lunedì 19 dicembre 2011

Happy Holidays

Although austerity, we wish you the best best wishes for Happy Holidays!
Miromagnum Group's

mercoledì 30 novembre 2011

Presentation Event Perciavutti "The Miromagnum" Participants at the event!

Presentation Event Perciavutti "The Miromagnum" Participants at the event!

A cold Sunday in December

Pino Greca by YOUReport --- some surprises among resumed!!

lunedì 26 settembre 2011

Renewal charges 2011 - Miromagnum

Hooray, hooray, hooray! The association Miromagnum in compliance with the rules, and especially in a climate of friendship renewed its governing body and control. In a very gloomy afternoon, there were the elections for the renewal of the board of Miromagnum, the College of Mayors and of Arbitrators. The seat was presided over by Massimo Fortunato appropriately assisted by secretaries Galicia Maria Francesca Chicca, and for all Pappaterra Alessandra. As a matter of course after the S.S. Sunday Mass has filled the seat, reaching almost 80% of those entitled to vote. Renewed confidence in its entirety to the outgoing Board of Directors, and newcomer Francesco Perrone Gianluca Marseille. Changing of the guard within the College of Mayors Cersosimo leaves and passes the baton to Pandolfi. As stated in a previous post, shame that the two supervisory bodies have received very few applications, making the organs under sized compared to the work to be done. Will be responsible for the Presidents of both colleges to request the reinstatement meeting, new elections for the two vacancies, or leave everything unchanged. The first statement of the new President Perrone: "Thank you so much for the umpteenth demonstration of esteem towards me but also on the five candidates of the incumbent Board, this shows that it has worked well over the past two years. A good luck to the two newly elected members, not forgetting the three non-elected that goes 'all my respect in mind that there will be' space and work for all !!!!!! You return to work to achieve new goals and successes together. Let me go over a line "of course I will 'including the president of all three people who believed in me, I hug you all."

venerdì 16 settembre 2011

An excerpt from the nineteenth edition of the Chili Pepper Festival with The Miromagnum

Dear friends, to show how this association is able to involve people from different parts of the world without exception. Some friends have wanted to tell their point of view the performance of Miromagnum Diamante (CS) 8 September 2011. To do this you have avvelse of these two videos.
II Atto

There is nothing in advance, I want to share with you this time anticipating that soon there will be some great news and it will Miromagnum, I would add, as usual, the protagonists! ?

lunedì 12 settembre 2011

election 2011 - Miromagnum group

Ci siamo after the many successes achieved during recent years Miromagnum are preparing, in compliance with the statutory rules and regulations, the renewal of the organs of management and control of the association. On behalf of all without exception they would like to thank all those who have already contributed to the work now done in particular to officers and representatives degi various organs of control, a special greeting to have resigned for strictly personal commitments have not been able to reapply. The leaders who have not re-nominated Robert and Catherine are, while the supervisory side, respectively, for the Board of Arbitration and Maira Mary, Lara to the Board. To all of you thanks for the work you have done and good luck to all new applicants. To better share with friends who will follow us if briefly explain roles and functions of these organs. The sovereign body is the assembly of shareholders, as per Article 8 of the Statute, this is the engine of Miromagnum.

The Board of Directors is directly elected by the General Assembly, is in charge for 3 years and is re-elected. The Board of Directors consists of 7 members. The Board of Directors performs the following functions:
a) He has to vote on any act pertaining to life and the functioning of the Association;

b) draws up its plan of action for the next year;
c) Report the activities performed during the past year;
d) It provides for the drafting of the final account;
e) He shall ensure the preparation and formulation of the budget.

For these functions are candidates

? Accurso Michele
? Apollaro Giuseppe
? Apollaro Lucia
? Armentano Alessia
? Cosenza Antonio
? De Luca Manuela
? Marsiglia Gianluca
? Perrone Francesco
? Perrone Marcello
? Regina Alessandro

only 7 of these will become part of the CDA.

The Board of Auditors is elected by the same criteria of the Board of Directors remains in office for 3 years and is re-elected. Board of Auditors is composed of a President, a Vice President, a member and two alternates.

a) Check the Directors of the Association and oversees compliance with the law and bylaws.
b) Ensures regular bookkeeping;
c) write the report on the balance sheet and the budget.

