lunedì 20 aprile 2009

From next April 25 in Florence on "taste of Calabria" along with Miromagnum

Area of Interest: Industry Publication
date: Wednesday 15 April 2009

The "Taste of Calabria in Tuscany" from April 25 to May 3, this strengthens the quality of both products of ethics. In hypermarkets "I Gigli" di Campi Bisenzio, and "The Park - Carrefour" in Calenzano you find the best agri-food, while the "International Crafts Exhibition" at the Fortezza da Basso, there will be three halls of "Taste of Calabria": that food and wine, the industry and the fashion. Here Calabria will also participate in the Hall of picture "visions" of the Tuscany region, exposing some productions of excellence that is the ethical commitment of companies. Thus, an important group of companies of various sectors calabresi represent typical regional in Florence: dall'agroalimentare clothing, dall'oreficeria to costume jewelry, glass for decorative, artistic ceramics by all'oggettistica etc ... The also deepens the existing relationship with the region of Tuscany on the promotion of a culture of legality and with the launch of a network of solidarity to businesses affected by racketeering ", and with the involvement of the Calabrian cultural groups who live in Florence , Pisa, Prato and Siena. Indeed, in these four provinces of honesty and good products sapori Calabrese will be the focus of many meetings together to collect funds for the association of Anti regione.L 'organization is sponsored by the Department to productive activities of the Calabria region and entrusted to Unioncamere Calabria, in implementation of the "Protocol of cooperation signed by the regions of Tuscany and Calabria and the" solidarity pact "between the towns of Florence and the Locri.Tra initiatives, the Fortezza da Basso during the 'International Exhibition Industry 'Florence, there will be May 1 with the showing of the free tasting of the regional cooks of Calabria and the May 2 concert of the "Folk Group Miromagnum" of Mormanno (which for the Labor Day, the day before, we perform in the Piazza della Signoria).
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April 30 Casa del Popolo - San Quirico - Via Baccio da Montelupo 35, Florence

Solidarity Dinner

Associations of Calabrians Florence and Free voluntary associations, Arci, Acli (open to all by appointment) to raise funds for enterprises Calabrians affected by racketeering and tear. Reservations: Entertainment by the "Gruppo Folk Miromagnum" of Mormanno Nicola Rotondaro tel. 055/572919 - cell. 3483344698 fax: 055/573721- mail:

giovedì 9 aprile 2009

Happy Easter!Wishing you all the best.

Nei giorni di celebrazione della Passione e Resurrezione di Cristo, il nostro pensiero è rivolto a tutte le vittime colpite dal terremoto avvenuto in Abruzzo pochi giorni fà, sperando che la gioia della Pasqua riporti un sorriso sui volti di tutti coloro che soffrono per la perdita dei propri cari e delle loro case.

In the days of celebration of the Passion and Resurrection of Christ, our thought is directed to all the victims affected by the earthquake in Italy(Abruzzo) a few days ago, hoping that the joy of Easter showing a smile on the faces of all who suffer the loss of their loved ones and their homes.

Auguri di una felice e gioiosa Pasqua.

Happy Easter!Wishing you all the best.

venerdì 3 aprile 2009

RAI UNO - SABATO&DOMENICA, i Miromagnum sull'ammiraglia...

Altomonte (CS) - A few weeks after the now appreciated casket "Adopt tradition", the Group of Folk Miromagnum Mormanno (CS) continues to unanimously. His last major appearance on the transmission of Rai1 Saturday & Sunday "led by Gianfranco Vissani in the enchanting setting of Piazza Santa Maria delle Grazie in Altomonte. The transmission will be broadcast on Saturday, April 4, Rai 1 starting at 9:00. The involvement of Miromagnum was strongly dall'Assessorato Tourism Enzo Barbieri, known entrepreneur and teacher of culinary arts calabrese that after having participated in the conference presenting the project "Adopt the tradition", intended to recreate the magical atmosphere of the evening.
Among the delicacies of the table locally, the dancers of Miromagnum have produced a sound of tarantella welcome the public and other cultural groups and folklore of the area that took part in the event. Share a single purpose, several elements came together: the culture arberesche, the tradition of the bandits, medieval history, the brio of the tarantella of Pollino, the smell of bread and confectionery delights-all in one direction, the promotion of Calabrian territory and all its positivity. "Adopt the tradition" is more than just a recording project, is an effective promotional tool and cooperation network that connects each activity of production and cultural development of our region, witness has been the presence of the square Miromagnum Altomonte. The project has managed to attract the interest not only in Calabria, but also in the rest of the peninsula: in fact, there are many events that await the team in the coming months, among them those of Campobasso, Firenze, Riva del Garda and Udine .