the control of Allied forces in France, was of strategic interest to NATO, was implanted in a short time one of the more important NATO bases airport in Europe. Its sale was in 1995 after the Gulf War.

At 40 years after the end of World War II, during the Cold War, Bitburg, returns to the headlines for the visit of the then Chancellor of Germany Helmut Kohl and U.S. President Ronald Reagan. This period is the forge of change, the events that short story are the first signs that the world is changing. In fact, in November 1984 at the White House, Reagan and Kohl launched a strong appeal to the sharing and collaboration. On the occasion of the G7, which was held in Bonn in 1985, the then West German Chancellor Helmut Kohl saw an opportunity to demonstrate the strong friendship that existed between Germany and its former enemy. Kohl, Reagan invited, to celebrate the 40 th anniversary of VE Day, paying tribute to the fallen at the cemetery near Bitburg Kolmeshöhe.

For more than a visit might seem like many, if not for the fact that within the cemetery, there were mostly Germans who fell among them 22 members of the feared Waffen-SS. In addition, Reagan's team previously had decided not to include a visit to the concentration camp of Bergen-Belsen, as previously suggested by Kohl, not to offend the hospitality of his friend.

Reagan and Kohl, adopted a position not popular, attracting the fury of the press, the ex-combatants on both sides, the international Jewish community, the likes of Frank Zappa, etc., but their vision went far beyond ... With their Decision foresaw what would be a little later success as the fall of the Berlin Wall [09/11/1990] and subsequent unification of Germany [03/10/1990]. On May 5, 1985, Reagan, Kohl and General Matthew Ridgway nonagenarian, who had commanded the 82nd Airborne, the commander of the Luftwaffe General Johannes Steinhoff furan witnesses and artisans of reconciliation between the two nations.

Reagan laid a wreath on the monument of the fallen, they were all standing at attention, the guard of honor with the trumpet sang the silence at the end, Steinhoff who was at the side of the President of the United States, and turned with a gesture protocol, shook my hand firmly in Ridgway happy in a true act of reconciliation. Reagan smiled and shook hands firmly to the General Steinhoff.

Since then many things have happened, the world has changed and Bitburg is remembered for that one drop of water that gave life to the peace process, never the place was more suited to hosting a Festival of Folklore.
As an association, "The Miromagnum", are preparing to live 7 to 13 July this new adventure with great attention to the history, culture of this people. Maybe between visits freshen up with a good beer!

martedì 14 giugno 2011

The "Derby of the Heart of Champions" on Rai Due!

Fresh news on the site of FITP,, the heart of the game on May 30 at which the Miromagnum group also participated:

"It will be broadcast Thursday, June 16, at 20:30, on RAI-2, the" Derby of the Heart of Champions "heldMonday, May 30 at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome. In the game of football for charity show there were aboutthirty folk groups Traditions of the Italian Federation that have paraded before the whistle and lively meeting,won by biancazzurri to 7-6 after penalty kicks (4-4 in 90 '). In the field also the national president, Benito Ripoli, who has worn the jersey of Rome. " To read the whole article click here

venerdì 10 giugno 2011

The Miromagnum attend the event - "a goal for Palestine"

Back in the field of the national soccer team of the Italian Federation of Folk Traditions. The folklore of the team led by President Benito Ripoli participate for the first time in the tournament's national solidarity "A goal for Palestine." The event, now in its fourth edition, is scheduled to Scarborough (Grosseto) at the Sports Center "Casa in Maremma. Appointment June 10 to 12. In addition to FITP, there will be eight other teams for a charity event: a project in collaboration with Diomira Travel, Soccer and Football Academy Seleçao Priests President Father Ibrahim Faltas, treasurer of the Holy Land. During the tournament will be held a few meetings to promote and present the project "build a soccer field in Bethlehem."

On the evening of Saturday, June 11 at dinner, an auction will be made with a mesh of players in Serie A and B (Milan, Juventus, Roma, Genoa, Sampdoria, Siena, Grosseto, Novara), personally signed for this tournament, the National Italian and many other items such as t-shirt celebrating the 4th tournament of national solidarity. The proceeds of this evening will be for the purchase of sports equipment to donate to the 400 children who are part of Football Academy (suits, race kit, balls, miscellaneous equipment). It will also be an opportunity to raise awareness of the new project to the participating teams to support the construction of the football field to Bethlehem to give a home to the Football Academy.

