sabato 4 agosto 2012

Future events with Miromagnum

After returning from the beautiful city of Sofia, the Miromagnum, comunicari have the pleasure of the next steps that will see us at the forefront in the promotion of our land and our history.


It starts Monday night in Lauria (Pz), will be an evening dedicated to the Pollino, a crossroads of peoples, in every corner where you can appreciate the spirit of Norman. at the eve of the Feast of the Assumption, the feast mormannesi very dear to us, true that over a thousand years, on this occasion the temporal and the spiritual are a synthesis with the exchange of keys to the city by the mayor, the bishop of Cassano, former Baron of Mormanno. The 14 we Senise (pcs). The double bond is seen that it was Hugh of Chiaromonte to give the Barons to the Bishop Sasso. Senise lies on a hillside, where the creek meets the river Serapotamo Sinni. The foundation of Senise dates from the First Empire, as evidenced by the remains of a villa at San Filippo. The discovery of tombs containing gold barbaric age, testifies, moreover, the presence Lombard, then the city was invaded by Goths and Saracens. The current center dates back to Norman rule, when a primitive castle was built at the bottom of the town in the dominance of the "Waterways". The story of Senise is, however, closely linked to the name of the Sanseverino of Chiaromonte, who moved to the Castle, which you can see parts of the perimeter walls and towers, in a higher position, so that the fabric of the city occupied the entire hill, forming a triangle, defined by the river downstream Serapotamo and the sides by two deep valleys, great natural defenses. The town began to develop favoring the morphology of the territory, forming one of the largest historical centers for extension of Lucania. Finally, we will be at 16 Mormanno not know anything .... I anticipate, "with us the emotions are hard to describe but easy to live" is waiting for Mormanno


lunedì 4 giugno 2012

Congratulations to the new family, Louis and Maura just married!

Congratulations to the new family, Louis and Maura yesterday became husband and wife. A whole Mormanno Party has welcomed the young couple, best wishes from all Miromagnum .... Greetings, greetings cards we hope that your result may come as soon as possible new folklorists.

sabato 2 giugno 2012

On 10 June, along with the archers of the lake

It 's time, that offer synergies and collaborations between organizations, enterprises, public institutions. Especially in times like these 'difficult to take network. As if this Miromagnum and the line will be there always, we wait for this Sunday 10 at the lake! hasten numerous....

venerdì 25 maggio 2012

The tradition becomes Olympiad

Dear friends, as well as quotes the "Manual of folklore" the game, especially that experienced outside in sharing with others and 'an excellent tool to promote values ​​such as legality, solidarity, self-denial ... Task each of us and 'to promote it in any form. The game 'a formative moment. It becomes even more if this is done by young boys on tradition, well then you are the UISP for the seventh consecutive year, has organized this event where the game of our fathers is shared with the young Web 2.0 era! Tell you that we will be there, albeit with a representation, not in costume, with his friends "thieves of light," we are waiting!

domenica 20 maggio 2012

We will be there, with our president to testify ......

This post FITP of "Back to the National Football field FITP. In this new release, the team of folklore pays tribute to Pope John Paul II, in the calendar of events" Karol ... one of us ", wanted to celebrate the anniversary of the pastoral visit to San Giovanni Rotondo, which occurred May 23, 1987. The event is scheduled for Sunday, May 20, at 18, at the municipal stadium "mass" center of Gargano.

The Heart of the Game will feature the National FITP, the Representative Town of San Giovanni Rotondo, the team 'School mafia' and the National VIP All Stars. Among the ranks of that team will play, among others, Loris Stecca, Vincenzo Maenza, Raphael Dodge, Marco Gori and Francesco Benigno.