For these functions are candidates

? Cersosimo Salvatore
? Pandolfi Salvatore

The Board of Arbitrators elected 
by the board of arbiters with the same criteria as the Board of Directors remains in office for 3 years and is re-elected. The Appeals Board is composed of 5 members elected by the Assembly. The Appeals Board supervises the implementation of the Statute and, in particular, for the respect of the purposes mentioned in article 2 of this Statute.
The Board of Arbitrators decide definitively on appeals against the decisions taken. The Appeals Board assumes the role of arbitration in order to resolve disputes between members.
? Alberti Nicola
? Minervini Giovanni

Miromagnum is a characteristic of the frankness that characterizes us, we regret to see that the supervisory bodies have received very few nominations despite being so rich with association members. Perhaps highlighting the role and functions of the organs of control must carry out the next time there will be more maiora semper!

Good luck to all

mercoledì 31 agosto 2011

The Miromagnum respond....

As mentioned in the post, your note, and opens a discussion raises a number of points of reflection. We believe that your comments must be accepted as a warning for future activities and as a basis for assessing the activities carried out so far. Let's start with your last question.

"In lean times we can not afford these events, or are needed now more than ever not only as the driving force of popular culture but also local economies? "

We believe more so in a moment of crisis, that each of us must do our part: Associations, Agencies, Companies, Media ... with no exceptions. All must participate by providing their own supply of tools, resources and time to generate the conditions for a better country. The crisis can be tackled in many ways: by continuing to cry on, always giving the blame to others, taking a detached attitude, or can we start to lift from the bottom and prove you can do more. We believe that those who remain in this land so dry and hard, to put it through the words of the last Lighthouse Award Dr. Bohemians, "must grow first and also in a hurry."

The other night we looked at the group's headquarters, the drama played masterfully by Beppe Fiorello, "Salvatore D'Acquisto", we discussed among ourselves what it meant to be young in 1943. Those guys do we have left? Sure hope that you can build a better world. We, without presumption, we do it every day in our small, encountered in, trying out some new choreography, drawing up a new project, most of the time crazy to make ends meet and when that fails with the ordinary management of the self-assessed members.

Who knows how many times each of us thought, "but who we do it?" None of us ever had the courage to say out loud, do not run the risk of offending those who were working at that time. This is the spirit that hovers in the "House Italy: Miromagnum", is because first we are Italians and we are proud to be, especially when we live as you said to make the best of ourselves in the most beautiful squares in the world. This is our vision, but must deal with reality. During the press conference of Xenia Festival has clearly discussed the need for an event of this kind. We reiterate to easily share the full thought of the President of the Park Pollino - Hon Dominic Pappaterra, recalling that the event is and throws the challenge for the future: "... we must realize that the ideas can be put field only if you are looking for synergies between the various social actors, if you put together, if you make an effort of synthesis, since the only support of institutions is not sufficient. The action taken to involve the various associations from fielding Miromagnum is the winning idea ... ".

The organizational model used by us in sharing that puts corporations / companies / associations / media has already given rise to excellent results as "Adopt tradition," "The tradition for Life", "Walk of Life" finally "Xenia Festival". Each of these projects brings with it always, or almost full funding (private / public) already in the planning stage. We believe this represents a starting point and not the arrival, in the near future the model should be innovated and integrated with new life otherwise how all organisms is destined to become extinct. You may wonder how? The first idea that comes to mind is the extension of the model to its neighbors to the high of the Pollino.

In this way we obtain the joint event planning, promotional unique format, lengthening of the period, de-temporalization, barrier to entry for those who want to create duplication and much more.

To achieve such a process must be clear, the work must be done to unison and each community must lose some 'of its autonomy and asking more and more in a healthy organizational competition, imagine a kind of "Primary Territory", a little 'how it works for the award of the world championships or Olympics.

It is understandable that more than thinkable or in the same period in a range of less than 30 km at the same time there are 4 of the International Folklore Festival, as well as has happened this year: Mormanno, Morano Calabro, Frascineto, Castrovillari. We believe that this was a failure of all.

