mercoledì 27 gennaio 2010

Mormanno live with Google, please visit our little village

Dear friends, a small postcard dynamics of our beautiful Mormanno, thanks to google street view! You can visit and better appreciate the natural beauty and architecture of the city of Mormanno. The shoot dynamics were carried out in the days before the presentation of the box "adopt tradition" 14.03.2009 in fact if you look at the bulletin board in the square you will find the note posted at the conference.

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domenica 3 gennaio 2010

"La Tradizione per la Vita" photobook

Photos of the event "La Tradizione per la Vita" are now available in the multimedia section.
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A year full of commitments and ... ... by the President of Miromagnum Mormanno Marcello Perrone

Dear friends, thank you in advance staff for accepting my letter.The year 2009 was a year full of satisfaction for the entire association for some time coordinate. Since year end is time to take stock, not for cars galvanized, but to become aware of how to cut goals by working in teams. Those who know me know that my first love was football, and with it I have always had great satisfaction, I have to admit, however, that those achieved with the combination Miromagnum surpasses them all. This short letter is intended to thank all those who have believed and worked together to achieve certain milestones in the history of the group ..

Mention just a few examples:
• The realization of the box "Adopt the Tradition"
• a review of the performance in key stage
• The many exhibitions in Italy and abroad as:
    or Piazza della Signoria in Florence, during the "taste of Calabria"
    Riva del Garda or event Viva shore shore alive
    Festival or the Mediterranean in Nice
• Finally, the creation of the event benefit "tradition for Life

This letter, has no presumption of rules or handbook on how to put to work, want to be just a little reminder for all who love this earth to do even better. Without any presumption, we believe that there is a Calabria best that can be told and promoted through a simple action: "collaboration". As long as we act in partitioning pond, until each of us will think of being indispensable or even worse not appreciate the work of who's next, we will perish. Will not be today, but in a long time ago even the most organized structure will crumble as flour in the wind. I feel the need to ask you all, primarily to members of Miromagnum to open the doors to close, as you have always done but we must do even more! I believe that every association, organization, company operating on the territory is to work together synergistically. Mormanno, in a small coastal area of great features a strong propensity of associations. Until now, however, except in some cases, each association has operated in parallel mode to the other and never intersect its activities with those of others. A little 'for national pride, a little' to difficulties in comparison, this mode of operation arouses suspicion and difficulties. I have a dream for the coming year that we start planning for making a network between all stakeholders (actors - stakeholders).

Year 2010, the Miromagnum celebrate 30 years of history. The role of Miromagnum increased from mere narrators of our traditions to genuine leaders of our land. Proof it is the fact that among the goals we have set ourselves for 2010 and we are already working for some time are indeed numerous and very ambitious.

Someone just to share:
• participation at BIT Milan
• preparation of the XXI edition of "Calabria Festival"
• Participation in the biennial event called "Sounds of Mother Earth" by the slow food
• Finally and not least the second edition of the box "Adopt the Trad-u-tion" version in four languages of the box just mentioned and of which this magazine is media partner.

To finish it off and inaugurate the new year we have created the calendar that might be a good omen and always the most significant milestones for the entire community.

Never take your eyes off of our route, it should be with all of you pointing straight towards the light of our lighthouse! One more reason to pursue this route is the fact that more resources are limited and need to optimize efforts and to do so requires that you create a vicious circle of entity - companies - organizations. Maybe then we can finally nominating our community to be a point of excellence and genuine hospitality for tourists!

With esteem and friendship
The prime Miromagnum
Marcello Perrone