Benigno (famous for his roles in fillm Palermo-Milan One Way, The Octopus 7 e and the TV series with Raoul Bova Last, in which dressed the role of trust "Asp") has been the ambassador for the presentation of the event "a Karol ... us ", held in the cloister communal" Fiorentino ". A full program of events that San Giovanni Rotondo will host 19 to 24 May. Many musical events, cultural and sporting events in honor of Blessed John Paul II, culminating in the final night of May 24 with the awarding of the Prize "Karol ... one of us", the prestigious award that will be delivered to some famous people who have taken teaching in their work by the spiritual message of Pope Wojtyla.

At the presentation, as well as the national president of Benigno and FITP, Benito Ripoli, who has personally met Pope John Paul II in 1986, was attended by the mayor of San Giovanni Rotondo, Louis Pompilio and Nino Capobianco, coordinator of the Industry of Ideas, organizer the event. "

In our opinion, since the tragic event that has affected the entire nation, perhaps it would be appropriate to postpone it, we asked our President, Marcello Perrone, propose to the organizers of the movement if it can not, will be essential

Witnessing the closeness with distinctive mourning. Friends, never as in this moment and 'essential to resume the discussion on the culture of legality. "KAROL" approve, we all remember the anathema against the Mafia after the assassination of Falcone and the men of his security service!

domenica 13 maggio 2012

Greetings from Miromagnum mothers

Greetings from Miromagnum mothers. "the hand that pushes the cradle, holding the world"

mercoledì 2 maggio 2012

Folklore and spirituality Madonna chain

Two moments of folklore alive, heard, participated. The output of the patron saint of Calabria, San Francesco di Paola to Cosenza (May 20) and this morning when a procession of Our Lady of the chain Mormanno. A tradition that has existed for hundreds of years, back in the small Eramo Mormanno and 'a fascinating and unforgettable experience, I recommend you try it! Do not disperse these assets!

sabato 7 aprile 2012

Happy Easter to all!

Happy Easter to all!
Dear friends, on behalf of all Miromagnum I want to wish you a Happy Easter. Easter for the Christians' celebration of their faith, we hope will be for all of you, Catholics, Protestants, Orthodox, Jews, Buddhists, Muslims encounter in a time of universal peace. San Francesco di Paola, Calabria ilustre, often forgotten, said "the most 'great treasure that man has and' peace '. Too bad that they are just the simple tips that are easily forgotten .... Happy Easter to all!

lunedì 5 marzo 2012

I want to return

As you know the Miromagnum are not just folklore, but they love to be guardians of their land, they do so by promoting initiatives such as that shown by the other Friday tarsmissione "Caterpillar" on Radio2.

Let me refer you to the initiative taken by two young and talented Calabresi. Their names are Valentina Dessi and Domenico Rota, two beautiful "brains" with their knowledge are able to distinguish itself nationally and beyond. Their idea, simple and immediate: "I want to go", this is the cartouche of their recognition. The interesting thing is in how?

I personally think that this idea should be encouraged, promoted and enriched human contributions and above all professional. I firmly believe that the whole country needs lifeblood you with food ideas, for this reason I want to invite you to look at the attached press release and interview aired on 02/03/2012 on RADIO2 - "Caterpillar "(1.30 to 7 th minute).
On 24 March, held a conference presentation Castrovillari, I personally have already joined the initiative. I believe that everyone should contribute and ask in a different light. We want and we need to change the face of this earth and to do that we must focus on excellence, networking, innovation!

You will not steal more precious time, I want to wish you a good job, I hope soon to hear from you.

you to their press release:
It is the brainchild of Valentina Dessi and Domenico Rota iovogliotornare.

This movement wants to create a climate of living exchange of energies, a chain of people who keep nutritesi elsewhere in specific territorial identity if they want to return to deal with.

The idea is to collect the data of those who went away and create a great community that can bring together innovative proposals to share and bring to their cities of origin.

She project will be developed in three phases: the first consists in the elaboration of data and profiles collected by the census, using the questions through a form on the home page of the site, the second phase involves the creation of regional networks consist of all professional counted, and finally the third stage sees the collection of project proposals and their promotion.

