lunedì 5 marzo 2012

I want to return

As you know the Miromagnum are not just folklore, but they love to be guardians of their land, they do so by promoting initiatives such as that shown by the other Friday tarsmissione "Caterpillar" on Radio2.

Let me refer you to the initiative taken by two young and talented Calabresi. Their names are Valentina Dessi and Domenico Rota, two beautiful "brains" with their knowledge are able to distinguish itself nationally and beyond. Their idea, simple and immediate: "I want to go", this is the cartouche of their recognition. The interesting thing is in how?

I personally think that this idea should be encouraged, promoted and enriched human contributions and above all professional. I firmly believe that the whole country needs lifeblood you with food ideas, for this reason I want to invite you to look at the attached press release and interview aired on 02/03/2012 on RADIO2 - "Caterpillar "(1.30 to 7 th minute).
On 24 March, held a conference presentation Castrovillari, I personally have already joined the initiative. I believe that everyone should contribute and ask in a different light. We want and we need to change the face of this earth and to do that we must focus on excellence, networking, innovation!

You will not steal more precious time, I want to wish you a good job, I hope soon to hear from you.

you to their press release:
It is the brainchild of Valentina Dessi and Domenico Rota iovogliotornare.

This movement wants to create a climate of living exchange of energies, a chain of people who keep nutritesi elsewhere in specific territorial identity if they want to return to deal with.

The idea is to collect the data of those who went away and create a great community that can bring together innovative proposals to share and bring to their cities of origin.

She project will be developed in three phases: the first consists in the elaboration of data and profiles collected by the census, using the questions through a form on the home page of the site, the second phase involves the creation of regional networks consist of all professional counted, and finally the third stage sees the collection of project proposals and their promotion.

We want to give a sense of vitality to our active common with them and create a bridge of dialogue and proposals.

The project is directed towards those who have the desire to return actively to their place, or they simply want to make themselves available to their places.

We want to be a movement that comes from active participation and the desire to get together to give new impetus to the democratic life of our country and then asks for a comparison with the realities of local government.

we are waiting on