The participating teams will be nine, all over 35: St. Basil's Soccer Club, won the 2010 (from Roma); Football Club "My Friends" (from Turin), National Large Families (the 18 players in the team add up to 108 pink children) National Road Traffic Victims (from Ragusa), National Real Estate Agents, the National Italian Federation of Popular Traditions, the National Railway Workers DLF Grosseto; National Football Knights Templar (from Florence). It will also present the Italian Fashion Team, a team made up of girls who are active in TV and radio business of fashion coming from London with Captain Alice Nicoletti who will be attending the tournament, and during the dinner as guests.

The event was sponsored by the City of Scarborough, of Follonica and the Italian Football Federation, the federal president Giancarlo Abete.

With the support of arbitration binds UISP Diomira Travel and Casa di Grosseto in the Maremma.

The tournament will begin Saturday, June 11 starting at 10 am, with group A with group B at 14.30, and 17 with group C. In each group involved three teams they meet in round-robin tournament, the games will last 40 'minutes (20'minuti time) at the end of the first scheduled meeting will go into the final three teams always start at 10 am Sunday, June 12 . Diomira Cup Trophy to the winner

The program

Group A: June 11 beginning at 10:00

A - St Basil's Club Soccer

B - National Federation of Italian Traditions

C - FootBall Club "My Friends"

10.00 - San Basilio Soccer Club vs. National Federation of Italian Traditions

10.45 - Football Club vs loser My Friend A - B

11.30 am - My Friends Football Club vs winner A - B

Group B: start at 14.30-17,00

D - Large Families National E - F National Road Traffic Victims - the National Railway Workers DFL Grosseto

National vs. 14.30 Large Families National Road Traffic Victims

15.15 National DLF Railwaymen Grosseto vs loser D - E

15.55 pm National DLF Railwaymen winning Grosseto vs D - E

Group C: 17:00 to 19:30 starting

G - National Real Estate Agents H - Seleçao Priests Football "Friends"

I - National Knights Templar

At 17.00 National Real Estate Agents vs Seleçao Priests Football "Friends"

17.45 National Knights Templar vs loser G - H

National Knights Templar at 18.25 vs winner G - H

mercoledì 1 giugno 2011

Derby Video Game of the Olympic stadium with heart Miromagnum

the video with some of our testimony

A journey of a lifetime ...

A journey of a lifetime ...

For the umpteenth time, the solidarity of the Italians has found a fair point of synthesis, it is true that in the May 28/29: 100 between national parks and marine protected areas have embraced the initiative promoted by the Telethon Foundation for fundraising support of research.

A nice way to reaffirm the spirit of the 150th unit in Italy. A marathon without peer, starting from the park to the west of Val Grande reaches the extreme east dell'Alpi Julian, a journey of a thousand colors across the entire peninsula, passing through our parks Pollino, Sila and Serre until you get to the park Plemmirio in Sicily.

A nation united in the spirit of solidarity and research.

The initiative stems from a great insight of the President of the Foundation Telethon: Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, the President knows it has a style all his own, loves a challenge ... and wins! As well as on this occasion proved to be right.

In addition to the countless contributions received in support of the initiative, showed the beauty and intangible assets of our beautiful country, in a significant way the spirit of solidarity present in all Italian citizens.

Miromagnum Of course they could not make their contribution, so the call of the President of the Pollino National Park On Pappaterra now we equipped to be present and participate.


Over the last year Miromagnum to honor the memory of their dear friend who died prematurely have decided to dedicate the section of Minifolk to "Frank Perry". What better occasion than this to bring to the baptism of children Miromagnum

It 's so it was a memorable show, the children have performed with great professionalism. A meticulous work on the training of children brought to completion by Michael Accurso, Amalia Fortunato, Elvia De Luca, Manuela De Luca, Antonio Cosenza, Massimo Fortunato, John Minervini. There are around 50 children who belong to it. 
During the performance was illustrated by the history and achievements of research with the aid of Telethon. Direct evidence of the work of the foundation was brought by Dr. Salvatore Iaconis and shine young researcher of the CNR in Naples who has sought to stress how to deal Telethon "the study of rare genetic diseases, in most cases these diseases are not of interest for pharmaceutical companies, so the patient would be left without Telethon in a corner of a position of further trouble. "One more reason to push the collection! end of no small importance was the intervention of the Pollino National Park and the municipal administration headed by the Hon Pappaterra and Mayor William Armentano them credit for having organized in such a short time such a beautiful evening, not forgetting the many citizens mormannesi to encourage the collection that have been invented "the sandwich of happiness ..." with a good novel mormannese!

Well what about another moment of pride for the entire community!!!!!!!