venerdì 18 dicembre 2009

Season's Greetings from Miromagnum

A good page of Calabria, thanks to Miromagnum (Mormanno)

Dear friends, to paraphrase the article in the newspaper"Morelli a theater crowded with guests, ready to support the initiative". A folk group, the Miromagnum Mormanno, who with their contributions have promoted and developed an initiative called <"Tradition for life". Thank you to all the proceeds will help purchase medical equipment that can intervene on children's respiratory problems premature. Dances and folk traditions of ancient Mormanno in dress and customs, but not in sentiment, renewed by young people with great professionalism have represented their country and that of Calabria>

"the Event Photos I edition "tradition for Life" - theater Morelli cosenza December 12, 2009

Visit to make your own!

venerdì 11 dicembre 2009

We wait for the I edition of the "Tradition for Life"

Dear Friends,
very excited for tomorrow's welcome! I offer you that we are to scoccioli with tickets! For those who have not yet done so, you can buy the last remaining tickets tomorrow at the entrance of the theater.

The evening will be coordinated by the renowned journalist Piero Muscari, another element of value for the initiative, to confirm as there is a "Calabria Vera!

Thank you all for believing in us !!!!!!!!!!

lunedì 30 novembre 2009

Result Press Conference: The tradition for life to care for Miromagnum

Dear friends, we are proud to announce the excellent success of the press conference that was held Friday, November 27th, 2009 at the hall of coats of arms of the province. Through a masterful coordination of Dr. Marysia De Vincenti reveals the objectives of the event, the spirit and power of the network established to support the center of neonatology intensive care of Cosenza.

giovedì 26 novembre 2009

Press conference for the presentation "Tradition for Life"

Province of Cosenza

Press Release 26.11.2009

Tomorrow, Friday 27 November, at 11.00 in the Hall of Emblems of the Palace of the Province will be held press conference for the presentation "The Tradition of life" a event of entertainment that has the to raise funds for 'Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of the Hospital of the Annunciation of Cosenza.
The initiative was sponsored by the Province and the Municipality of Cosenza and will take place Saturday, December 12th, at 18.00 at the theater Morelli of Cosenza.
"Tradition for Life" is a performance close to the experimental genre of the musical, very engaging, which will count the presence of Mormanno Miromagnum group, which has taken the idea of charity evening, the singer Miriam Calabrese Scarcella, Pino of Solomon Totarella - the bagpipes of Pollino and Gianluca Mendicino Speaker Radio Cosenza Centrale in the role of narrator.

All proceeds of the evening (the ticket price was fixed at 10 euros), during which will be drawn a gem offered to support the initiative by the goldsmith Gerardo Sacco, will go OU Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of the Hospital of Cosenza.
Beyond the primary goal of the fundraiser, the event still has the intention to strengthen the network center of excellence in support of TIN, the commitment to the donation of human milk and to care for premature infants (follow-up).

At a press conference attended by:
- The President of the Province Mario Oliverio;
- The mayor of Cosenza Salvatore Perugini;
- Director General Franco ASP Petramala;
- The Director General of AO Cosenza Pasquale Reeks;
- The Director of Intensive Care Unit Operating Gianfranco Scarpelli;
- The Director of the Department of Maternal-Infantile agency for Pasquale Cosenza Pirillo, Director UO Obstetrics and Gynecology;
- The President of the Miromagnum Marcello Perrone.

Stations will also greet their various associations and sponsors who have embraced the initiative, including the 'ABIO, l' ANEC, the nine moons, the Bank of Milk.

