giovedì 13 agosto 2009

4 small steps to make Goal! Help us to win ....

Dear Friends, today more than ever we ask you to feel your warmth Miromagnum Group. The portal of the newspaper has launched a Calabria referedum to elect song, representing a calabria.
We ask you to vote and vote for your friends, our Calabrisella Murmannola

To do so just 4 easy steps. You wonder how? Simple!
from the link in question ( ) click on n.15,
will open a new form containing a combo box check the list and click on the icon "altro"
At this point type in the text box entitled "Calabrisella Murmannola"
click on submit 4 small steps to mark a new Goal!
Calabrians friends in Canada have added their contribution to the portal I hope to add more links
Thanks, Thanks, Thanks

lunedì 10 agosto 2009

IV Festival of Folklore in Frascineto, the Miromagnum will end the evening!

Was held at the council hall of the Municipality of Frascineto the press conference for the presentation of 'Calabria Festival' Now in its fourth edition in the community of Frascineto.
The event will take place in the community Arberesh Pollino from 7 to 11 August, with the sponsorship, among others, the CIOFF Italy.
Culture and tourism promotion: this is the winning combination to which all aim. The countdown has begun. Great expectations for ARGENTINA, BRAZIL (Amazon), FUTUNA ISLAND, PERU ', SERBIA and Italy who will meet and will be confronted in the name of folklore and friendship among peoples. To conclude the event on behalf of the Group Folkloristico Miromagnum that will perform in the square of Frascineto the evening of 11 August, bringing on stage the best of his repertoire, including dance, singing and theater.
We wait!

mercoledì 5 agosto 2009

On 09/08/2009 we will be a Mormanno

Dears Friends,
we are pleased and honored to inform you that the Group Folkloristico Miromagnum, will perform in his beloved Mormanno Sunday 09/08/2009 from 21:00 in the adjacent area to the churchyard of the Church of S. Maria Goretti. The organizing committee of the event, strongly wanted our participation, we could not control not to participate. Mormanno to perform is always a great emotion, it is for the shareholders but without a shadow of doubt for all those back in the "beautiful country" at least in summer. How would our Caramel, with his "Murmannu Meju"
Na mamma supa la loggia
cu lu rusariu prega a Madonna
aspetta lu figghiju chi torna
chi manga da ncasa da tant'anni
During the evening you can taste the famous "rascateddri" and "meat castruviddrara" Many of you will say, what? Do so, come and Mormanno because as our motto says, the emotions we are: "They are difficult to describe, easy to live ' We await you!
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