We want to give a sense of vitality to our active common with them and create a bridge of dialogue and proposals.

The project is directed towards those who have the desire to return actively to their place, or they simply want to make themselves available to their places.

We want to be a movement that comes from active participation and the desire to get together to give new impetus to the democratic life of our country and then asks for a comparison with the realities of local government.

we are waiting on

mercoledì 29 febbraio 2012

Welcome home Miromagnum

With great pleasure on behalf of the whole association Miromagnum I extend a warm welcome to:

  • Marsiglia Marcello: Marcello has already supported the work of the group, toured the world in 2011 in Germany by making a valuable contribution as "serraturu" and photographer.
  • Carmine Fasano: Stratta is a return, Carmine was already small folk art started and was the same father [former member] to introduce it in this field. He also attended the tour in germany and many were the evenings spent together .. Welcome goliardic
  • Antonio Augusto Forte: Double pride to have him at our result, first and foremost with him rafforzamo the ranks of musicians, with his "crazy accordion", and secondly because, not being an Mormannese has married our "cause", as well as in prior periods has done his master Enzo Cerbino. In Germany he was with us and there have been many adventures together ... first of all get him out of the Swiss!;-D

  • Claudia Olita: dynamics and solar girl she is the first experience with us, we will have fun. Welcome!

  • Christian Oliva: Original and eclectic girl, for she is the first time in Miromagnum, but carries the DNA of the founding fathers of the association! Christian speed ahead!!

  • Rosanna Laino: Figure of prestige for the association, an observer of relief that delights us with his pen of "emotions difficult to describe, easy to live" ... Besides being a friendly, sincere on which you can always count on.

Well what to say except to wish everyone a good job. Long live the Miromagnum forever!

venerdì 17 febbraio 2012

The combination of sport / nature of the Pollino National Park in 2012 BIT

With great pleasure the article sent to us directly from the public BIT 2012 by his friend Roberto Fittipaldi. In addition, the opportunity is tempting to wish all friends and Gianluca Fortunato "The archers of the lake" for the post received: The protected area of ​​Calabria and Basilicata will host, in 2013, the National Championship archery and "Archers of the Lake" will be the organizers of the event. Demonstration of how to achieve great things working on the Net!!

One more reason to "gloat" since the event were representatives Gianluca, Leontine and Francis Armentano that has always been and always active components of sarenno Miromagnum!

The combination of sport / nature of the Pollino National Park in 2012 BIT
The protected area of ​​Calabria and Basilicata will host, in 2013, the national championship in archery.

Milan - February 17, 2012 - This offer sport and nature in Pollino expands so as to accommodate, in 2013, the national championship in archery. The announcement was made this morning during a press conference by President of the National Park of Pollino, Domenico Pappaterra, the International Tourism Exchange, being held in Fiera Milano in Rho, which was also attended by the President of the Italian Federation of Archery Shoot Country (FIARC), Mauro He sent. Full support for the initiative has also been expressed by the Director General of the Department of Tourism Region of Calabria, and the president of Rio Raffaele Federparchi Calabria, Sonia Ferrari, president of the National Park of Sila presents this year, the tourism offer Parks and Marine Protected Areas in Calabria in a single exhibition space. The Pollino is present also in the institutional stand in the Basilicata region where Pappaterra and Vice President, Francis Flower, met the governor of Basilicata Vito De Filippo. The meeting also spoke with reporters Sergio Grifoni, President of Sports Federation National Guidance, discipline practiced for years in the woods of Pollino in the town of Saracena (CS).