domenica 22 novembre 2009

Holiday Perciavutti 2009

Like any good tradition that also respects this year should roll up for the great feast of perciavutti. Now in its ninth edition is proposed as one of the most significant events of Tierra del Pollino. On behalf of Miromagnum, I wish all the organization especially Municipal Association and its new president Luigi Perrone, glorious goals! As early as 2001, the collaboration between the two associations has been sanctioned by a strong working relationship. Demonstration is the latest evidence of this event inside the box "adopt the tradition", will be treats and not just those described in the box that you can asaporare participating al'evento. We come to us ilustrativo the evolution of the event. The festival begins December 4 with the opening of the exhibition of 25 cribs from Campania, Basilicata and Calabria, Saturday craft show market and typical products of the Pollino, with over 35 exhibitors from Calabria and Basilicata. On 6 December, "Calabrian wines on show" and in the afternoon the "Palio delle Botti" where the 4 districts will battle through the main part of Mormanno. On Monday the festival reaches its climax with the opening in each of the four districts of so many "vuttari" still retains the charm and attraction of a time in these rooms will be organized a major exhibition of gastronomy and tasting of typical products territory. A night fireworks display, and even jugglers, stilt walkers, etc. .. The event closes on 8 December with the awards of the district winner of the "Palio delle Botti". During the days of the event can be arranged on request tours and excursions in the most beautiful national park of Polllino accompanied by official guide of the park. I remember you with us the emotions are hard to describe, but easy to live. We wait!!!!

lunedì 16 novembre 2009

Official document tradition and folklore Calabrese - Tarantella-depth analysis on the Pollino (Miromagnum - Mormanno)

Dear friends, for all those who love to investigate further the Foklore, the use of instruments, the significance of certain rites then you should take a look at this document prepared and drawn up by the Italian Federation of folk traditions. Calabria in a single document!

giovedì 29 ottobre 2009

XIX Autumn Festival, I Miromagnum participating in the event!

If you love the mountains, colors that this give us particularly during the autumn, then you can not and you should not niss one of the most characteristic manifestations of Pollino's land. Now in 19 year, the Autumn Festival in the pride of the town of San Donato di Ninea. Reaching San Donato you can not fail to aprreciate the many colors of nature, you can not fail to be wrapped in the thounsand flavors of the alleys, you can not be involved in a great and healthy holiday!

to put it Miromagnum

emotion we,

are difficult to describe
easy living

We wait for the November 8, 2009 along with the folk group Miromagnum Mormanno

Pro Loco San Donato di Ninea
Piazza Federico Artusio, snc
San Donato di Ninea, (CS) 87010 Italia
info line: 349.0656631

martedì 6 ottobre 2009

Petition text: free from the dross

Banner 468x60
Dear friends
on behalf of Miromagnum, I ask you to sign the petition brought forward by the newspaper of Calabria. Our association is nonpartisan, with a specific purpose: to highlight our history, our territory. In compliance of our goal, we can not and must not think that the problem does not belong to us, therefore, saw your sensitivity ask you to sign the petition and to be ever vigilant to the challenges that this region presents.

Petition text: free from the dross
To the Prime Minister Mr. Silvio Berlusconi In recent months in Calabria has been found to have different kinds of waste and in particular:
- 14 miles from the coast of Cetraro, the wreck of a freighter that investigators believe to be the Cunsky, with a cargo of 120 drums containing radioactive waste expected;
- In the countryside of Aiello Calabro has been detected in the soil for possible man-made radionuclides;
- In Croton highly radioactive materials have been used for the construction of many public buildings and even schools, which have been already established a level of contamination among children.
The Government can not accept that this is put in danger the health of thousands and thousands of calabresi.Pertanto We signed the petition asking the government to intervene with the highest priority for:
1) verify the contents of the hold of the wreck off the coast of Cetraro, recovering the drums with radioactive waste and proceeding to the securing of the sea area concerned;
2) verify the presence of other "ships to lose" in the Mediterranean, as indicated by the repentant Sources and possibly other strands of inquiry;
3) to verify the presence of artificial radionuclides in the territory of Serra d'Aiello and Aiello Calabro, especially at the mouth of the river Oliva, by securing the site;
4) ensuring the remediation of contaminated buildings of Croton;
5) clarify whether there is a relationship between the increase in cancer and the possible presence of nuclear or toxic waste in parts of Calabria and act immediately to ensure the health of the inhabitants of those areas;
6) clarify all the responsibilities, including those of any apparatus deflected state and provide full support to the action of the judiciary. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Click on the banner to sign !!!!!!

