martedì 20 gennaio 2009

"Adopting the tradition" - work in progress

Work in progress……

They are hot these days to Mormanno .... , and certainly not for the temperature! In the village you will find excitement and general mobilization, and the records that are taking place in our small town are curious and concerns of all citizens Mormanno. Persons required to give us a hand responded - as usual - with great enthusiasm and participation.

The bulletin board last weekend: Saturday morning was recorded that the card will describe the beauty of Mormanno, the contents were treated by Alessandra Maradei and Luigi Perrone. In the afternoon, however, were made to shoot video of the costumes of Miromagnum. For all the wonderful frame, a place among the many impressive buildings restored: former prison Mormanno now the headquarters of UISP. In this regard, we thank the person of Mimmo Alberti as a representative of the association. Sunday, playing some typical recipes handed down from our grandmothers. It must be said that none would have never done without the help of espertissime cooks and scenery of the Municipal.
We thank Dr. Santulli and spouse - Pina Capalbi - who have offered their old kitchen where they have been prepared and presented dishes. And 'the case to say that the environment was linked with recipes such as cherry jam with bocconotto! As for the audio recordings, our Artistic Director (Antonio Deodato) continued to affect the musicians Miromagnum and, now, we came right to the last note from socket in what will be a true jewel for our country: the box of Miromagnum! A weekend rich in short, which ended with a tasting of goodness prepared by Municipal and that our director and his troupe were particularly welcome. We take this opportunity to thank Andrea Cantisani and DACVIDEOPRODUZIONI team for their professionalism and patience. What to say? Meet the next weekend. Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 days will be full of surprises, was in strange country who will enliven the life of our quiet town.