The 2013 season of archery, a discipline that will soon be recognized by CONI, will be held in Mormanno (CS) where the company operates Archer Lake which is already working to prepare the best meetings in which hundreds of athletes will converge large and children. "Our federation has chosen the Pollino National Park and the community of Mormanno - said he sent - because ours is that activity as well as join multiple generations that compete simultaneously, combining the culture: the arch is, in fact, the first machine that man has endeavored to obtain the food. Our fire, which is not static, it goes with the environment to which athletes live fully the environment. "

Greater satisfaction with the choice made by FIARC was expressed by Pappaterra recalled that the peculiarities of the protected area of ​​Calabria and Basilicata already presented in the past year BIT and this year the Pollino National Park Authority has focused on tourism, outdoor already a very good actually suggesting, for example, which is practiced for rafting on the river Lao, over 40 thousand visitors from May to September. And then: Trekking, rafting and canyoning, climbing and free climbing, mountain biking and equestrian tourism, outdoor tourism for all tastes, in short. Pappaterra then recalled that in Senise, in Basilicata, in Europe's largest reservoir, the dam Montecotugno along the river Sinni Mormanno that you already play other national and inter-regional championships. The Vice President of the National Park of Pollino, Francesco Fiore expressed by the equation Sports-nature-environment that provides the Pollino. And if investigations show that more than 50% of athletes in sports in nature, the Pollino, summed Flower, is in perfect harmony with the dynamic significance of sport applied to the environment and the changing attitudes of athletes who go to places of natural following the guidelines health / wellness and nature / environment.

The Director of the Department of Tourism Region Calabria, Raffaele Rio reported that "the strategy embarked in 2010 to invest in some foreign countries seems to begin to yield positive results," but also that there is still work to the product and Mountain Parks. "Compared to this strategy - Rio has continued - the initiative of the Pollino is in perfect harmony with the offer that we are proposing." The Pollino, last year recorded a +38% to +44% and a foreign arrivals of foreign tourists.

The President of Federparchi Calabria, Sonia Ferrari has confirmed that the overall image of the Parks made through Federparchi "gives us greater visibility not only at the Bit" and recalled the crossing Silas Pollino that will take place from February 21 with sled dogs between the two parks.


venerdì 27 gennaio 2012

New CEO National Youth section: Gianluca Marsiglia

Luca Marsiglia - Orchestra Miromagnum "La tradizione per la vita"
Congratulations to Gianluca Marsiglia, friends Luke, for the appointment conferred by the IOV Italy. Miromagnum I wish him great luck!

Mormanno, January 25, 2012

Dear friends,
It is with great pleasure that I inform you that the January 22, 2012 meeting of the Italian Section IOV (International Organization Art and Popular Culture), chaired by Mr. Fabrizio Cattaneo, has decided to set the next target change the status of IOV Italy, considering starting a youth section (IOV Youth), with related regulations and fees. By unanimous vote, has also appointed me as representative of the Italian section IOV for the next World Youth Assembly to be held in Stockholm, Sweden, 25 to 29 June 2012.

With this I appeal to all young people, in whatever way they see fit, want to collaborate on the project of construction of the section and to its development and that, once operational, will stand for his work both nationally and internationally. First of all I want to emphasize the goals of the international organization and the Italian section, which must not be put in contrast with other federations and / or agencies in the area. As per the statutes, which I quote in full, IOV objectives are: To encourage the preservation, protection and promotion of art and popular culture, material and immaterial, to promote the objectives of the United Nations (UN) to contribute to the education and preservation of cultural identity of all peoples and nations and in so doing, promote international understanding and world peace, considering the growing role of science and scientific results achieved by encouraging IOV their goals and apply valid and proven methods of scientific analysis to study and preservation of cultural programs and activities, both national and international promotion of the 2003 Convention on the protection of intangible cultural heritage, together with the Organization of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) on projects and programs of mutual benefit and interest to assist in the implementation of the UNESCO 2003 Convention on Intangible Cultural Heritage, experts in the field by providing both the national, regional and local levels, support the efforts of the ethnic communities to preserve and protect their popular culture, to support programs that encourage young people in ethnic communities to identify young people prepared to develop and strengthen the cultural identity of and for the youth and to promote cultural identity, the continuity of traditions and strengthen cultural identity.
I would like to mention the phrase on our calendar of Folklore Festival 2012: "We are the youth of today, looking back and moving forward" (we are the youth of today, looking back and going forward); perfect phrase to describe what will become the national section IOV youth, will be our motto!