Banner 234x60
These phrases appear over and over again, sometimes there is a risk that they lose meaning, but never said it was so modern as today "if you want to be good at home the other bishops should be in first place .. excellent pastors at home," not can promote and decant this land, we can not be credible if opposite to situations like this do not condemn the state of things! I think we owe a burst of pride to us first and then to this land, not disappoint them! To you the considerations President Marcello Perrone

lunedì 14 settembre 2009


Savigliano soaring emotions!!!!!

On 22 September 1989 the City Council approves the resolution together with nr. 135 concern the "twinning between the City and the Municipality of Savigliano Mormanno. On 's report Councilor Catherine Ugliengo, the resolution states: "The city of Savigliano counts among its residents, a large number of native Mormanno, citizens of the Province of Cosenza. The aforementioned common during the course of numerous contacts with the Department of Culture, has urged the Administration to consider the possibility of a twinning between the two centers. The process was formally initiated by the City of Mormanno with the adoption of the resolution ... that the reasons for the proposal reads as follows: Since twinning, while betraying a historical reality of the south-north migration, confirmed also by the bond of friendship and brotherhood between the peoples of the two centers, and that it also with its overall charge potential, can only achieve beneficial effects in order to ' increased cultural and social relations by promoting economic exchanges and tourism development, "Twinning Savigliano-Mormanno is thus also a symbolic and emblematic of a social phenomenon that our city has had a significant importance and therefore a recognition of the contribution evolution of our city from all those people who by their presence, with their work, with their cultural history have enriched the "Community Savigliano" becoming part of it. The meeting between the official delegation of Mormannesi administration, led by the Mayor of Savigliano Remigio Galletto, takes place in City Hall Saturday, October 7th, 1989 with the participation of the chorus Milanollo and the folk group Miromagnum. The descent of our administrators with the banner in the town of Calabria, accompanied by many residents normannesi Savigliano, takes place on days 5 to 9 April 1990. At a distance of 20 years return to Miromagnum Savigliano to participate in the traditional feast of bread, to be held in the city of Savigliano 25 to 27 September 2009.

info line
ENTE MANIFESTAZIONISAVIGLIANO Piazza del Popolo 29/c - 12038 SAVIGLIANO (CN) P. IVA 02132340049Tel. e Fax 0172.712.536Mail:

COME AND MANY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

venerdì 11 settembre 2009

Hot Pepper Festival in Diamante with Miromagnum

As every year the entire nation prepares to celebrate His Majesty the chili.
The town of Diamante (CS) is pleased to invite the friends of Miromagnum Mormanno Day August 13, 2009 from 21.00 on the waterfront, the better to celebrate the event!
Miromagnum As we are honored to be always on the side of the Academy! We expect many !!!!!!!!

giovedì 13 agosto 2009

4 small steps to make Goal! Help us to win ....

Dear Friends, today more than ever we ask you to feel your warmth Miromagnum Group. The portal of the newspaper has launched a Calabria referedum to elect song, representing a calabria.
We ask you to vote and vote for your friends, our Calabrisella Murmannola

To do so just 4 easy steps. You wonder how? Simple!
from the link in question ( ) click on n.15,
will open a new form containing a combo box check the list and click on the icon "altro"
At this point type in the text box entitled "Calabrisella Murmannola"
click on submit 4 small steps to mark a new Goal!
Calabrians friends in Canada have added their contribution to the portal I hope to add more links
Thanks, Thanks, Thanks

lunedì 10 agosto 2009

IV Festival of Folklore in Frascineto, the Miromagnum will end the evening!

