domenica 20 maggio 2012

We will be there, with our president to testify ......

This post FITP of "Back to the National Football field FITP. In this new release, the team of folklore pays tribute to Pope John Paul II, in the calendar of events" Karol ... one of us ", wanted to celebrate the anniversary of the pastoral visit to San Giovanni Rotondo, which occurred May 23, 1987. The event is scheduled for Sunday, May 20, at 18, at the municipal stadium "mass" center of Gargano.

The Heart of the Game will feature the National FITP, the Representative Town of San Giovanni Rotondo, the team 'School mafia' and the National VIP All Stars. Among the ranks of that team will play, among others, Loris Stecca, Vincenzo Maenza, Raphael Dodge, Marco Gori and Francesco Benigno.

Benigno (famous for his roles in fillm Palermo-Milan One Way, The Octopus 7 e and the TV series with Raoul Bova Last, in which dressed the role of trust "Asp") has been the ambassador for the presentation of the event "a Karol ... us ", held in the cloister communal" Fiorentino ". A full program of events that San Giovanni Rotondo will host 19 to 24 May. Many musical events, cultural and sporting events in honor of Blessed John Paul II, culminating in the final night of May 24 with the awarding of the Prize "Karol ... one of us", the prestigious award that will be delivered to some famous people who have taken teaching in their work by the spiritual message of Pope Wojtyla.

At the presentation, as well as the national president of Benigno and FITP, Benito Ripoli, who has personally met Pope John Paul II in 1986, was attended by the mayor of San Giovanni Rotondo, Louis Pompilio and Nino Capobianco, coordinator of the Industry of Ideas, organizer the event. "

In our opinion, since the tragic event that has affected the entire nation, perhaps it would be appropriate to postpone it, we asked our President, Marcello Perrone, propose to the organizers of the movement if it can not, will be essential

Witnessing the closeness with distinctive mourning. Friends, never as in this moment and 'essential to resume the discussion on the culture of legality. "KAROL" approve, we all remember the anathema against the Mafia after the assassination of Falcone and the men of his security service!

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