giovedì 29 ottobre 2009

XIX Autumn Festival, I Miromagnum participating in the event!

If you love the mountains, colors that this give us particularly during the autumn, then you can not and you should not niss one of the most characteristic manifestations of Pollino's land. Now in 19 year, the Autumn Festival in the pride of the town of San Donato di Ninea. Reaching San Donato you can not fail to aprreciate the many colors of nature, you can not fail to be wrapped in the thounsand flavors of the alleys, you can not be involved in a great and healthy holiday!

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We wait for the November 8, 2009 along with the folk group Miromagnum Mormanno

Pro Loco San Donato di Ninea
Piazza Federico Artusio, snc
San Donato di Ninea, (CS) 87010 Italia
info line: 349.0656631

martedì 6 ottobre 2009

Petition text: free from the dross

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Dear friends
on behalf of Miromagnum, I ask you to sign the petition brought forward by the newspaper of Calabria. Our association is nonpartisan, with a specific purpose: to highlight our history, our territory. In compliance of our goal, we can not and must not think that the problem does not belong to us, therefore, saw your sensitivity ask you to sign the petition and to be ever vigilant to the challenges that this region presents.

Petition text: free from the dross
To the Prime Minister Mr. Silvio Berlusconi In recent months in Calabria has been found to have different kinds of waste and in particular:
- 14 miles from the coast of Cetraro, the wreck of a freighter that investigators believe to be the Cunsky, with a cargo of 120 drums containing radioactive waste expected;
- In the countryside of Aiello Calabro has been detected in the soil for possible man-made radionuclides;
- In Croton highly radioactive materials have been used for the construction of many public buildings and even schools, which have been already established a level of contamination among children.
The Government can not accept that this is put in danger the health of thousands and thousands of calabresi.Pertanto We signed the petition asking the government to intervene with the highest priority for:
1) verify the contents of the hold of the wreck off the coast of Cetraro, recovering the drums with radioactive waste and proceeding to the securing of the sea area concerned;
2) verify the presence of other "ships to lose" in the Mediterranean, as indicated by the repentant Sources and possibly other strands of inquiry;
3) to verify the presence of artificial radionuclides in the territory of Serra d'Aiello and Aiello Calabro, especially at the mouth of the river Oliva, by securing the site;
4) ensuring the remediation of contaminated buildings of Croton;
5) clarify whether there is a relationship between the increase in cancer and the possible presence of nuclear or toxic waste in parts of Calabria and act immediately to ensure the health of the inhabitants of those areas;
6) clarify all the responsibilities, including those of any apparatus deflected state and provide full support to the action of the judiciary. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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These phrases appear over and over again, sometimes there is a risk that they lose meaning, but never said it was so modern as today "if you want to be good at home the other bishops should be in first place .. excellent pastors at home," not can promote and decant this land, we can not be credible if opposite to situations like this do not condemn the state of things! I think we owe a burst of pride to us first and then to this land, not disappoint them! To you the considerations President Marcello Perrone