Was held at the council hall of the Municipality of Frascineto the press conference for the presentation of 'Calabria Festival' Now in its fourth edition in the community of Frascineto.
The event will take place in the community Arberesh Pollino from 7 to 11 August, with the sponsorship, among others, the CIOFF Italy.
Culture and tourism promotion: this is the winning combination to which all aim. The countdown has begun. Great expectations for ARGENTINA, BRAZIL (Amazon), FUTUNA ISLAND, PERU ', SERBIA and Italy who will meet and will be confronted in the name of folklore and friendship among peoples. To conclude the event on behalf of the Group Folkloristico Miromagnum that will perform in the square of Frascineto the evening of 11 August, bringing on stage the best of his repertoire, including dance, singing and theater.
We wait!

mercoledì 5 agosto 2009

On 09/08/2009 we will be a Mormanno

Dears Friends,
we are pleased and honored to inform you that the Group Folkloristico Miromagnum, will perform in his beloved Mormanno Sunday 09/08/2009 from 21:00 in the adjacent area to the churchyard of the Church of S. Maria Goretti. The organizing committee of the event, strongly wanted our participation, we could not control not to participate. Mormanno to perform is always a great emotion, it is for the shareholders but without a shadow of doubt for all those back in the "beautiful country" at least in summer. How would our Caramel, with his "Murmannu Meju"
Na mamma supa la loggia
cu lu rusariu prega a Madonna
aspetta lu figghiju chi torna
chi manga da ncasa da tant'anni
During the evening you can taste the famous "rascateddri" and "meat castruviddrara" Many of you will say, what? Do so, come and Mormanno because as our motto says, the emotions we are: "They are difficult to describe, easy to live ' We await you!
info line +39 335 6596102 -

martedì 28 luglio 2009

Carrefour opened the Reggio Calabria Miromagnum participate at

The new Carrefour hypermarket of GDM S.p.A. is located in Reggio Calabria, along the S.S. Ion 106, exit San Leo, which is connected by a ramp that can absorb large flows automobile. The hypermarket, which was inserted in the Bolar Harbor Shopping Center, will be a strong pole of attraction, especially for the 240,000 residents who are within an area comprising the 30 minutes needed to reach the point of sale. Saturday 01/08/2009 at Bolar Harbor Shopping Center will be possible to taste typical products of Calabria with joy, colors and flavors of the Group of Fokloristico Mormanno, the Miromagnum. Veterans of the tour in France, the Miromagnum are showing a promotional capacity worldwide unique.

martedì 14 luglio 2009



Was presented today at the Hall Gullo of the Palace of Culture, in Cosenza the "Parks in Blue".The service covers a new system implemented at the Park Sila, which, through cell phones, to have information about the region with over 70 thousand hectares. In particular, based on location, the devices send messages with useful information (opening hours of reception facilities, the dates of festivals and other events). The devices were designed and provided by the Cyber Computer, management consulting firm in IT and telecommunications, marketing leader within the neighborhood. "The proximity marketing via Bluetooth is a communications service that allows you to reach those who have a next-generation mobile phone (with bluetooth device) and is located near the point of deploying the service," said Maurizio Soccodato, director of Cyber Computer . In the case of Parco della Sila, the devices have been positioned to Camigliatello (in country and at the ski slopes), the Centers visits Cupone and Monaco, a village Palumbo and Lorica (headquarters of the Park and at the ski slopes). The idea is to offer services to the territory and absolutely free for tourists, making them available at the right time and right place. Ente Parco Nazionale della Sila has enthusiastically embraced this philosophy, becoming the first park in Italy to create and offer services to visitors at various locations bluetooth. Not only. The system is capable of self (ie without additional costs for public bodies) thanks to advertising. "The project has involved the Group Italtelo that we will support initiatives in the future" says the chairman of the Park, Sonia Ferrari and who has already confirmed the participation of national sponsors of the sports sector, interested in using this new model of communication. " Bluebox equipment can be installed adjacent to or within archaeological sites, museums, buildings of historical and architectural and parks. 'It is an opportunity for the South of Italy known for being a pilot of exceptional performance that we hope to export in other contexts, "says the chairman of the Park," a technology full of potential, both for users (who receive useful information and absolutely free) and for business silane which can provide greater visibility. " Indeed, the project is a real marketing tool "internal" Whereas allows the involvement of local businesses. Welcomed the participants was given by Maria Rosa Vuono, Assessor to economic and productive activities of the municipality of Cosenza, which demonstrates the sensitivity shown by the city in the initiatives promoted by the Park and who see in the capital of Cosenza a real door Parco della Sila al. The Director of the Park Laudato Michele has focused attention on the many initiatives already launched by (from Parks & Parks, National Review and Video on protected areas, the openings of several museums within the thematic area of Park), despite the installation of the president goes back to last March and staff has only recently been strengthened. Sila National Park The Park includes the areas already covered in the "historic" Parco Nazionale della Calabria (1968). Protect areas of significant environmental interest in small Sila, Sila Sila great and Greek for more than 70 thousand hectares. Promotes the maintenance and development of agro-forestry-pastoral traditional craft, sporting, gastronomic and tourism. Cyber Computer (Group FreeCode) Cyber Computer was founded in 1999 as a management consulting firm in the ICT sector. In 2001 was founded the division Research and Development (R & D). Thanks to the proximity marketing, the company starts to create a group specializing in innovative advertising channels and the FreeCode Group becomes the first national advertising channels such as kiosks, tobacco shops, beaches, sports stadiums and sports halls. At the end of the event, the components of Miromagnum rapporteurs presented a copy of their latest work "takes the tradition"