When it comes to economics, the clarity is a must, otherwise we risk making fruitless discussions. The Miromagnum, 2008 by resolution of council, have decided to take this first step in support of this principle, the event every two years institutionalized.

Attention then to carry the name "International Festival of Folklore", and would rather not mention here the word "tourism" ... .. term of abuse in the past also by us, we have no difficulty in being critical, especially to ourselves. We should take a step back and talk about oral tradition, have done well to cite the principles "on the preservation of culture and oral tradition (Paris 1989)."

As is well known, worldwide under the auspices of UNESCO oversight bodies exist that tend to make the principles expressed in the "Recommendation on the protection of culture and folklore" of the General Conference of the United Nations Educational, Science and Culture, (Paris 1989).

The bodies responsible for implementing and monitoring many of these principles are among the most important world we CIOFF, the IOV, WIPO. Each of these international bodies working in the same certification agency. Achieve its mission through the control of some constraints explicitly expressed between the groups and the organizers of the event, promoting the meeting (for example: the number of participating groups, reception standards, the cost of equity contributions, etc..) Alas especially in Italy, not everything went according to plan, but that's another story ... .. to put it Lucarelli the effect was devastating not only did not have the proper attention to coordinate / control all the organizations that have launched overnight in these adventures, but also produced divisions and bad management that we are all now paying the consequences.

If we make a comparison with the sport, it prohibits anyone the opportunity to play football and to organize a tournament, but the league is different from and yet a third category exists as a single body that coordinates the role, the Federation Italian Football.

For this reason, in compliance with these constraints we decided to change its name to the Festival and to focus on something, like you said, ranged from sports, music, food and wine to better apply the principle of Xenia, and not least also have been Friends who follow us on the internet to dictate the line on the culture of law, promoting the two Lighthouse Awards Giardina / Bohemians. The service was broadcast on RAI TRE Calabria was caught right in the sense of the event, the transition from traditional Festival of Folklore Festival in Xenia. This step has allowed all the actors, just to name a few: UISP Pollino Park Authority, Municipal Mormanno, region Calabria, Calabria's Daily,, Proloco, Volleyball Mormanno, Thief of Light , The Valley slugs, Eco Environment, Transport Only Oats and many others, to be better identified in the area by placing the event a step higher than other concurrent initiatives even if valid.

The shifting of the folklore festival in the festival hospitality, has emphasized another courageous choice that Miromagnum have achieved over the last four years of activity, the show is no longer seen as pure and simple alternation of song and dance, but something beyond. We decided to take a uphill battle, risky, where the show brings with it a plot full of emotions, truthful and at the same time innovative, dynamic, like a trip test, following the time and manner of a play . This solves the problem you stated "I believe, however, that there is now, and assists in the viewer, a saturation of the message, an interest in the performances of foreign groups limited to those aspects of acrobatic dance, the sparkle of the costumes, the beauty of the faces and trained bodies, the strangeness of the musical instruments. "This decision not only has rewarded us but allowed us to improve our brand of pure folk activities to cultural activities.

Based on our vision of the folk we are assuming the formula for the future of the festival, we imagine, even if the idea is still in embryo, that:

- The groups should be housed appropriately selected in accordance with a path similar to ours;

- Be provided the forum for the presentation, where each guest group will tell the story, the costumes, the music, maybe even a moment to savor the flavors of food and wine country of origin.

"What remains of all this? This made it more hospitable Mormanno a country? "

As you know Miromagnum with their 30 years of activity and fewer than 21 editions of the Festival have received awards, took pictures, shared exciting moments in Mormanno ... and not only with the sending and hosting many different cultures.

Many of these emotions are jealously guarded in the heart of each item and just a photo, a poster, a plate to make them live again. We would like to share with each of you, we would like to do an exhibition, where they can be exposed to these memories. Here the people of Mormanno, could accommodate us by showing that he appreciated and appreciates the work done so far. You ask how? By providing one or more premises to set up a trip down memory lane. Keep in mind that on balance about one person per family Mormanno has done or is part of this association, it would be nice to go over these 30 years of history together and share old memories now closed in the drawer. We trust in you! At this point we return to the question, surely Mormanno has always shown great openness to the next, perhaps the best answer can be given the message that it is one of several groups of guests left on the bulletin board group "Mormanno, we miss you!"