The entries for the current year IOV Italy are open (mode and registration forms available on the website; need of young people with ideas, proposals, with so much energy and desire to work in our area, so I invite you to contact us for any clarification. 

Remembrance Day: lest we forget ...

Memorial Day is a celebration established by the Italian Parliament with Law 211 of July 20, 2000. Italy has thus joined the international proposal to declare January 27 as a day commemorating the victims of National Socialism and Fascism, the Holocaust and to honor those who risked their lives have protected the persecuted.

The text of Article 1 of the Act defines the purpose of Memorial Day:

"The Italian Republic recognizes the 27th day of January, when the gates of Auschwitz," Memorial Day "in order to remember the Shoah (extermination of the Jewish people), the racial laws, the persecution of Italian Jewish citizens, the Italians who suffered deportation, imprisonment, death, and those who, in different fields and camps, have opposed the project of extermination, and the risk of their lives they have saved more lives and protected the persecuted. »

Never before in these times of economic and social difficulties is essential to remember what man can do against his fellow man. Never before in these moments need to invite everyone to social cohesion, to a man's universal vision. It is necessary that all, repeat all of us face adversity without sterile popolusmi the many who daily live. The Foklore is definitely a tool to support this philosophy, vision. The groups around the world with their actions allow you to immortalize the memory and at the same time are a teaching tool for future generations so that phenomena such as the Holocaust, Holocaust denial, racism be defeated not by a legal ban but by a cultural approach that condemns any form or ideology, doing so will avoid a possible recurrence in the times we live in today ...

Dear friends of foklore please do not forget ...
not to be missed this evening at 21.10 on La7d

giovedì 26 gennaio 2012

Service video TG-Ten: Miromagnum groups

Service video of WDI TG-Ten aired yesterday at 19.30, Group Fokloristico Miromagnum of Corso Mazzini to support the economy! minute 22:40

TG TEN 01/26/2012

Ten of the 26 January 2012 TG TG ten times 08:00 14:30 17:00 19:30 22:30 TEN - Teleuropa Network TV Live Stream of Calabria

Good see!

mercoledì 25 gennaio 2012

"an elephant in a glass wall" - The event Miromagnum participate

Last night at the invitation of President of the Pollino National Park Miromagnum have actively participated in the meeting convened by Ente goal: "Making the network to create a great event for the Territory," The Miromagnum, on behalf of the President Marcello Perrone, have fully willingness to work in this direction. With the establishment of a permanent work table for the implementation of the proposed project. It should be noted that the idea for some time, was married, as a method by Miromagnum, it is true that the Xenia Folklore Festival 2011 has been fully characterized on a shared schedule between public, private associations. The table already has a starting point, in fact, although many challenges, Gerardo Bonifitati presented a Budget which shows the maximum temporal and territorial scope of the event. In the coming days, the board consists of the various administrations and presidents of the participating groups will have to turn the idea into a project viable and attractive. The goal that arises is to be able to compete for the award of the ROP regional events. The deadline is in less than a month, every participant has the obligation to pool their efforts, leaving sterile parochialism, everyone will have to leave on the table some of their autonomy in the name of cooperation. A warning, "rejected the proposal, the proposal stated," This is the only rule that will follow the design process! Mind you friends if we were to lose this train I'm afraid it will be difficult to review foklore prestigious Festival of the territory .... Next to work!