Contact: Parco Nazionale della Sila Press office - Valeria Pellegrini Phone 0984-537108 - Mobile 347-3916044 E-mail: pellegrini.v @ - ufficio.stampa @

Cyber Computer Press office - Giuseppe Murra Cell 335-8363057 E-mail:

mercoledì 24 giugno 2009

FOLKLORE FESTIVAL OF MEDITERRANEAN - 'L'Olivier d'Argent - I Miromagnum representing Italy


It 'one of the major international festivals in Europe. Each year at the participating groups from countries around the Mediterranean and as a special guest from the New World. in the 2009, the festival came into its IV edition, will have its guests - 6 groups of the Mediterranean Cyprus, Iran, Italy, Slovenia, Syria, Colombie. - 1 regional grouping Français
In total some 300 artists PARTICIPANTS.



The festival is a ½ hour on average by bus to Nice, Cannes, Monaco, is based on the common Escarène (2000 inhabitants) and stories (5000), radiate in all municipalities of the two cantons of the valleys Paillon, collecting 12 villages: Bendejun, BLAUSASC, cantaron, Châteauneuf-Villevieille, Coaraze, Contes, Drap, The Escarène, Lucéram, Peille, Peillon et de l'Touët The Escarène.

A total of 24,000 people affected States.

Programma per singoli gruppi che participeranno al Festival FE.M.FO 2009:
Sig.ra Gaby FANTINO
Responsable des guides
Mobile : (indicatif)

venerdì 19 giugno 2009

"CONGRESS JOINT SIAPAV - SIFCS" - Protoconvento Franciscan - 19/20 June 2009 - Castrovillari (CS), I Miromagnum participate at