Relationship Area

Upcoming events Tortora September 4 - September 8 Diamante (CS)

sabato 27 agosto 2011

Tourism that passion - Calabria TGR3 08/27/2011 19:30

The City of Diamond (CS), the jewel of tourism on the Tirreno Cosentino, established the first edition of the prize "Tourism that passion." With great pleasure we have learned from the service went on air last night at 19:30 on RAI TGR Calabrese that the award was Dr. Francis Dodaro, publisher of Daily Life in Calabria. The recognition makes us proud inquanto as repeatedly told this newspaper Miromagnum allowed to achieve its first milestone, along with coordinating the project Miromagnum "Adopt tradition," since in every major newspaper on the occasion of Calabria has always has always supported, not least in promoting the XXI edition of the Festival Foklore Xenia. On behalf of all congratulations and Miromagnum maiora always!

Foklore: I think that...

Note published by his friend Ferdinand Paternostro Friday, August 26, 2011 at 17:38 on Facebook. Ferdinand who does not know him is a Mormannese Doc, is by profession a researcher for OBBI, although a Km away, provides a daily basis to improve the image of his homeland. We are proud to bring this note on our website, because the first thought is worthy of note, the second to allow those who entered the well-known social networks can make contributions to the discussion.

"The traditional and popular culture is the set of the creations of a cultural community, based on tradition, expressed by a group or individuals and recognized as meeting the expectations of the community as an expression of cultural identity and social norms and values ​​that are transmitted orally, by imitation or by other means. Its forms include, among other things, language, literature, music, dance, games, mythology, rituals, customs, crafts , architecture and other arts. "

I take this definition from the "Recommendation on the protection of culture and folklore" of the General Conference of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Paris 1989), which invite you to read in its entirety.

From north to south of the peninsula are organized every year, especially in summer, hundreds of "International Folklore Festival". Enter these terms in popular search engines and you will have proof.

Reviews are meritorious, which tend to bring the peoples which included the development and sharing of songs, sounds, costumes, dances and choreographies that draw on tradition and local history.

One such event is based on many years and this year's Mormanno (XXI FOLKLORE FESTIVAL EDITION OF XENIA), owned and very well organized, had a great and deserved success for having been able to combine the themes of popular culture with those of legality, acceptance and dell'affratellamento through sport. It 'was exciting to hear ring out in our own lands, the word "Xenia"

A brief and effective summary of the festival is in its promotional video and the service of the TG3 Calabria us August 19 (Minute 9.40).

Who participates directly in these events live on the great involvement: it grows and is formed by combining the love of their traditions with the knowledge and respect for the popular cultures of others. This intimate maturation is internalized, so to speak, in the long and tiring hours spent trying to figure singing and dancing and externalized in travel and in the shows in the most beautiful squares in the world.

However, I think there is now, and assists in the viewer, a saturation of the message, an interest in the performances of foreign groups limited to those aspects of acrobatic dance, the sparkle of costumes, the beauty of the faces and bodies trained, the strangeness of musical instruments.

I wonder then, specifically: Mormanno not only a pleasant memory for young people around the world on our streets are acclaimed, has become a country more hospitable, more open, the better thanks to decades of international folklore?
In lean times we can not afford these events, or are needed now more than ever not only as the driving force of popular culture but also local economies?

lunedì 22 agosto 2011

MARCELLINA August 18 - Baptism of Fire!

MARCELLINA 18 AGOSTO – Prima uscita dei piccoli del Minifolk F. Perrone

By participating in the festival of the folklore of Marcellina "chicks" of Miromagnum made ​​their first experience away from home. A great adventure to start the bus exhaust and shock absorbers that took us two hours of travel that have enjoyed the little ones, a little 'less escorts! After wearing the traditional costume of our budding artists marched through the streets of Marcellina and danced the tarantella until you reach the great goal: the stage! In a square crowded with public and between the towers of the set of colors appearing here Miromagnum. Exhibition successful, steps performed with care, well-modulated voices in the execution of the songs under the careful guidance and expert in "Uncle" Michael and the other "large" group. At the end of the performance exchange gifts with the festival organizers and the way to another goal: the inevitable pot of pasta sauce!

