venerdì 14 dicembre 2007

15/12/2007 - Ruralilandia Sila in Exhibition - Cosenza - The Folk Group participates in the event

Dear Friends,
it's a great pleasure from me to participate in this event. Let me thank the town of Cosenza in the person of Mr. Perugini, the Mayor of the town.

A special thanks goes to our friends of the Second District, we thank the President Giovanni Cipparrone and his staff for the opportunity to represent your city on several occasions.

We started with a relationship, now with great pride we can say that was a beautiful and sound friendship.

This trait d'union is confirmed by this event: -- Saturday, 08 December I & II The district participated in the Feast of Perciavutti (TV present: RAI TRE CALABRIA, TEN, TELEMORMANNO)

-- Sunday 09 December 2007, we witnessed the twinning between the circle of elderly people of JMormanno and Cosenza cities council. (TV present: RAI UNO, RAI TRE CALABRIA, TEN, TELEMORMANNO) The goal we aim at is to bring the two centres more and more nearer!

What can we say again ... Waiting for us on DECEMBER 15 HOURS 20.00 in the heart of the city (11 Septembre square) for tasting together the values and flavours of our Sila! Dancing Tarantella ... AND NOT ONLY THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

giovedì 13 dicembre 2007

08/12/2007 - Perciavutti in Mormanno (CS) Videos

Dear Friends, as I promised a few videos of the Perciavutti Feast! Congratulations to all, thanks to our friends of Terranova of the Pollino "Totarella" to Francesco D'Amore called "Compagnero U" for many of us "U Tarantulatu "....