Calabrian regional sections SIAPAV-SIFCS and the EU of Internal Medicine and Rehabilitative long Cardio-Vascular-Respiratory coordinated by Dr. Francis Lyons dell'Ambulatorio Head of the Hospital Diagnosis of Vascular Mormanno, to organize on 19-20 June, in Castrovillari Protoconvento of two days in all'Angiologia which speak of "diseases arterio - venous and their management in integrating hospital area". It 'an important event for our region, where the guests gathered near the locations of great value, some of the major Italian specialists of various backgrounds. Particularly in the first session was chaired by prof. Spinelli vascular surgeon emeritus at the University of Messina and moderated by Dr. Peccerillo responsibilities. O. of Internal Medicine of the Hospital and Dr. Mormanno. Francesco Greek Cardiologist of Rosarno, we will hear the reading of Professor masterful. Giuseppe Maria Andreozzi President and National Director of SIAPAV complex Angiology Universita 'di Padova, which will focus on the role and importance of rehabilitation in the patient's vascular arteriopathy. We will also further topics such as the AOP marker pluripatologie, its timing, and follow-up, the therapeutic strategies nell'ischemia criticism in the diabetic foot and both internistico that surgery. In the second session Friday, which will start at 15.00 whose president Raffaele del Guercio dell'Angiologia and deep knowledge of the problems of microcirculation accompanied by moderators dott. Lakes Primary Castrovillari of Medicine and Professor of Surgery of Mastroroberto Catanzaro, we will listen to the lectures of Professor magistral. Barbera SIFCS National President who will focus on overall cardiovascular risk, "then we will address the issue of carotid disease from risk factors to treatment traditional and endovascular surgery. Will be important to hear the "Carotid free" presented by the Professor Barbera. In the third session was chaired by dott.Mazzù and moderated by Dr. Jacob Lamezia Terme and Dr. Mammola of (Cinquefrondi) Reggio Calabria is addressed, for nurses, the diagnostic-therapeutic ulcers on vascular diseases in growing but often neglected and multidisciplinary management. Finally, the fourth session will be held the morning of Saturday will be 'chaired by Franciscis dell'Universita' di Catanzaro e sara 'moderated by Dr.. B.M. Ligas and C. Riccioni Rome will be open and reading the course of prof. Allegra, historic leader dell'Angiologia International where it will treat the argument about "the social impact dell'IVC and clinico-therapeutic problems more serious such as deep vein thrombosis (DVT) el'embolia pulmonary (EP) .. In this session will be dedicated to the treatment of DVT and TVS will be presented and a protocol for home therapy of vascular ulcers nalla active USL 20 di Verona and ultimately it will be treated in the rehabilitation flebolinfedema Mr. La Bruna Fisiatria primary hospital Mormanno . A closure in the round table will be the 'state-of-hospital integration area. "This conference represents an important opportunity to learn more about" vascular disease "that increasingly afflicts our patients, even young people, but in particular we will find the ideas to address and address in a mutually reinforcing way, the socio-economic challenges it presents, hoping to create more and more integrated pathways to a correct management of these diseases among the workers of our province and our region.
With gentle prayer for publication
Sincerely Salvatore Calabrese
For further information, contact the manager of the conference, Salvatore Calabrese, on tel. 0981 28750, mob. 3483166208, fax 098128750,

mercoledì 17 giugno 2009


OPEN LETTER TO THE MAYOR MORMANNESI Mormanno closes his experience in the broadcasting of Rai 2 "Mezzogiorno in Famiglia". The second place in the final certainly leave a little 'bitter in your mouth-not least because the victory was at hand until the last strokes of the race, the first prize was "the icing on the cake, the crowning touch to the hard work but sportingly accept the verdict of the game and recognize the merits and value to your opponent.

Of these ten weeks on Rai2 certainly remain a beautiful memory in all of you, dear Fellow. We have opened a window from which our Mormanno was well illustrated in the nation by promoting a positive image of himself and of Calabria was referred banner. We started with the idea of promoting tourism, our country and we have collected much more. We have mobilized energy, knowledge and traditions of which we now appreciate more the value, we have awakened a healthy pride of belonging and community that will be of great help to the evidence that the future will arise. The next challenge is to not defeat the formidable opportunity for participation in "Noon in the Family" has given us. If today Mormanno is no longer the anonymous country a year ago for tomorrow we must keep alive the ambition to become the center of tourist attraction.

The administration will continue on this route but now, more than in the past, it required a collective effort of the entire community. Not starting from scratch. We have a wealth of energy for which no never find enough words to express the gratitude they deserve for what they have done in recent months. The Assessor Zaccaria and his working group with particular reference to women tireless, the guys of the team in the studio, the singers, dancers and the many who have ventured in the games in the square (always exceptional!), Craftsmen and Mormanno tour operators and the region that have made a valuable sign of availability well beyond the particular interest of promoting business and the "common people", the repository of ancient traditions, to their credit that today are rediscovered and appreciated; associations (invaluable) and all those who for various reasons have been directly affected by the organization.