CASTROVILLARI - He knows you want to make a difficult task, which compares to the passage of "an elephant in a glass wall," but Dominic Pappaterra a unique event in the folklore of the Pollino we always believed. And "for the formal part" that pertains to him tried, tonight, at the same table to put the twelve municipalities in the district, their proloco, and representatives of major groups of folk traditions that have made their passion for life. But despite the good intentions and assumptions made, some stomach ache he felt the meeting. Especially in some of these associations. Not all, but a few. But this is the signal that if the underlying principles should combine the folklore around here, unfortunately, there are still many parochialism and "sovereignty" - as he calls the president of the Park Pappaterra - which many are related and to whom perhaps it will be difficult to understand that to achieve a "great event" must give up something as well. To the states general of the folklore of the Pollino, commissioned by Dominic Pappaterra, everything the right way is not gone. But the president confesses, closing the meeting, however, that "encourages us to work," he expected "that went a lot worse." He is a man who knows the territory well some "scale" in relations and in the ways of the local folklore of the men who made history. And they are, among other things, that "expertise" on which Pappaterra want to aim for " Pollino to nominate a great event of folklore. "The recipe is easily stated in the introduction of an appointment to see the greatest exponents, institutional and folklore of the area, all in the same room." We must put a little willingness "to avoid" pulverize resources' at risk not to help "no event." And then there is the watchful eye of the Region of Calabria, with its ban on "big events" that may be to optimize the resource for all in terms of institutional and economic. Need a short proposal that "involves the whole" and that allows to "build a path that we can see fully involved." All in good conditions. And for the institutional part, beyond just a few of the right method and organization (by the town of Morano, with the assessor rating, and the town of Frascineto, with the commissioner Sancineto), all seem to agree on principles and on the initiative. dissonant voices are heard by the stronger Morano per site, with Nicola Fuscaldo, and the leader of "City of Castrovillari," Anthony Notaro, but also with the ever-present Leonardo D'Agostino.
They are the ones who do not like being with a proposal, signed by Gerardo Bonifati already made and ready-made. And while the former will remain until the end, continuing to challenge you have arrived at a meeting with a project already defined, the second, after his speech "critical" will leave the assembly. will remain, providing a starting point different reading (can-) instead Marcello Perrone, Tonino La Rocca, Remo Chiappetta, to which the President Pappaterra tributerà also his praise for the "availability" declared to try to stay together on this idea of ​​a unitary event. It will then be the same Gerard Bonifati, but before him the president Pappatera, to underline how the proposal is "a trace" of which you do not want to have "management." relies on the fact the "technical committee" that will be here in a month if there are grounds to reason together on a great event in the local folklore. Pappaterra attempts to retract the controversy in the bed of a discussion of principle. Castrovillari The mayor, alderman present along Vineyard, tries to emphasis on the "identity of the park that is also cultural." And try to smooth the edges of a discussion that is too confining "in their own particular 'is that, if you will, this proposal from the Park is" a political challenge in the noble sense of the word. "Folklore, in short, can become a great tourist attratore, supported by public funds that go in the direction of" territoriality "and" innovation ", if only everyone will understand that it is indeed" the vocation of this area ". Folklore from the tower area. The difficult challenge to network Written by Vincent Alvaro January 24, 2012

lunedì 16 gennaio 2012

Ciao Zio Anto! (Honorary President Miromagnum Group's)

Yesterday was one of those Sundays, which inspired "Chiazza talk to ..." in short, one of those days where it's worth and the desire to live in Mormanno. One of those Sundays when passing through the narrow streets of the beloved village still feel the scents and authentic values​​. This lovely day will always be marked and will mark our history. After lunch he fell asleep in an eternal sleep, one of our founding fathers. He was the uncle of all, our Honorary President, Antonio Perrone Ndonio Zu. I remember the countless experiences of our many trips. Ever watchful and attentive to every thing, was the Uncle of all, on him you could always refer to. He loved the folklore of his life more, even in recent years in which health was fading there was no opportunity to demonstrate the closeness to the group, this summer I remember saying "I want the Green Festival, I left an hour first with my Lady .... I will stop ... but I am not worry! "At the next festival, the next departure to the next show there will be more physically. I'm sure you've been accepted in the highest, with the honors you deserve, knowing you, you have already closed a deal on here also want to be with your grandchildren's Miromagnum!. I'm sure! I must say I miss you already heard, but we will endure thanks to the faith and love that you taught us. I'll leave you with a poem written by your dear friend Carmine Sola.
"Murmannu meju Murmannu
porta di la Calabria
vurria ristà cu tia, pi tuttu l'annu
vurria ristà cu tia, pi tuttu l'annu...

