lunedì 30 novembre 2009

Result Press Conference: The tradition for life to care for Miromagnum

Dear friends, we are proud to announce the excellent success of the press conference that was held Friday, November 27th, 2009 at the hall of coats of arms of the province. Through a masterful coordination of Dr. Marysia De Vincenti reveals the objectives of the event, the spirit and power of the network established to support the center of neonatology intensive care of Cosenza.

giovedì 26 novembre 2009

Press conference for the presentation "Tradition for Life"

Province of Cosenza

Press Release 26.11.2009

Tomorrow, Friday 27 November, at 11.00 in the Hall of Emblems of the Palace of the Province will be held press conference for the presentation "The Tradition of life" a event of entertainment that has the to raise funds for 'Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of the Hospital of the Annunciation of Cosenza.
The initiative was sponsored by the Province and the Municipality of Cosenza and will take place Saturday, December 12th, at 18.00 at the theater Morelli of Cosenza.
"Tradition for Life" is a performance close to the experimental genre of the musical, very engaging, which will count the presence of Mormanno Miromagnum group, which has taken the idea of charity evening, the singer Miriam Calabrese Scarcella, Pino of Solomon Totarella - the bagpipes of Pollino and Gianluca Mendicino Speaker Radio Cosenza Centrale in the role of narrator.

All proceeds of the evening (the ticket price was fixed at 10 euros), during which will be drawn a gem offered to support the initiative by the goldsmith Gerardo Sacco, will go OU Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of the Hospital of Cosenza.
Beyond the primary goal of the fundraiser, the event still has the intention to strengthen the network center of excellence in support of TIN, the commitment to the donation of human milk and to care for premature infants (follow-up).

At a press conference attended by:
- The President of the Province Mario Oliverio;
- The mayor of Cosenza Salvatore Perugini;
- Director General Franco ASP Petramala;
- The Director General of AO Cosenza Pasquale Reeks;
- The Director of Intensive Care Unit Operating Gianfranco Scarpelli;
- The Director of the Department of Maternal-Infantile agency for Pasquale Cosenza Pirillo, Director UO Obstetrics and Gynecology;
- The President of the Miromagnum Marcello Perrone.

Stations will also greet their various associations and sponsors who have embraced the initiative, including the 'ABIO, l' ANEC, the nine moons, the Bank of Milk.

domenica 22 novembre 2009

Holiday Perciavutti 2009

Like any good tradition that also respects this year should roll up for the great feast of perciavutti. Now in its ninth edition is proposed as one of the most significant events of Tierra del Pollino. On behalf of Miromagnum, I wish all the organization especially Municipal Association and its new president Luigi Perrone, glorious goals! As early as 2001, the collaboration between the two associations has been sanctioned by a strong working relationship. Demonstration is the latest evidence of this event inside the box "adopt the tradition", will be treats and not just those described in the box that you can asaporare participating al'evento. We come to us ilustrativo the evolution of the event. The festival begins December 4 with the opening of the exhibition of 25 cribs from Campania, Basilicata and Calabria, Saturday craft show market and typical products of the Pollino, with over 35 exhibitors from Calabria and Basilicata. On 6 December, "Calabrian wines on show" and in the afternoon the "Palio delle Botti" where the 4 districts will battle through the main part of Mormanno. On Monday the festival reaches its climax with the opening in each of the four districts of so many "vuttari" still retains the charm and attraction of a time in these rooms will be organized a major exhibition of gastronomy and tasting of typical products territory. A night fireworks display, and even jugglers, stilt walkers, etc. .. The event closes on 8 December with the awards of the district winner of the "Palio delle Botti". During the days of the event can be arranged on request tours and excursions in the most beautiful national park of Polllino accompanied by official guide of the park. I remember you with us the emotions are hard to describe, but easy to live. We wait!!!!

lunedì 16 novembre 2009

Official document tradition and folklore Calabrese - Tarantella-depth analysis on the Pollino (Miromagnum - Mormanno)

Dear friends, for all those who love to investigate further the Foklore, the use of instruments, the significance of certain rites then you should take a look at this document prepared and drawn up by the Italian Federation of folk traditions. Calabria in a single document!