Rosanna Laino
Area relazioni

sabato 20 agosto 2011

The flavors of Foklore - Ostuni August 20, 2011

Saturday, August 20, in the beautiful town of Ostuni Miromagnum participated in the first edition of "The flavors of Foklore". The scenery, beautiful, the Villa Comunale in Ostuni, maybe a little small to accommodate the many tourists rushed en masse to the event. The idea of ​​the Folk Group "City of Ostuni" sponsored by the City of Ostuni - Department for Productive Activities, in collaboration with companies and food and wine in the White City. The result produced an excellent promotional fly to the attention of the public to know the excellence typical food of Apulia, rich in history and culture, combining music and food, two inseparable traditional elements that blend well together.

Already from the start we realized that the initiative was valid, each group presented a gift of carts decked in festive traditional local products. Reached Piazza S. Fred, beautiful square was the right location for the event, we hope in future editions, and introduce the usual photos of flag-wavers flag-waving of Carovigno. Remembering past times and places, the procession ended at the Villa Comunale where the event has given rise to the Grand Festival of Folklore and the opportunity has allowed cross-cultural exchange between different artistic realities that have welcomed the event by giving voice and color. Intervened with his knowledge the Folk Group "City of Ostuni," the Flag-Wavers "Rione Castello" carovigno, the folklore groups "Miromagnum" (Mormanno, Calabria), "Lu Scattusu" (Brindisi), "King Pambanelle" ( Bitonto, Bari) "Santu Pietru cu all calls" (St. Peter, Brindisi) "City of Palagianello" (Taranto), "Lu Scegnu" (Manduria, Taranto).

Obviously, it is an opportunity for mancheto enjoy the traditional flavors offered by Antica Masseria Morrone, Dairy "Aia Antica Masseria", Oil Mill Ltd. Cimafava, La Bottega del Vino GREEK and Craftsmen of the Wheat from the Old Stone Oven, simple products, natural and genuine traditional cuisine, accompanied by orecchiette, strips, and pettole puccetedde.

Strong organizational experience in traditional events - said the Greek president Antonio - have planned a real festival oriented predominantly as an important vehicle for the promotion of our territory, to give residents and the many tourists who flock to the white city on the weekend between August and festivals, healthy fun moments dedicated to the typical traditions, customs, tastes and hospitality of our land. A special thanks to Miromagnum Mormanno, with great spirit of friendship and professionalism, have given added value to the event. The relationship with the Mormannesi born in Campobasso at the Savoy Theatre and strengthened in the course of several joint initiatives such as "Long live the shore, shore Viva" held in May 2009 in the beautiful setting of Riva del Garda.