You'll be forever in the heart of your beloved Mormanno!
Ciao Zio Anto!

venerdì 13 gennaio 2012

The Miromagnum in support of trade and work in Cosenza January 21

The Miromagnum have married in the full proposal of the Mayor of Cosenza, Mario Occhiuto Arch and give their contribution for the city of Bruzi can accommodate the most guests. A commendable initiative to better live the city of Cosenza, but at the same time to highlight how the social-economic crisis you quit just need a spirit of collaboration and creativity. A vision of this kind implies not only a quantum leap in the thinking of everyone but a new regional strategy dedicated to cooperation, where the suburbs and work in unison urban area. The Miromagnum for about 5 years actively collaborate with the city of Bruzi, we hope that with our contribution could be strengthened further strengthen the bond that already exists.

About the idea of the Councillor for Urban Economic Growth Luciano Vineyard that with his speech to stress the compliance of the project to one of the objectives of the Administration, to promote more traditional and clear purpose of Corso Mazzini. "Waiting for the next approval of regional legislation on-Vine says - it is the will of the municipal submit integrated projects to support business and obtain recognition of the main commercial center of the city as natural."
a voi i programma dei prossimi giorni
Venerdi 13 gennaio
18.00-20.00 Esibizione musicale- Piazza XI Settembre

Sabato 14 gennaio
09.00-13.00 Lavorazioni artistiche a cura dell’Istituto Mancini – Piazza XI Settembre
16.00-18.00 Laboratori creativi a cura della Città dei ragazzi – Piazza Kennedy
16.00-18.00 Lavorazioni artistiche a cura dell’Istituto Mancini – Piazza XI Settembre
16.30-18.30 Performance teatrale “I love shopping” – Isola pedonale

Domenica 15 gennaio

11.00-13.00 Nevis & Asia - la magia e la neve – Piazza XI Settembre
11.00-13.00 Classicamente corso Mazzini – Piazza Kennedy
18.00-20.00 Ragapelli Bros in concerto- Piazza XI Settembre
18.00-20.00 Esibizione tango (ballerini e musicisti) – Piazza Kennedy

Venerdi 20 gennaio
18.00-20.00 Unatantum live band in concerto - Piazza Kennedy

Sabato 21 gennaio
11.30 – 13.00 Breack dance con Dark Souls Crew – Piazza XI Settembre
18.00-20.00 Gruppo folcloristico itinerante Miromagnum- Isola pedonale

Domenica 22 gennaio
11.00-13.00 Nevis & Asia - la magia in piazza – Piazza Kennedy
11.00-13.00 Performance musicale – Piazza XI Settembre
18.30-19.30 Musica e moda – Piazza XI Settembre
18.00-20.00 Chitarre in concerto - Piazza Kennedy

Venerdi 27 gennaio

18.00-20.00 Sonià e la sua band - Piazza XI Settembre

Sabato 28 gennaio
11.00–13.00 Deejay story– Piazza Kennedy
16.00-18.00 Laboratori creativi a cura della Città dei ragazzi – Piazza Kennedy
18.00-19.00 Urban style – Isola pedonale
18.00-20.00 Na’im Concerto etnico-jazz - Piazza XI Settembre

Domenica 29 gennaio
11.00-13.00 Nevis & Asia - la magia e le bolle – Piazza Kennedy
11.00-13.00 Latino dance – Piazza XI Settembre
18.00-20.00 Mimmo Palermo e Giancarlo Pagano in concerto - Piazza Kennedy
18.00-20.00 Spettacolo con clown, trampoliere, caricature - Isola pedonale
vi aspettiamo numerosi