I thank my fellow citizens for their sense of hospitality and the composure with which they have accepted the bulky machine and television in particular mormannesi "everywhere" that do not always have their support with the televoting.
Thanks to all.
The Mayor of Mormanno

Guglielmo Armentano

venerdì 12 giugno 2009


Sunday 07 June at the headquarters of Miromagnum was incorporated on polling for the renewal of the management bodies and control. Like any election, has brought with it, a lot of emotion, the desire to participate was high. Beneficiaries 64 Voters 64 ... a good test of internal democracy!!!!

For the first time in the history of 100% of subscribers renewed confidence to the outgoing President with 64 voting preferences of 64! A beautiful Marcello satisfaction that doing so confirms, President dell'associzione Miromagnum. It endorsed the CDA, Accurso Michael Apollaro Lucia, Anna Caterina Cersosimo, Roberto Perrone, new entry and Manuela De Luca Alessia Armentano! The board of auditors is reconfirmed whilst the College of Arbitrators, the guardians of the Statute, is reappointed Nicholas Alberti and enter for the first time in this function Maira and Maria Perrone. Best of luck to all!!!!

Risultati elettorali rinnovo organi direttivi e di controllo dell'associazione Miromagnum



ALBERTI NICOLA 48 75,00 (eletto)

PERRONE MAIRA 45 70,31 (eletta)

PERRONE MARIA 44 68,75 (eletta)






CERSOSIMO SALVATORE 57 89,06 (eletto)

PANDOLFI SALVATORE 56 87,50 (eletto)

CARDELLINI LARA 31 48,44 (eletta)





PERRONE MARCELLO 64 100,00 (eletto)

ACCURSO MICHELE 62 96,88 (eletto)

APOLLARO LUCIA 50 78,13 (eletta)



ARMENTANO ALESSIA 38 59,38 (eletta)

DE LUCA MANUELA 36 56,25 (eletta)







At last we have an entire country has won the Piazza of Italy for the final clash Saturday 13 - Sunday 14 on 2 rai!

Miromagnum participate at the final, you expect many.

Direct RaiDue the semifinals on Sunday, June 7, 2009 by Piazza Umberto I of Mormanno (CS) of the "Mezzogiorno in Famiglia.

Direct RaiDue the semifinals on Saturday, June 6, 2009 by Piazza Umberto I of Mormanno (CS) of the "Mezzogiorno in Famiglia.

Votate Mormanno!

giovedì 4 giugno 2009

"Bocconotto" record to Mormanno

It has not been officially approved as Guinness, but the same has made a huge cake that was really close to two kilos in weight. Nine people have worked for 8 hours 03/06/2009 It was concluded yesterday evening in the first Mormanno Bocconotto Festival, which was to arrive in the village of Pollino gastronomic experts and even many enthusiasts and gourmands of sweets to taste the typical traditional sweet. The council and the Pro Loco of Mormanno also wanted the participants to push groped a record: bocconotto achieve the greatest in history. It has not been officially approved as guinness, having considered the attempt a bit like a dress rehearsal, but the same has made a really big cake, which has nearly two kilos in weight. Nine people have worked for 8 hours, using 60 kg of flour, 56 kg of cherry jam and then an indefinite amount of lard, eggs and lemon. In the end, with a great feast, the bocconotto was cut and eaten. Do not they have anything left. Appointment until next year when we really try to enter the Guinness Book of World Records.

During the meeting of Tuesday June two, a great note of satisfaction of the components of Miromagnum. Indeed, the President of motorhomes in Taranto, host of the event, praised the event but wanted to stress the excellence demonstrated by Miromagnum Group for the implementation of the box "Adopt tradition." The President of the campers has stated "We were up at 2 am all together in front of the TV, watching the DVD enthusiastic" Adopt tradition ", it has been able to learn the importance of community Mormanno, its origins, its beauty and thus to better appreciate their hospitality, and the recipe for how to make the real bocconotto of Mormanno "!