martedì 16 agosto 2011

30 years of congratulations

I* show August 16, 1981, next August 20 event Ostuni (Br) are waiting for you.
Happy Birthday :Accurso Michele; Alberti Carlo; Alberti Giovanni; Alberti Nicola; Alvino Francesca; Apollaro Giovanni; Apollaro Giuseppe; Apollaro Lucia; Apollaro Roberta; Armentano Alessia; Armentano Sabrina; Armentano Tania; Barletta Pasquale; Barletta Rocco; Bloise Carmine; Bloise Domenico; Bloise Domenico; Bloise Giada ; Bloise Giuseppe ; Bloise Mariella; Bravi Michela; Calli Antonio; Calli Francesca; Caputo Giuseppe; Cardellini Lara; Cavallini Anastasia; Cerbino Enzo; Cerosimo Caterina Anna; Cersosimo Salvatore; Chiarelli Lorenzo; Ciani Greta Maria Pia; Colaiacovo Angela; Cosenza Antonio; Cosenza Emiliano; Cosenza Pamela; Cosenza Samuele; De Franco Mario; De Luca Elvia; De Luca Manuela; Deminco Eleonora; Diurno Elena; Diurno Teresa; Fortunato Amalia; Fortunato Antonio; Fortunato Domenico Gianluca; Fortunato Erica; Fortunato Manuela; Fortunato Maria Nunzia; Fortunato Massimo; Fratta Vanessa; Galizia Giuseppe; Galizia Maria Francesca; Gallo Sabrina; Greca Roberto; La Terza Chiara; Laino Eugenio; Leone Annalisa; Maiolino Antonio; Maiolino Lorena; Maiolino Maria Cristina; Maiolino Ylenia; Maradei Erika; Maradei Pasquale; Maradei Teresa; Maradei Veronica; Marsiglia Andrea; Marsiglia Davide; Marsiglia Gianluca; Minervini Antonio; Minervini Giovanni; Montuori Desirée; Pandolfi Francesca; Pandolfi Salvatore ; Pandolfi Vittoria; Papa Alessandro; Pappaterra Alessandra; Pappaterra Francesco; Pappaterra Leontina; Pappaterra Paolo; Pappaterra Roberto; Parisi Marco; Perrone Alessia; Perrone Asia ; Perrone Claudio; Perrone Daniele; Perrone Entoni; Perrone Fatima; Perrone Francesco; Perrone Francesco; Perrone Francesco; Perrone Giovanni; Perrone Giuseppe Roberto; Perrone Lorenzo; Perrone Maira ; Perrone Marcello; Perrone Maria; Perrone Vincenzo; Perrone William Pio ; Perrone Ylenia; Piragino Simone; Rao Antonio; Regina Alessandro; Regina Anna; Regina Antonella; Regina Luigi; Regina Luigi; Rinaldi Giusy; Romano Vincenzo ; Rotondaro Veronica; Santoro Nicole Anna; Sola Biagio; Sola Biagio; Sola Carmine; Truncellito Serena; Vigorelli Francesco; Zaccaria Gerardo;

domenica 14 agosto 2011


Closing night of the festival, fresh as in the best tradition of the climate mormannese, the rest of the popular saying states that "je agustu vernu Capua." The final performance of these four-day festival takes place in Piazza S. D'Alessandro, but the "dance", and not in a metaphorical sense, have already opened in the late afternoon with a gathering of groups in the area of ​​Faro, the opening cocktail. At the foot of the symbol of the town we saw beautiful shows both: a mixture of languages ​​and colors, citizens of the world share the same passion for music and dance and it does not matter if it's modern dance Kuduro, catchphrase of the summer; collective picture on the steps with the final wave, and the lure of the group leaders all lined up for the parade along the course. At the head of the procession of the multi-ethnic "chicks" of Miromagnum; the minifolk was reconstituted in the last year thanks to the patient and relentless work of the "greats" of the group has about 50 children aged 4 to 14 years and is in its second output; bears the name of Francis Group minifolk Perrone in memory of a boy who was part of the folk group since small, who died prematurely last year.

The evening is cool as it was called and the public that while he filled the square begins to rumble, it's time to start the show .. and it really starts: with small touches of minifolk who give the public their colorful circle of peace around the representatives of the groups of 5 nationalities holding a globe. It 'time to presenters: come on stage two magnificent appearances: Yanil and Annalisa, who in the course of the evening will also demonstrate excellent craftsmanship united with great sympathy as well as beauty. Now the stage is all foreign groups, in their beautiful traditional costumes: Croatia, Serbia, Russia, Indonesia and finally take over the scene the host group: the Miromagnum. At mid-evening presentation of the award "The Lighthouse," now in its seventh year, an honor that is bestowed upon distinguished personalities in the Calabrian social personal and professional merits. This year they are awarded a tie two "lights" in the fight against organized crime: the Colonel and Dr. Giardina. Bohemians. The first does not exist for commitments previously made abroad, has sent a message of greeting and gratitude, sealed with the poignant reminder of its origins and mormannesi dedicates prize to mother. Present Dr. Bohemians receiving recognition from the President of the Pollino National Park. In the words of Dr. Bohemians hope the words: "... is not n'drangheta Calabria, Calabria, the real you, are the children who danced on this stage a few minutes ago .." With Dr.. Bohemian Colonel Giardina and the appointment is in October to talk about the culture of legality in a conference that will close the 'Folklore Festival 2011 edition of Xenia.

