giovedì 31 gennaio 2008

mercoledì 23 gennaio 2008

Mormanno goes to the second round of the Palio!

Mormanno goes to the second round of the Palio!

The Group participates on the event carrying on the sounds of Pollino! On Saturday 26/01/2008 comparison with the friends of Dipignano and Laino Borgo town councils. It will be a comparison characterized by the culture and tradition. Here some photos regarding the show in November 10th in order to appreciate much more the value of the event.

Rated our work calling +39 199 240 294 2 (Saturday 26/01/2008 from 15.30 to 16.45)
Thanks for your cooperation
Ad maiora semper...

martedì 15 gennaio 2008

Well done, Maurizio!

As foretold the 2008 will be the year of the collaboration, we launched a series of initiatives. Maurizio Armentano, is the first to have accepted our request he deserves a thank you. A splendid collection of photos about which was held in Mormanno during the feast of Perciavutti 2007.

I invite you to visit its exhibition space, really very impressive ..

lunedì 7 gennaio 2008

2008, we start again!!!!!!

Dear Friends,
it is time to put in all our forces to plan the twentieth anniversary of Calabria festival. We would like that this year, more than any other before, becomes the reconfirmation of how the event should be strengthened, renewed, fortified and shared. To do this the group intends to plan a series of initiatives that soon are going to be described. I am able to give you a little anticipation, the groups during the festival will live on the Village. Well, they will be housed in facilities of Mormanno. Hospitality at Mormanno becomes an essential factor for the very existence of the event. But in order to make it more and more attractive every citizen of Mormanno is happy to share ideas, proposals etc with you.

We are waiting for you! Ps Promo made by Pinuccio Aita, who deserves a heartfelt thanks from all of us!