Onset of the National Federation of the Italian football Popular Traditions, Our President was also in sports!

In field to Padre Pio and the history of folklore. On 25 May 2009, another date will be remembered for FITP: onset of the National Football Federation of Popular Italian traditions. The first official release of the team headed by Benito Ripoli, in with the band master and with the shirt number 10, took place in San Giovanni Rotondo in the triangular "A goal for Padre Pio ... in memory of his birth, May 25 1887 ", organized by Associazione Culturale" Assoclub "of Manfredonia. On the green lawn of the municipal stadium "mass" in the city fell Gargano also Seleçao International Priests and Vip Italia.Una clear victory (2-0, networks and Nico Marcello Perrone Germinal), against the priests and a loss, too excessive ( 3-0) as seen in the field, suffered from Vip Italy: is the budget of the two mini-matches of the team FITP, trained by the Secretary-General Franco Megni (executive escort, the Vice-President vicario Lillo Alessandro).

highest respect in both matches played: good game textures, discreet tactical organization and many conclusions to the opposing door. Easy success against the priests, the gap could be even more cheating rotondo.Non liabilities against Vip Italy showed that, among othersDiego Armando Maradona Junior, the players of Napoli Gennaro Iezzi and Gianluca Grava, the champion rider Michele Pirro, and above all, the former goalkeeper of Foggia Champagne "by Zdenek Zeman, Franco Mancini, who, in more than one occasion, he "armored" the door of his team can deny the benefit, sometimes deserved, the team of folklore. Twenty-four players who have worn for the first time the shirt of the national football FITP. Represent the regions of Puglia, Campania, Calabria and Marche. Here are the names: Nicola Cafaro, Angelo Di Maggio, Basil Styli, Aurelio Vitali, Luigi Paglia, Antonio Ripoli, Gorgoglione Franco, Bernardo Bisceglia, Francesco Tortoriello, Nicholas Duke, Leo Conenno, Matthew Orrin, Benito Ripoli, Antonio De Cata, Giuseppe Quitadamo Michele Soriano, Raffaele Florio, Alessandro Patrone, Germinal Nico, Marcello Perrone, Peter Marotta, Giovanni Patrone, Luca Lo Grieco and Michael Longo. Our federation in the spotlight in the field and in the pre-race groups with the folklore "L'Eco del Gargano" and "Castellani" San Giovanni Rotondo, "I Taranta" Monte Sant'Angelo and "I Terrazzani" Pro Loco di San Severo, who have "heated" the audience with songs and the debut dance. Next appointments waiting for the National Soccer FITP a tournament at 9 in Florence and Grosseto, organized by the priests and a meeting with players and drivers, to collect funds for the Abruzzo. For the record the victory of the triangular "A goal for Padre Pio" went to Italy Vip over the FITP, beat (2-1), even the priests. Godmother of the event was actress Bianca pugliese Guaccero. The collection of the event, Euro 1500, will serve to build a kindergarten in Boron, in the Republic of Chad.

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venerdì 22 maggio 2009




MIROMAGNUM I participated in there!

lunedì 11 maggio 2009

RIVA VIVA, VIVA RIVA - I Miromagnum participate at

Dear friends, THE FRIENDS OF TRENTINO association with the patronage of the Municipality of Riva del Garda have the pleasure to invite you to the event:


A weekend of culture and music, will participate at the groups:

from Sicily, the traditional group, LAND OF THE SUN
from Calabria, the traditional group Miromagnum
from Puglia, the traditional group, City of Ostuni
from Campania, the group Aequana

Program at the square of the Constitution,
Riva del Garda (TN)
Friday May 15 18:00 - 23:00
Saturday May 16 10:00 - 23:00
Sunday May 17 10:00 - 23:00

Will be present at the event stands Enogastronomic, with flavors and dishes typical of Southern Italy. Vi aspettiamo numerosi!