The evening is a succession of songs and dances of the tradition of each country present, a riot of sounds, colors, ancient melodies, different language: it is on stage the festival of peace, hospitality, friendship .. in one word is the Xenia!

sabato 13 agosto 2011

Orienteering in the heart of Mormanno, during the Festival Xenia

The events of Xenia Folklore Festival in Mormanno seem a symphonic crescendo, the organizers' expectations were far exceeded by far. Yesterday, the day dedicated to the sport did socialize and talk to countries of different ethnic groups, but today's event, produced something more profound: it has permanently sealed the bond between the guest and citizenship.

9.30 a.m.: supply of energy with a rich and delicious breakfast Mormannese. The adventure to be addressed, although exciting and enjoyable, it appeared difficult, the participants were guests at the sound of doped bocconotti, bread and salami and lots of honey.

To welcome the friends of Serbia, Croatia, Indonesia, Russia were the leaders of great initiative and Giovanni Alberti Mimmo Torcelli. The Uisp has succeeded in creating a project you worked long: the valorisation of the territory through play and fun. The objective was reached, the town is animated with the voices of a thousand cultures, smells and tastes of tradition, all framed by the charm of the streets, "vaneddre".

At the "way", after having explained the purpose of the initiative, were explained the modalities of the game, or follow the map and find, in succession, the checkpoints before reaching the final position, all in the shortest possible time . The number of entries has been remarkable, beyond all expectations. In fact, in addition to the guests, fellow citizens have come to experience the same experience of looking at the old town from a different point.

Facts & Figures: 100 teams and 200 athletes around the village. Burden at No. 92 on the team that saw the two athletes enrolled only smaller than 2 years, Carol and Louis Anselm Francis, No.100, and the team that includes the 75 year old Nicholas Canosa!

To the question "Success?". Torcelli replied with a smile not only confirming the success of the initiative but that the historic center of Mormanno is a candidate to host the 2012 World Championships.

To tell the truth: Group 1 ranked Indonesia with 27.7 points, 2 nd Russia with 25.66, 3 rd Serbia with 16.33. The first pair consists of classified and Vasili Dimitri, both Russians, who have reached the seven control points in just 13 minutes. A tie to all the grandmothers and mothers mormannesi, and to those who cheered the competitors from their lodges and let rest for those who offered the fatigue of travel. In short, the Xenia in the round!

The events of the evening: Tradition Fair, coordinated by the Pro Loco, all dedicated to the knowledge and tastes of Pollino; concert by Coram Populo.

The appointment is for the final round to be held Saturday, August 13, Square Salvatore D'Alessandro, and will see the delivery of "Faro" Award VII Carabinieri Colonel V. Giardina and Dr. S. Boemi.

venerdì 12 agosto 2011

Mormanno and Xenia, sports featured ...

Mormanno - The second day of the "Xenia Folklore Festival" takes place of sports and outdoor activities: basketball, soccer and volleyball. The event becomes an opportunity for sharing among different peoples and cultures. The small town mormannese has become a major sports center, with numerous sports fields arranged in characteristic places and symbols of the community.

The Lighthouse Votive, where there is a nice pitch built in the last century, is the ideal place for the challenge among the groups participating in the international folklore festival (Serbia, Russia, Indonesia) and children representing the association ASVolley Mormanno and Italy.

At the end of a thrilling battle between the team and the Serbian volleyball team Mormanno, got the better of the Serbian friends, honor the merit of these guys who have shown great tenacity and professionalism of the podium, winning the first place.

A moving show of solidarity and friendship among peoples heartfelt cheer team for the Indonesian Serbian and contrary. Many tourists and mormannesi present to support the initiative promoted and organized by the Volleyball under the supervision of the folk group Miromagnum.

Great performance of Indonesians in the game of football in bare feet have been challenging themselves against the team formed by members of Miromagnum and showing great ability were the winners of the tournament.

