domenica 21 febbraio 2010

"If Mohammed will not go to the mountain, the mountain goes to Mohammed"

"If Mohammed will not go to the mountain, the mountain goes to Mohammed," so we could begin this new post of group Miromagnum Mormanno. As already anticipated this summer the group this year celebrates 30 years of history, to celebrate the best of this goal has set a series of objectives for the months to follow.

One of them was our participation in the International Tourism Exchange 2010, the idea was simply to bring the group and his latest work at the event: BIT 2010. For logistical this was not possible, but we're not discouraged us!

Indeed, thanks to the partnership established with the provincial administration and especially with the commissioner Peter Lecce we decided that it wishes to support the following initiative:

As mentioned earlier today, closing the feria of Milan, in short, the BIT 2010, but to put it to Corrado "does not end here" tomorrow afternoon, the largest tour operator in the north and east will be guests in our province in Hotel of Sibariti (Corigliano)

To take them there will be Miromagnum and many other associations that represent the heart of our territory. During the evening each tour operator to deliver:

- A description of the language
- A description of work "takes the tradition"
- Several copies of the box

Will be present at the ceremony welcoming the presidents of the Parco della Sila, Pollino, representatives of mountain communities, the Provincial Consultant at Turim, press, local TV, photo agencies and many others. Let me make a personal observation: to be recorded for the first time a coordination to unison by all entities, a positive factor which makes us much hope on a new vision of tourism in our land!

domenica 14 febbraio 2010

Carnival 2010: Rotonda (PZ), Cassano allo Jonio (CS) "curri, curri u porcu"

Healthy respect for tradition and genuine Miromagnum attended by:

  • Today Last Sunday of the carnival celebration in the city of Rotonda, home of the Pollino National Park
  • Tomorrow Monday fat to an ancient ritual that takes place in the spa town of Cassano called the Ionian Sea to the carousels of the pig. "

At first glance, this celebration may seem archaic, violent, incocepibile today, like the bullfights of bulls. In keeping with this assessment, we like to illustrate the spirit with which comes the ritual "Curri, Curri u Porcu.  

The rite was born in the Middle Ages and was celebrated the last Monday of Carnival, in those days, the era of vassals and servants, the carnival was one of the few times when you "at the level." Moreover, the pig symbol of the carnival rappesentava simultaneously two sides of same coin: wealth / power, forcefully expressed in hubris everywhere from lords of the village.

The pig was one of the few treasures to which I could aspire to, especially in the past. It is true that our people still recall this saying: "n'ortu, nu porcu na Chirica rasa ti jinghi na casa" (a vegetable, pork, and a prelate who are a source of wealth for them at home. "

The luxury of a pig, was a luxury of a few, just the noble classes. The nobles in this occasion and this time only to keep open a pig (previously killed) and those of the Knights managed to cut his head with one blow would diventanto owner. In short, a sort of small "win for life" of the Middle Ages!

Perhaps after reading the symbolic meaning exists at the ceremony, the reader will be more lenient in judging the event! I wonder if a few thousand years, observing our behaviors (today) the player does not have the same question?

We carry the official description riprtata on the site of the town of Cassano to the Ionian:

Some time ago, during the carnival, our population was attracted to a show, which today would seem barbaric and uncivilized, "u u curru purcu", namely "the joust of the pig."

At the end of the main street of the town was settled a long rope, across the board, which was hung a pig (already killed) with the head downwards .. Competitors, mule drivers and farmers, riding mules and horses, they initiate and begin to hit the pig's head until it fall. Who was declared winner, with a net and final blow, dropping the pig's head on the floor. The winner, as a tangible sign of victory, was between his teeth a piece of pig's ear and turning, accompanied by other people throughout the country. The tradition had been interrupted, but a few years this event was revived citizenship Cassano

you there!