A beautiful morning's sport has cemented the friendship between the young participants and entertained the audience. A well deserved success for the organizers of the initiative.

giovedì 11 agosto 2011

Result of a press conference full of emotion

There is excitement in the multipurpose room of St. D'Alessandro, the typical atmosphere of the eve of a great event After the interviews with ceremony, with the usual delay of all the great ingredients, the presentation of the work of Xenia Festival 2011 begins. Ladder full of action. In the hall, the faces of attentive hosts groups of components, from which emerges a concern not to include language problems, mixed with the faces of the organizers worried, in turn, for the success of the initiative.Right from the first words of the moderator shows the spirit that the festival will bring to the attention of the public: Xenia, hospitality in all its forms. The aim of the event is the dissemination of culture through the creation of a "network" using the media for the promotion of territoriality. And 'excited the mayor, William Armentano, recalls in his speech several times the cost of the common organization of the associations of their own festivals and cultural approach that we wanted to give the event which will conclude in October with a conference on the legality . Even more excited group chairman Miromagnum, Marcello Perrone, come to the end of his second term, one that presents itself as a turning point in the history of the festival and thanked all the stakeholders that are intended to contribute, in a time of crisis , with particular attention to individuals who have committed this year than ever own resources for the event. Major media partners such as The Daily of Calabria, Ten, TGR Region, have intended to make available spaces on their heads for the dissemination and promotion of festivals Xenia. In particular, the newspaper will offer a space for these days daily and will promote the direct TGR Calabria 14:00 11 August event.The word for special passes to the festival art director Gianluca Marseille. The formula of the renewed festival presents important features: first of all the groups will be accommodated on site so they can "live" the country, the same guests will then be involved in organized sports tournaments and special orienteering through the alleys of the village. Folklore is also discovering the flavors for this purpose will unfold along the main street and into the alleys of the old town, the Fair traditions that present participants with a riot of flavors and colors. Of course, folklore is also a tribute to the beauty and sympathy: in fact, conduct the final evening will be entrusted to the beautiful Annalisa and Yanil.The network between folklore - associations-institutions - is a model that companies, already experienced at such events in the Tradition for life and Walk of Life for Telethon, has produced remarkable results when compared to larger territorial realities of our town.The president of the Pro Loco Only Joseph was enthusiastic about the positive experience of cooperation between the various partners made on the occasion of the festivals Xenia, proposing the establishment of a consortium between the various associations in order to promote the "mormannesità" this term the spread of the town's cultural values.Mimmo Alberti representing Calabria Uisp illustrates the idea underlying the export from the forest to the village of orienteering, the goal is to raise awareness of the historical center of the country through the game.The Association of Friends in the window that offers a year to promote the culture of photography in the province of Cosenza has organized the other hand XENIA Photo Contest: a competition open to amateurs who want to try will have to propose three to five shots, the best pictures will be exhibited in the photographic exhibition that will accompany the conference in October and the best shots will then be inserted in the calendar of the 2012 Group Miromagnum.In conjunction with the festival to be held Mormanno other two events, not initially foreseen in the progam Xenia: the permanent exhibition of poems to memory, set up by the local poet Francis Tarantino, at the place of worship for excellence: the cemetery and the day of active citizenship. In particular the day of 13 August will be a gazebo set up for information by voluntary associations of local and AVIS AVO and in the afternoon there will be a conference on solidarity.In the words of all the speakers thanks to individuals who have collaborated in the organization of the festival. Of these, collect the testimony of the lawyer's Valley, a representative of the homonymous transport company, which draws attention to the many expressions of solidarity received from citizens during the terrifying mormannese fire that partially destroyed in 2008 when the company holds.The President of the Pollino Mountain Community Arbreshe Italian, Vincenzo Barletta recalled with pleasure the beautiful moments of reflection when they lived, mayor of the town of Mormanno, accompanied the group in a foreign land and will launch its appeal to their fellow citizens to active participation in, especially in terms of welcoming foreign visitors. The President of the Park, Hon Dominic Pappaterra, recalling that the event is co-organized by the entity that representslaunches challenge for the future: "... we must realize that the ideas can be brought into play only if you are looking for synergies between the various social actors, if you put together, if you make an effort of synthesis, as the sole support of institutions is not sufficient. The action taken to involve the various associations from fielding Miromagnum is the winning idea ... "It 'was a great night and exciting projects, which ended in the full spirit of Xenia, with the exchange of gifts between the groups and institutions.Last highlight of the evening: the traditional chant of Serbia offered by the group.